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my child stars

StarStarting SyllableAshwini (Aswathi)Chu, Che, Cho, LaAshvini - Pada 1 (Chu), Ashvini - Pada 2 (Che), Ashvini - Pada 3 (Cho), Ashvini - Pada 4 (La)BharaniLi, Lu, Le, LoBharani - Pada 1 (Li), Bharani - Pada 2 (Lu), Bharani - Pada 3 (Le), Bharani - Pada 4 (Lo)Krithika (Karthikai)A, I, U, EKrittika - Pada 1 (A), Krittika - Pada 2 (I), Krittika - Pada 3 (U), Krittika - Pada 4 (E)RohiniO, Va, Vi, VuRohini - Pada 1 (O), Rohini - Pada 2 (Va/Ba), Rohini - Pada 3 (Vi/Bi), Rohini - Pada 4 (Vu/Bu)Mrigashira (Magayiriyam) Ve, Vo, Ka, KeMrigashirsha - Pada 1 (Ve/Be), Mrigashirsha - Pada 2 (Vo/Bo), Mrigashirsha - Pada 3 (Ka), Mrigashirsha - Pada 4 (Ke)Thiruvadhirai (Thiruvathira, Ardra)Ku, Gha, Na, ChaArdra - Pada 1 (Ku), Ardra - Pada 2 (Gha), Ardra - Pada 3 (Ng/Na), Ardra - Pada 4 (Cha)Punarvasu (Punartham)Ke, Ko, Ha, HiPunarvasu - Pada 1 (Ke), Punarvasu - Pada 2 (Ko), Punarvasu - Pada 3 (Ha), Punarvasu - Pada 4 (Hi)Pushya (Pooyam)Hu, He, Ho, DaPushya - Pada 1 (Hu), Pushya - Pada 2 (He), Pushya…

malayalam movie my reviews

A small budget divine comedy film without songs and fights
Cinematography - not good (otherthan kerala nature scenery)
Online reviews
Music - no hit songs
Story - goodDirection - good
Moral - More than human an big energy is hereImmanuvel
Cinematography - good
Online reviews - nice
Music - no hit songs
Story - good current trend conceptDirection - good
Moral - we cannot win always and each one have there own skillMr. MarumaghanThattathil Mallu SinghNarashimmam

css ID rules

IDs are best suited for naming parts of your layout so should not give same name for ID and class ID allows alphanumeric and special characters  but avoid using of # : . * ! symbols not allowed spaces not started with numbers or a hyphen followed by a digitcase sensitiveusing ID selectors is faster than using class selectorsuse hyphen "-" (underscore "_" can also use but not good for seo) for long CSS class or Id rule namesIf a rule has an ID selector as its key selector, don’t add the tag name to the rule. Since IDs are unique, adding a tag name would slow down the matching process needlessly.In HTML5, the id attribute can be used on any HTML element and In HTML 4.01, the id attribute cannot be used with: , , , , ,

ssrs report

date picker not shown in chrome that is coding issue in ssrs reports general issue:

solution in asp: