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SMS benefits

Send updates to all Dealers, Vendors, Retailers & Employees
Launch SMS based lucky draws
Organize Opinion Polls or voting among customers or employees pan India and get instant results.
Information-On-Demand via SMS for customers, employees, vendors, retailers, distributers, etc
Launch Contest, Game or Quiz around a Product or Event to build publicity and customer interaction.
SMS Based Market survey
Advertise seasonal discounts
Weekly or monthly performance report to parents.
Attendance, Examination/Test results to be sent to parents/students
Allow your customers to fetch their payment history via SMS
Motivational messages to sales force
Automated Daily/Weekly/Monthly alerts regarding account status
Enquire Account Balance via SMS
Automated reminders for EMI payment or Bill Payments
Enquire currency exchange rates, ATM or Branch locator & EMI Calculator on SMS
Communicate upcoming IPO Updates to registered clients.
Sending Intra-Day Buying & Selling to tips to clients instantly