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how to avoid social media spam

review your blog commentsuse verification code system in comments postingblock unwanted posts and users in your social media networksBe humble and honest with yourself! do not create fake profiles in many names in many social mediaReport spammers posts and accounts Avoid following unfamiliar or unknown links or pop-up ads. - See more at:  Avoid following unfamiliar or unknown links or pop-up not waste your time and internet charge in spamming Submit your web site to just one categoryI'm a background process that helps keep this site clean!
I do things like
Randomly poke old unanswered questions every hour so they get some attentionOwn community questions and answers so nobody gets unnecessary reputation from themOwn downvotes on spam/evil posts that get permanently deletedOwn suggested edits from anonymous usersRemove abandoned questions

one view

முன்பு எல்லாம் தமிழ்நாடு இருந்து கடைகள் கேரளாவில் திறபார்கள். ஆனால் இப்போ கேரளாவில் இருந்து கடைகள் தமிழ்நாடு திறக்கிறார்கள். முத்தூட், மினிமுத்தூட், கோசமாட்திரம் பினாந்ஸ், மற்றும் மேலும் பல...

Extra expenses

If we buy a car, we can spend these additional expenses
interior decoration, car cover, car shed, give treat to office, friends and family, etc.,If we buy a home we will spend these below additional expenses
interior decoration,  give treat to office, friends and family relatives, etc.,If new baby born means, we can spend these additional expenses
pampers, baby wipes, milk powder, toys, first food, naming ceremony & ear ring functions, give treat to office, friends and family, etc.,

Best category for best collections

Useful for SEO executives to use social media properly.
In video Collections:
Relaxation Musics
Nursery Rhymes
Sad songs
Devotional Songs
melody songs Hindu Gods Functions videos In photo Collections: India Tour   TV actress My clicks Forms/receipts Government documents Statues Tamil & Tamilnadu Electric vechiles Paper cuttings Shapes Useful Infographics Foreigners Happyness Tips Nature scenaries
In Communities:
tamil websites
tamilnadu twins
business peoples
Senior Citizens
madurai night life
Cyber crimes
5 digit salary
wonders of the india
government employees
tamilnadu bloggers
secondhand sales
IT Professionals
Share good things

Things to do before die

See the one of the world 7 wonders  of Taj Mahal in our country

All peoples love Tajmahal for LOVE or Due to LOVE.Sunset with the camels on the sand dunes of Rajasthan and Rameswaram
Atleast monthly once you will walk in a hill/mountain place dancing in the monsoon rainsGet an oil massage in KeralaTake a sun bath at gao, Darjeeling Train Journey, Visit at least one temple, one palace, one museum, one park, one beach, one airport and one foreign countryDo at least any one of Sky Diving or Cliff Diving or long driveWatch the sun set at minimum 3 different places like a beach, mountain and a grassy fieldParticipate in a movie or sport or fancy dress competition or Republic Day ParadeSpend a full day with a baby, one girl friend/lover, old age home and in one islandDonate your blood, dress, food and money at least one time in life or a yearStart your own Blog, website or picture sharing Teach one day at your school or teach poor orphans or any people who did not have a proper educationStand…

page pixel collapse when scrolling in firefox

01. Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when
02. install new graphics drivers
03. check about:config in url
04. Help menu and select Restart with Add-ons Disabled.... Firefox will start up with the Firefox Safe Mode dialog.
05. if antivirus is not updated uninstall it
06. uninstall mozilla firfox and reinstall

tips for demo video preparation

prepare a stepwise to do list in that projectLogout live chats, IP messenger to avoid users online alertsclose mail client to avoid new incoming emails received info displayExit antivirus to avoid virus/network attack alert info displayview demo project in full screen but record selective screen in recording software, then only we can use other software also at that timeif it is for web application, do not open any other tabs like your email, bank sites etc.,clear cookies in your browser to avoid errors in during form filling of applicationif you want to tell any message to viewer, open notepad and type with large font size.minimize the amount of typing that you do during your demo. otherwise you can type a document before recording.set your monitor to a low resolution such as 1024x768 or even 800x600 in order to simulate the projector's resolution. because Projectors usually have much lower resolution than laptop screensmake sure your desktop background photo isn't embarrassi…

my linkedin profile

Summary Technical:-
* Total Experience in IT field = 14 Years
* Relevant Experience in Web UI Design = 7Years
* Web/UI Design and HTML5 & CSS3
* Open Source Scripts Integration & customization
* Web Hosting & Maintenance

• Ability to multitask, work under high pressure and self-motivated, self-driven
• Testing projects and works closely with the other testing team members to better understand the user by testing the usability of features and conceptual designs.
• Extended contribution in sharing the other team member’s tasks.
• Ability to learn and adopt new technology
• Have made efforts to bring in more interactions in the team.
• Ability to engage with multiple projects simultaneously.
• Stay up to date on current and best UI design practices and industry standards.
• Directing the team members to be adaptable and flexible to work on different requirements.

* Hard and smart working
* Web Research/Web Detec…

my SEO experience

Category wise link/profile generation:
Directories - engines submit linkOur own WebsitesOur own Blogs - www.designersiva.blogspot.inClassified websitesShopping carts websitesSocial Media Profiles - ProfilesSocial Media Links Website LinksBlog Links - posting websitesAffiliates-Awards websites.SEO by othersSEO by dealersSEO by staffYellowpage websitesemail websitessocial bookmarking websites - websitesDocument sharing websites - in blogs - release(PR) websitesRSS submission websitesPhoto sharing websites - sharing websites - sharing websites - Review webs…