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Car buying tips Checks

Area Check Points
 Vehicle Age Not More Than 10 years old Mileage Not more than 1,00,000 KMS driven Integrity Free from all legal issues Structural Damage No original welding should be damaged.

Area Check Points
 Engine Check for Starting , Performance & idle Cooling System Check for Radiator Fan motor Check for coolant leakage from Hoses  Check for water pump belt wear, Over  Heating/  Bearing Noise Ignition System Check for Spark Plug Cable & Misfiring Steering Assembly Check for Noise in Turning Pump/ All rods end Arms (Loses, Damage,  Wear)  Fuel System Injector, Regulator, C/Rail & fuel Pump Battery Genuine, Gravity, Electrolyte Wiring Harness Condition Air Condition Condenser/ Evaporator ConditionArea Check Points
 Instrument Panel Check for proper working of Meter Gauges  including warning Lights Below Carpet Rust & perforation Dash Board Stained Upholstery, carpet & Seats Check for Stained/Worn/Torn Wiper Motor & Linkages Working in all speed Jack & To…

Petition to stop software patents in Europe


Our petition aims to unify the voices of concerned Europeans, associations and companies, and calls on our politicians in Europe to stop patents on software with legislative clarifications.

The patent system is misused to restrain competition for the economical benefit of a few but fails to promote innovation. A software market environment is better off with no patents on software at all. Healthy competition forces market players to innovate.

European court decisions still accept in many cases the validity of the software patents granted by national patent offices and the European Patent Office (EPO) that is beyond democratic control. They not only continue to grant them, but also to lobby in favor of them. Despite the current deep crisis of the patent system, they are unable to reform and put at risk too many European businesses with their soft granting policy.

On 2005 the Commission appeared to be more supportive to the interests of major international conglomerates tha…