My Portfolio and press releases
  • 20+ Years Experience, 
  • 200+ Web & Graphics Designs, 
  • 165+ Blogs maintaining with ads, (20 Active blogs),
  • 125+ Social media profiles,
  • 95+ Social media community/Groups member,
  • 4+ Certifications (IBM, &, 
  • 5 Dept Exams & CSTI  exam Passed
  • 2 Awards, 
  • 4 Industrial Visits (CECRI, IIT, Chennai Port Trust & Anna University) ,
  • 5 Seminars/Training's (Anna Institute of Management, BCS, KLNCIT),
  • 3 Press Releases,
  • 15+ Visited places/big cities - Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mysore, Covai, Trivandrum, Ooty, Tirupathi, Bangalore, Bavanisagar, Trichy, Etc ...

My Memberships:

Member - TNGOA,
Board of Director - Education Department Staff Co-operative Society(M.M 3117), Madurai
Ex-Member - Internet Society (ISOC) - [Member ID: 45356]
Ex-Trustee - Bharath Foundation,
Volunteer - Sevajothi Trust, Melur
FREE Technical Advisor -  MJM chairland, Jeeva Tapes
He has been associated with various charitable trusts and associations as a Financial Advisor and Auditor.You can reach him for any social service related activities or issues at

CSR - Social Interest 

  1. We do not buy any product which was manufactured from animals.
  2. We do not run more noisy or more pollution emitting vehicles
  3.  We promote government ads and NGO ads freely in social medias
  4. we mostly  use government or indian products only
  5. we always prefer govt buses only
Interview Attented    : 
  1. Tata Telecom - chennai, 
  2. HCL, DOT-Coimbatore,
  3. Narora atomic power station-New Delhi,
  4. Semiconductor Complex Ltd (SCL) -Hyderabad,
  5. Veriable engry Cyclotron - KolKata,
  6. All India Radio (AIR) - Trichy,
  7. Cognizant (CTS) - Bangalore 

My SEO & SMM achivements

  1. 19 lakhs visitors for one of my blog
  2. 1 lakh visitors for my blogs are now 2  
  3. I have owned 160 blogs and 64 orkut communities 
  4. 25 followers on blog
  5. 255 members on TNPSC community in orkut
  6. 57 likes on my facebook page
  7. 235 social media profiles as active social networking member
  8. Earn in PPC and affiliate links through internet marketing in last 2years
SEM Portfolio:  - Followers: 184, Friends: 754, Tweets: 624 18, Views: 4754, Videos: 94 - Reputation:  1076, Badges: 34, Views: 1372, Tags: 90, Answers: 98 - Followers: 65, Groups: 5  

My Press Releases:

Seminars Attend:
  1. OSOSM - Open Source Operating System Management Workshop on 6.3.2010 at KLNCIT, Madurai
  2. Computers in Administration on 08.09.2016 at Anna Institute of Management, Madurai

My Strengths:

• Ability to multitask, work under high pressure and self-motivated, self-driven
• Extended contribution in sharing the other team member’s tasks.
• Ability to learn and adopt new technology
• Have made efforts to bring in more interactions in the team.
• Ability to engage with multiple projects simultaneously.

My best collections:

My Book collections
My favorite songs
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My CSS answers
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My Shared documents

My best posts:

My Best Tips to solutions provider and decision makers:

For Online Marketing
For government schools
B.Ed course
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Thanks to all my wellwishers and for visiting my blog. and comments are welcome.
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