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tips for demo video preparation

  1. prepare a stepwise to do list in that project
  2. Logout live chats, IP messenger to avoid users online alerts
  3. close mail client to avoid new incoming emails received info display
  4. Exit antivirus to avoid virus/network attack alert info display
  5. view demo project in full screen but record selective screen in recording software, then only we can use other software also at that time
  6. if it is for web application, do not open any other tabs like your email, bank sites etc.,
  7. clear cookies in your browser to avoid errors in during form filling of application
  8. if you want to tell any message to viewer, open notepad and type with large font size.minimize the amount of typing that you do during your demo. otherwise you can type a document before recording.
  9. set your monitor to a low resolution such as 1024x768 or even 800x600 in order to simulate the projector's resolution. because Projectors usually have much lower resolution than laptop screens
  10. make sure your desktop background photo isn't embarrassing either. Use your company or product logo as desktop wallpaper.
  11. make sure your desktop clean
  12. Use a story based structured demo

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