H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Bangalore (India), May 25: HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was the key note speaker at the centenary celebrations of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.
“Are you feeling at home?” asked Sri Sri right at the onset. He then shared: “Our ancient scriptures have always said that true learning happens in a relaxed environment where an exchange of ideas takes place through enquiry and questioning.”
A Q&A session followed in the relaxed atmosphere of the auditorium. Excerpts:

Q. Is life governed by free-will or destiny?
Sri Sri: Life is a combination of both. There are some things which are beyond your control. That is your destiny. Then there are things where you have a choice. That is free-will. If it’s raining outside, it’s your destiny as you have no control over the weather. However, to be wet or remain dry is your free-will.
Past is your destiny, future is your free-will. And be happy in the present. A foolish person looks at the past as free-will with regret, future as destiny and is miserable in the present.

Q. What is true love?
Sri Sri: If you have a doubt, it is true love. We always doubt the positives. We doubt our capabilities. We doubt our happiness but are 100 percent sure of our depression. We doubt a person’s honesty and doubt the existence of higher power. So what is true love? Time will tell you.
Love is what we are made up of. All negative emotions are off springs of true love.
Love without wisdom makes life miserable…love with wisdom is bliss.

Q. How can we attain that wisdom?
Sri Sri: By adopting an attitude of enquiring.

Q. How can love move science?
Sri Sri: When love for science is intense, it is already moving the world.
The ultimate aim of a researcher is not to earn a livelihood. If the main aim of a researcher is to earn a livelihood, it is not a best quality research. It has to lead to a soul-search. Research is to know. The joy of knowing is itself the goal. Getting recognition is immaterial.

Q. How do you know what level of spirituality you are at?
Sri Sri: It depends on how often your buttons can be pushed. If you have no buttons to be pushed then you are very strong.

Q. Who am ‘I’? And what ‘that’ is? Can these two questions coexist?
Sri Sri: Of course. Yes. The theory of relativity has already accepted this. The observer has an impact on the observed. This was taught some thousands of years ago. But people kept it a secret. This is where we missed out.

Q. What is true happiness?
Sri Sri: Know the reason of your unhappiness. If you remove it, then there will be happiness. Meditate. Just do the Sudarshan Kriya and you will find out.

Q. Why do thoughts come and where do they originate from? Why do the thoughts rule us?
Sri Sri: Where do the thoughts come from? From the mind, or the body? Close your eyes and think about it. That itself becomes a meditation. Then you will reach the point or space within you from where all the thoughts come. And that is fantastic.

Q. Some people have positive thoughts, while some have negative thoughts. How does one control this?
Sri Sri: By keeping a stress-free mind. If you have a stress-free mind, your thoughts will be positive.

Q. How do you know all these things?
Sri Sri: Life is a journey from an angry “I don’t know” to a beautiful “I don’t know!”

Q. What is wrong and what is right?
Sri Sri: Which gives you short term pleasure and long term misery is wrong and vice-versa.

Q. Why do other people’s feelings inflict us?
Sri Sri: Because you are not a single individual but a part of a single collective consciousness.

Q. In spite of having so many great saints why is there so much of communal violence, cascades, conflicts. What is the problem with India? Are we going wrong somewhere?
Sri Sri: People who have been involved in these activities have never been in touch with any of these spiritual leaders.

Q. Why don’t you suggest government to include spiritual knowledge at the level of class 10th, at least in India?
Sri Sri: I have been telling it. Now, you all should give voice too.

Q. How to forgive and let go of things?
Sri Sri: When you see a culprit from a broader perspective, forgiveness becomes natural.

Q. What do you consider success?
Sri Sri: A smile that nobody will take away from you - that is the greatest achievement.

‘In a free mind, there is always heaven’

Q. Why are we attracted to objects we should not be attached to, even though we know this is unhealthy?
Sri Sri: We don't understand this aspect well enough. We still feel there is some joy in those objects, and this misleads us.

Q. Should we believe in superstition?
Sri Sri: Once you know that it is superstition, then how can you believe it? If your brain and reasoning says it is illogical and not good, then what is the point of it? You should move away from it.

Q. What is pooja? You said that giving a big smile in the morning is pooja. Is it ok to smile instead of washing the idol and offering it incense and flowers?
Sri Sri: Absolutely, there is no need to wash the idol and decorate it, and in the night you needn’t put it to sleep.

Just do sadhana and feel the Divinity within yourself.
However this doesn't mean that you stop doing pooja on special occasions. Doing meditation is important, but on special days, make sure you do pooja.
If you don't do this, then children won't get the sanskaar (culture) of prayer. Children should feel the sense of belongingness with God. If you don’t do that, then the first thing they will do in the morning is to turn on the television. This is because there is no memory of God. You should have God’s pictures in the house. After seeing God's pictures, children light incense, and offer flowers.

Life is a celebration, sit, pray, light lamps and incense and do kirtan (singing in a group). This is important.
Read some mantras, say, “Om Namo Bhagvate”, “Om Namo Narayanaya”, “Om Namah Shivaya”, then the prana shakti (life energy) in the environment will get awaken.

Q. At my workplace, I have to listen to seniors who tell me to commit morally wrong acts. I am in a dilemma whether to follow them or not. If I follow them, I cheat myself. If I don’t, I am afraid of offending them.
Sri Sri: You should work with skill and intelligence. You should pray: “Let this man not force me to do any such acts.” Then your prayer will be answered.

Q. Should we follow the advice we get in dreams?
Sri Sri: There are five sources for dreams:

1. Your dreams may come from your desires

2. Your dreams may come from your fears

3. Your dreams may be delusions

4. Your dreams may be premonitions of future events

5. Your dreams may be a result of the place you are sleeping in

We experience different things in our dreams. Usually, our dreams are a mixture of the above. Our dreams are of things from the past, future, and of various types.

Don't analyze your dreams too much. If a dream comes, let it come, and just go ahead with your life.

Q. What should be done to end the cycle of karmas?
Sri Sri: By seva, sadhana, and satsang.

Q. I am a college student. After following spiritual practices, all the excitement in me seems to have been spent. Now I am only calm. Am I making a mistake?
Sri Sri: Absolutely not. Though you are calm, you are also enthusiastic, and happy. Isn’t it? Then it’s fine.

Q. Nowadays, youth marry without their parent's consent. They do this blindly, without thinking. Is this acceptable?
Sri Sri: Your question already has the answer. Nobody will tell someone to do anything blindly or without thinking.

As a parent, look at the matter from the children’s point of view. First, examine your reason for refusal. If the reason is good, then it's fine. But if you refuse because of differences in economic status or differences in caste, then it’s a different thing.
Parents can give guidance to children. Explain to them not to take a hasty step, acting on a whirlpool of emotions.

Q. Why don’t Muslims believe in yoga? How can we teach them the Art of living?
Sri Sri: Sure, we should teach them yoga as well. We conduct programs in many Islamic countries, such as Iraq and Pakistan.
There are even Hindu people who resist yoga and spiritual practices. There are temples that don’t allow yoga camps to be conducted.
So also in Islam. The few people who resist yoga change their perspective when they understand yoga. When people learn yoga, and understand the benefits, they won’t stop it.

This resistance is due to lack of knowledge and information.

Q. When we insult others, is it true that their karma decreases? What should we do if someone blames us for no reason?
Sri Sri: If someone blames us without reason, what can we do? Try explaining to them, and then forget about it.

Q. What is knowledge for? To earn money or social good? What should we do if someone uses knowledge to earn more money?
Sri Sri: That is wrong. If knowledge is used to earn money, it will give not benefits, either to the receiver or to the giver.

Q. What is Paramatma? Who are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva (Hindu Gods)?
Sri Sri: Just like a rainbow, where all the colors merge to form a single white light, the Paramatma (Supreme Consciousness) is white and all the forms of Gods are the various colors.
This world is full of names and forms. Fruits, flowers all have a name and form. Our ancestors realized this, and said that there were 1008 names and forms, all belonging to the One who had no name.

Q. You have told us that there is no heaven or hell. But in our ancient texts there are pictures of hell where people are suffering.
Sri Sri: True. Heaven or hell is the state of mind. If the mind is in difficulty then hell is right here. If Sanskaar is absent, then hell is right here.
For a mukt (free) mind, there is always bliss, it is always heaven.

Q. What is mumukshtatvam?
Sri Sri: Mumukshtatvam is asking God for mukti (freedom). When you tell God that you have done everything, met people, talked to people, eaten enough, gone to enough parties, and now you want to be free, that is mumukshtatvam.

Q. What is right? A truth that brings tears or a lie that brings a smile?
Sri Sri: There is a saying:

Satyam bruyaat, priyam bruyaat,

Na bruyaat satyam apriyam

Na priyam cha nanrutam bruyaat

‘Speak the truth, speak pleasantly,

do not speak unpleasant truths

nor speak pleasant lies.’

This is sanatana dharma . If someone is blind, don’t say “Hey blind fellow come here!” This is not pleasant, though it may be the truth. Don't say unpleasant truths and pleasant lies.

(From the Office of HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Bangalore, India)

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    101 things to do in kerala

    1. Wake upto the world’s best breakfast
    Kerala’s spread of morning dishes – vellayappam, Uppuma, iddli, puttu, masala dosa,appams etc. have been rated the best breakfast in the world by Travel & Leisure magazine. A must-try is the crisp lacy appam served with meat/vegetable stew.

    2. Walk-through paddy fields
    Here’s different walking experience. Venture in to the very heart of the paddy fields, on narrow dykes. Don’t lose yourself completely in the dazzling green around you, as you’ll have to watch out for the slushy water passages that run through your mud path.

    3. Tip toe across a coconut trunk bridge
    In the interiors of Kerala, you’ll come across plenty of small water bodies with these extremely narrow Bridges. Watch the native folk cross them with case, but think twice before you do. It isn't your cup of tea, don’t worry. Further down the water’s edge you’ll find a more friendly bridge.

    4. Sip tender coconut
    Refresh yourself with a sip of cool tender coconut- nature’s rejuvenating nectar – and a scoop of its soft white flesh, Nutrition at its natural best.

    5.Take a swig of toddy
    Ask your tour guide to arrange for fresh madbura kallu (sweet toddy extracted from the coconut palm) and have it the Kerala way with exotic karimeen pollicbathu (baked fresh water fish) or spicy pickles.

    6. Stay on an exotic houseboat
    Embark on an enchanting journey across sun – dappled backwaters on a kettuvallom-fully furnished traditional rice boats. While your eyes explore the rustic life that floats by, treat your palate to backwater delicacies prepared by your personal chef.

    7. Ride a Canoe
    Drift along serene waterways in a country craft, Enjoy the breeze, answer a cuckoo’s call. Wave back at the cheerful village folk on the banks. Invite some of their chirpy children to hop in for a ride. They’ll keep you well entertained

    8 Workout on a treadmill
    In Kerala, traditional treadmills are still used to irrigate the paddy fields. Try your luck with the local farmer and see if you can get to pedal one.

    9. See Chinese fishing nets
    Watch fishermen tug at these huge nets with their rich haul. These nets that billow from massive bamboo poles were brought here by traders from the court of Kublai Khan, the Mongolian King. Their silhouettes against the evening sky make for terrific pictures too.

    10. Choose your pick from the Fisherman’s net
    Along the Malabar Coast and at Vasco da Gama Square in Fort Kochi, you can select your favourite from an inviting display of juicy sear fish, sardines, prawns, red snappers etc. Ask the friendly fisherman to fry it for you the local way.

    11. Feast on kappa and meen curry
    Try Kerala’s hot red fish curry with steamed tapioca or boiled rice. It’ll make your mouth water. And your eyes as well. But you’ll still enjoy it.

    12 Savour a Sadhya
    Seat yourself on the floor, roll your sleeves up and get started on this multi-course feast of rice, 12-15 vegetarian dishes, spicy pickles, crunchy banana chips, crispy pappadams, plantains and payasam- the dessert. Served on a plantain leaf, the meal is eaten with the fingers.

    13 Wear a Kerala saree
    Stun your friends in Kerala saree - five metres of fine off-white cotton edged with golden zari, that lends an extraordinary elegance to the person wearing it. Each piece is specially woven on a traditional handloom.

    14. Wear jasmine in your hair
    Get yourself a string of jasmine-the natural ornament for your hair. You could even pluck them fresh from a garden and string them yourself.

    15 Spice up your life
    Kerala is the Spice Coast of India. Take home a chest full of exotic spices and win compliments for your aromatic cooking. These are also available in special gift pouches.

    16. Ride on 8 tonner without wheels
    At the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady, you and your friends can majestically into the scenic jungle on an elephant. A mahout will guide you on your enchanting journey.

    17 Watch birds
    Spot egrets, herons, Siberian stork, darters, teals and hundreds of other migratory birds in Kerala’s enchanting bird sanctuaries. Hear them sing. Take their Family photograph. Applaud their aerobatic skills.

    18 Follow the tiger’s trail
    Join the Thekkady tiger trail- a real adventure trek into the dense forest with expert guides. Cook in the jungle. Sleep in tents. Wake up to the sounds of the wilderness. Try and spot a tiger.

    19 Design a floral pattern
    During Onam, the harvest festival in August/September, you can see colourful, beautiful floral decorations in the courtyards of Kerala’s homes. Try making one with family and friends.

    20. Cheer a snake boat race
    Watch the backwaters of Kerala come alive. Feel the excitement bubble in you as teams of 100 oarsmen row their snake boats, their bodies swaying in unison to the fast rhythm of full throated singing, in one of the most exhilarating water sports.

    21. Feel the rain on your body
    Kerala’s invigorating monsoon will cleanse you. Refresh you, rejuvenates you. Let it run down your body, and wash away stress. So don’t just listen to the pitter-patter on the roof. Step out.

    22 Munch an uppumanga
    You’ll simply relish a meal that is accompanied by uppumanga, tender mangoes preserved in brine for months (the longer, the better).

    23 Get an Ayurvedic massage
    Gift yourself new life. Surrender to the magical fingers of specially trained masseurs. To medicated baths that will refresh you. Herbal diets that will replenish you. Yoga that will revitalize you. And meditation that will recharge you.

    24 Say hello to the Nilgiri Tahr
    Half the world population of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr live in the Eravikulam National Park at Munnar. Friendly as they are, you can pat them or pose for pictures with them. So meet them and have plenty to brag about when you get back home.

    25 Sip fine tea
    Take a walk through the green carpeted tea hills of Kerala and strong aromas will lead you in to the factories over a hundred years old. Here you can taste and pick up the finest tea in the country.

    26. Marvel at elephant pageants
    The spectacle of 30-60 caparisoned elephants will enthral you as they move in a majestic procession, while trumpets and drum beats work up to a frenzy. The best of these spectacles is seen at the Thrissur Pooram

    27 Listen to temple music
    Panchavadyam is an orchestra of 5 native instruments - suddha-maddalam, kombu, edakka, elathalam and timila. This traditional temple music accompanying elephant pageants builds up the festive spirit. And never fails to leave its listeners entranced. Audio cassettes of panchavadyam are available.

    28 Visit the local markets
    Small stalls with fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken… High pitched salesmen luring you with impossible bargains. Visit these bustling markets or chandas for fresh buys.

    29 Go bananas
    In Kerala, red, green and yellow are synonymous with various types of plantains’. These digestives come in different shapes too — tall, short, stout, sleek... And while you taste banana chips, raw banana dishes, banana milk shake, banana ice cream, dried bananas, fried bananas… you’ll wonder if there’s any other fruit more versatile.

    30 Try your hand at percussion
    Kerala’s rich repertoire of percussion music and instruments is world famous. So bring alive your taste for good music and learn whatever your holiday allows.

    31 Cheer racing oxen
    Entertain yourself at a Kumbala, the local ritualistic bullock race of Kasaragod or a Kaalapoottu – the agrarian sport of Palakkad.

    32 Shop for souvenirs
    Kerala’s handicraft centers have an extraordinary collection of wood, coir shell and sandlwood souvenirs, trinkets and jewellery. Woodcarved Kathakali masks, snake boats, elephants, jewellery boxes etc. are perfect showpieces for your drawing rooms and ideal gifts for friends.

    33 Stay in a tree house
    Spend romantic nights in the tree houses of Palakkad washed in the sweet scent of the forest flowers, and let the sounds of the forest fill up your dreams.

    34 Have a mud bath
    Go in for mud thereapy and discover its healing properties at the Kavil Bhavan Yoga and Cultural Centre at Nileswaram, Kasaragod.

    35 Bask in sunshine
    Screne, secluded and spellbinding. Kerala has some of the best beaches in the world. Ride the surf. Get a tan. Build sand castles. Or simply sift sand through your toes. Anything you do here will unwind and relax you.

    36 Watch a Malayalam movie
    Malayalam movies have excellent story lines and some of them are internationally acclaimed. If you visit the State during a film festival, you’ll get to see good movies with English subtitles.

    37 Bathe in healing waters
    Don’t miss your chance to take a dip in the waters of the Nelliyampathy forests in Palakkad or the mineral springs at Varkala. These waters are known for their medicinal properties. Take a splash, heal yourself.

    38 Buy gold for all occasions
    Kerala’s gold jewellery, intricately disgined and delicate, will steal any woman’s heart. Make sure you have enough money on you before you step into a gold shop. Because whatever be your taste, you’ll find patterns you’d wish to own.

    An Aramula mirror is made of a finely polished alloy of four metals – copper, silver, bronze and lead. Once a closely guarded preserve of royalty, these ornamental mirrors are exceedingly rare-only two master crafts men and their families still make them.

    40 Feel the presence of God at Maramon
    Witness the largest Christian convention of Asia at Maramon, near Kozhencherry, Interestingly, the waters of the Pamba River dry up every year to reveal sands that serve as the venue for the event.

    41 Ride in an autorickshaw
    Explore the streets of Kerala in an autoriscksha, a three wheeled taxi painted yellow and black. Don’t be surprised if you meet a driver who has a degree in English literature or is fairly fluent with the language.

    42 Peep into your future
    The fortune teller on the street has your future written on his cards – your career, your life, you life partner and more. Just show him your palm and wait while his parrot picks your card from the pack.

    43 Spin coir
    See nimble fingers at work as they spin water treated coconut fibre into long ropes with a traditional hand spindle in the suburbs of Kollam. You can shop at a number of roadside stalls for brightly coloured coir door mats, wall hangings and carpets.

    44 Learn exotic art forms
    Watch kathakali, mohiniyattam, theyyam or thiruvathira and pursue one that interests you most. Learn how a story unveils through the eyes, fingers, feet and myriad expressions of the artist.

    45 Rock about in a bullock cart
    On a pleasant evening, treaverse the scenic mud roads of Kerala at the unhurried pace of a bullock cart. The tinkling bells and roll-over-from-side-to-side motion of the cart will full you into a lazy reverie.

    46 Walk the lanes of Fort Kochi
    Put on your hat and sunglasses, wear comfortable sandals and embark on a walking tour of Fort Kochi where bastions, churches and mansions built by the British, Dutch and the Portuguese, 500 years ago will greet you. Interestingly, Vasco da Gama, one of the world’s greatest explorers, was buried here.

    47 Order a metre of tea
    Stop by a thattukada, a roadside kiosk, for a steaming cup of strong tea. Watch the expert stretch it to a metre while pouring it from glass to glass, blending it well and building up a tempting froth in the process.

    48 Climb rugged heights
    Not all places to visit in Kerala are on well travelled roads. Or on roads at all. Hike up rugged terrains at Munnar, Wayanad and Kakkayam (Kozkikkod) for an exhilarating experience. If you haven’t tried rock climbing before, our experts will teach you the tricks.

    49 Engage in water sports
    An adventure sports lover will rarely find time to stay idle in Kerala. Her beaches provide you with unlimited watersporting options of wind surfing, rafting, sailing, power boating and even that of a simple catamaran ride.

    50 Take a train through paradise
    A train journey is an interesting way to experience Kerala. Get a window seat and watch the landscape unfold like pages of a colourful picture book, or acquaint yourself with your fellow travellers who make interesting profiles.

    51 Treat your sweet tooth
    The famous Mithai Street of Kozkikkod has everything to make your mouth water – from heavenly haluvas, juicy jillebies to creamy milk sweets, Relish them as they melt in your mouth.

    52 Study rare flora
    Treat your eyes to exotic orchids, anthuria, sandalwood trees etc. in the forests. One of these, the rare Neelakurinji, bathes the mountains of Munnar in blue once every 12 years. It is expected to bloom next in 2006.

    53 Romance the spice hills
    Holiday amidst the sprawling tea plantations, picture book towns and winding lanes of Kerala’s mist clad hill stations – a world where tranquillity abounds. The dense tropical jungles in these hill stations house some of the exotic bird and wildlife sanctuaries in the country.

    54. Watch the making of an Arabian dhow
    Witness this 1500 year old tradition at Beypore. It takes an expert team of 15-30 strongmen at least two years to shape a vessel in wood. Locally called uru, this Arabian trading vessel is fast fading from the shipping scene.

    55 Bathe in waterfalls
    Nowhere else will you find water so playful, So pure. So pacifying. Crystal clear waters cascade down the mountains of Kerala, gurgling, whispering, laughing and cleansing everything in their way. Watch them wake serene rivers with a magnificent splash.

    56 Go arty
    You can browse in the art galleries for hours without track of time. Among them are collections of the world famous works of Raja Ravi Varma, Raja Raja Varma, Svetlova, Nicholas Roerich, rare murals and masterpieces from China, Japan, Tibet, Bali and other parts of India.

    57 Visit scenic Kuttanad
    Explore the lush paddy fields of Kuttanad, the rice bow of Kerala – the only place in the world where farming is done 1.5 or 2 m below sea level. Kuttanad is in the interiors of the beautiful backwater district of Alappuzha.

    58 Taste Payasam
    The payasam, a rich milk delicacy prepared with vermicili, gram or rice, is a delight for the plate. The most common dessert of Kerala, the payasam is made in scores of flavours and garnished with raisins and nuts fried in ghee. It is usually eaten with salty snacks.

    59 Feast your eyes on the largest mural
    The palaces and museums of Kerala have an exotic collection of ancient murals. The Krishnapuram Palace at kayamkulam displays the largest of these masterpieces – gajendramoksham – which belongs to the 18th century and depicts an event from mythology.

    60 Watch Theyyam
    Theyyam is the oldest ritual art form of Kerala, Look on in awe as Theyyam performers invoke the temple diety Bhagavathy with their frenzied dancing and throbbing temple music in the countryards of village temples.

    61 Try coconut hair oil
    The secret of a Malayali woman’s long, black, lustrous hair could be yours too. Coconut oil is considered the best nutrient for hair and a coolant for the head. In Kerala, both men and women massage oil on their heads before a bath.

    62 Explore a tharavad
    Relive the old times in the perfect settings of antique furniture and exquisite woodwork in Kerala’s heritage holiday homes and nalukettu (quandrangular mansions with a central countryard), each more than 50 years old.

    63 Learn Malayalam
    Malayalam, Kerala’s sweet toned language, has 56 letters in its alphabet. Try learning the basics and roll the words off your tongue.

    64 Star gaze
    Steeped in astronomy, Kerala’s planetariums will show you much more than Mercury, Venus and Mars. But a ticket to the evening star gazing sessions and experience the wonders of the universe.

    65 Holiday on an island
    Spend a weekend on Kerala’s islands or lagoons, and experience special moments . Spectacular sunset, balmy backwaters succulent seafood at Bolghatty, Pathiramanal, Poovar….These paradises can be reached only by a ferry or boat.

    66 Picnic beside virgin lakes
    Pack a picnic basket and spend a romantic evening beside the crystal clear lakes near Munnar. Try your luck at fishing and feast on your fresh catch. Go for a long walk hand-in-hand, undisturbed. Lie down on the most comfortable of grass beds.

    67 Go paragliding
    Sweep across the lush green hills of Munnar on a paraglider and enjoy the vantage of an eagle. See the soothing blues and greens of nature. Enjoy the wind beneath your wings. Feel on top of the world.

    68 Walk in to a palace
    Besides exquisite wooden architecture, the palaces of Kerala flaunt the finest floors in the world. Floors that, surprisingly, need least maintenance – being made of crushed coconut charocoal, egg whites and the sap of loan plants. You’ll also see collections of antique sculptures, paintings and bronzes.

    69 Muse in a Museum
    The museums of Kerala, especially the Pazhasiraja Museum at Kozkikkod, pay full tribute to outstanding crafts-historical and contemporary ornaments, temple carts and Ivory carvings of life sized figures of Kathakali in full regalia.

    70. Watch Thullal
    Thullal, an exotic art form, and the rhythmic sounds of music accompanying it will keep you in a constant stage of merriment. Humour, satire and social criticism are its hallmarks. This art form was fourmulated overnight by the renowned poet, Kunjan Nambiar.

    71. Visit the zoo
    The zoological parks in Kerala have plenty to excite the animal lover in you. The Trivandrum zoo is one among the best designed in Asia and is set amidst a woodland, lakes and lawns.

    72. Wash your sins away
    According to a myth, sage Narada was approached by mendicants who confessed to having sinned. The place he created for them to pray for redemption is known as the Papanasham beach (papanasham meaning redemption from sins). Take a dip and come out feeling clean in your heart too.

    73. Go nuts
    You can get raw, fried, grilled, salted and spiced cashews at surprisingly affordable rates from Kollam where cashew plantations and industries abound.

    74. Chew into a juicy mussel
    It is indeed fun watching mussel collectors anchor their boats, dive down and bring up basket loads of these fresh water delicacies. The shells are later burnt in kilns to make lime.

    75. See wildlife from aboat
    Watch wildlife at close quarters from the safety of a boat at the sanctuaries of Kumarakom, and Periyar. Herds of wild elephants bathing in the lake, the Indian bison digging his horns into an unaffected tree, the cormorant darting into the waters… a treat for an amateur photographer.

    76. Learn yoga
    Relax your mind with yoga at the special ashrams in Trivandrum and Nileswaram – the cultural centre of Kasaragod. Sessions are conducted by spiritual gurus and experts in the field.

    77. Walk the historic Kappad beach
    This is where Vasco da Gama landed in 1498 with his men in three vessels. Here, you’ll find an interesting landscape of rocks that sprawl right into the sea. An 800 year old temple stands nearby.

    78 Munch on crispy snacks
    Kerala has a wide range of crunchy snacks- ethakka (banana) chips, chakka vattal (jackfruit chips), pappadam, kuzhalappam, achappam, cheeda and churuttu. All worth every penny spend on them.

    79 Meet martial art experts
    Kalaripayattu, the martial art form of Kerala, is the oldest and most scientific in the world. Watch agile bodies gleaming in oil and armed with weapons practise their feats-chattam (jumping), ottam (running), marichil (somersault)-to stunning perfection. Explore the Bekal Fort

    80 Explore the largest and the best-preserved fort of Kerala at Bekal, Kasaragod.
    The imposing laterite structure rising 130 ft. above sea level, stands on a 35 acre headland that runs right into the Arabian Sea.

    81 Behold the Queen of the Arabian Sea.
    Kochi, also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, is breathtakingly beautiful. Apart from being the commercial capital and the most cosmopolitan city of Kerala, Kochi also flaunts one of the finest natural harbours of the world.

    82 Discover prehistoric settlements
    The Edakkal caves at Wayanad and the caves at the mouth of the Shenduruny River have interesting pictorial writings and cave drawings from the Stone Age. You’ll have to trek at least a kilometer uphill to reach the Edakkal caves. Say a prayer at the old Synagogue

    83 The 500 years old Synagogue in Kochi is adorned with mid 18th century hand painted Cantonese tiles. Hebrew inscriptions on stone slabs, ancient scripts on copper plates and great scrolls of the Old Testament are preserved here. An age-old clock tower stands nearby.

    84 Let a mohini enchant you
    Mohiniyattam or the dance of the enchantress reflects the graceful nature of the land. The sensuous, graceful movements of the dancer, clad in gold and off white costumes, will remind you of palms swaying in the gentle breeze and sweeping waves.

    85 Spend the night at a Kathakali concert
    Kathakali, the four centuries old classical art form, is usually staged at night. Elaborate costumes, ornaments and multi-coloured facial make-up give the artistes a super human appearance, which leaves you spellbound.

    86 Cook in earthenware
    In most of the traditional homesteads of Kerala, women cook their food in earthenware. For some time-tested reason renders a special taste to the dish prepared.

    87 Collect antiques
    Stroll up the Jew Street in Fort Kochi for interesting finds like period furniture, ancient coins, elaborately carved pens, ornamental brass latches, antique jewellery, grandfather clocks and timepieces etc.

    88 Cruise the backwaters of Alappuzha
    Alappuzha, embroidered with a labyrinth of waterways, was extolled by travellers as the Venice of the East. Visit this land where the skiff is the family vehicle, the ducks outnumber chicken and children learn to swim perhaps even before the walk.

    89 Meet smart fishermen
    It is indeed a spectacular sight to watch Kerala’ Smart fishermen outdo the crashing waves by pushing their boats into the sea from a pier beyond the wave point, and simultaneously jumping into it in perfect coordination.

    90 See mind-blowing fireworks
    Make a wish under a thousand shooting starts -brilliant firework displays that mark the end of a festival in Kerala. And you’ll never miss them as every dawn in Kerala brings yet another festival.

    91 Watch a puppet show
    Yakshagana Bombeyattu (puppetry) is the art form of Kasaragod. Colourful puppets in huge headgears, elaborate facial make-up and loud attires dancing to throbbing music will keep you entertained.

    92 Go for a flower show
    Spend a colourful evening with pretty asters, glowing anthuria, exotic orchids, beautiful roses, elegant lilies and a bloom of soft cotton candy at a flower show.

    93 Smash the elusive pot
    Uriyadi (smashing the pot) is a spirited sport connected with some of festivals of Kerala. The festive pot colourfully decorated will be hung from a tall pole. All you have to do is try and break it with a stick as the crowd pulls it up and down.

    94 Spot a dolphin
    If you ‘re lucky, you’ll get to see the dolphins do their grand act at the Cherai beach. Applaud them as they spring out of the waters magnificent splash only to take a marvelous dive back into it.

    95 Buy a Palmyra fan
    In Kerala, you’ll find small, handy fans made of medicinal herbal roots, palm fronds, bamboo splits and grass. Get yourself a portable, compact, cute and colourful little fan that comes in handy anytime of the day. When not in use, you could even put it up on the wall as a showpiece.

    96 Stay in exotic resorts
    Kerala’s innovative hoteliers have amazing experiences in store for you. Some even have Theme evenings when centuries old art forms like Kathakali and Mohiniyattom are performed as well.

    97 Savour nectar
    Beat the bees and butterflies to it in a banana plantation. Hold the tip of a banana inflorescence (koombu) to your mouth and suck the sweet nectar.

    98 Visit a Snake Park
    The Snake Park at Parassinikadavu, Kannur, is the only one of its kind in the whole of India. There are three snake pits and fifteen glass cases full of various species of snakes, and two large glass houses for King Cobras. The snake demonstration conducted every hour is a major crowd puller.

    99. Watch thiruvathira
    Thiruvathira, a traditional dance performed by women, has simple steps and a single rule-performers should be clad in a Kerala saree. Join them as they sing and move elegantly around a ceremonial lamp (vilakku) or a floral decoration (pookalam)

    100. Bring swing to your life Onam is the season for fun and games.
    Visit Kerala during August /September and you’ll find in every house. The friendly people here will be only too glad to let you join them.

    101. Try out new ways to fish
    Dangle a rod and line into the flowing waters. Sweep a towel through it. Feel for fish with your feet in the mud below. Or simply try trapping small fish with your hands. Anyway, you’ll never return disappointed.



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    Stay positive regardless of the circumstances. Never refer to a major problem with management and never speak ill of supervisors, co-workers or the organization. If you do, you will be the one looking bad. Keep smiling and talk about leaving for a positive reason such as an opportunity, a chance to do something special or other forward-looking reasons.

    3. What experience do you have in this field?

    Speak about specifics that relate to the position you are applying for. If you do not have specific experience, get as close as you can.

    4. Do you consider yourself successful?

    You should always answer yes and briefly explain why. A good explanation is that you have set goals, and you have met some and are on track to achieve the others.

    5. What do co-workers say about you?

    Be prepared with a quote or two from co-workers. Either a specific statement or a paraphrase will work. Jill Clark, a co-worker at Smith Company, always said I was the hardest workers she had ever known. It is as powerful as Jill having said it at the interview herself.

    6. What do you know about this organization?

    This question is one reason to do some research on the organization before the interview. Find out where they have been and where they are going. What are the current issues and who are the major players?

    7. What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?

    Try to include improvement activities that relate to the job. A wide variety of activities can be mentioned as positive self-improvement. Have some good ones handy to mention.

    8. Are you applying for other jobs?

    Be honest but do not spend a lot of time in this area. Keep the focus on this job and what you can do for this organization. Anything else is a distraction.

    9. Why do you want to work for this organization?

    This may take some thought and certainly, should be based on the research you have done on the organization. Sincerity is extremely important here and will easily be sensed. Relate it to your long-term career goals.

    10. Do you know anyone who works for us?

    Be aware of the policy on relatives working for the organization. This can affect your answer even though they asked about friends not relatives. Be careful to mention a friend only if they are well thought of.

    11. What kind of salary do you need?

    A loaded question. A nasty little game that you will probably lose if you answer first. So, do not answer it. Instead, say something like, That's a tough question. Can you tell me the range for this position? In most cases, the interviewer, taken off guard, will tell you. If not, say that it can depend on the details of the job. Then give a wide range.

    12. Are you a team player?

    You are, of course, a team player. Be sure to have examples ready. Specifics that show you often perform for the good of the team rather than for yourself are good evidence of your team attitude. Do not brag, just say it in a matter-of-fact tone. This is a key point.

    13. How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

    Specifics here are not good. Something like this should work: I'd like it to be a long time. Or As long as we both feel I'm doing a good job.

    14. Have you ever had to fire anyone? How did you feel about that?

    This is serious. Do not make light of it or in any way seem like you like to fire people. At the same time, you will do it when it is the right thing to do. When it comes to the organization versus the individual who has created a harmful situation, you will protect the organization. Remember firing is not the same as layoff or reduction in force.

    15. What is your philosophy towards work?

    The interviewer is not looking for a long or flowery dissertation here. Do you have strong feelings that the job gets done? Yes. That's the type of answer that works best here. Short and positive, showing a benefit to the organization.

    16. If you had enough money to retire right now, would you?

    Answer yes if you would. But since you need to work, this is the type of work you prefer. Do not say yes if you do not mean it.

    17. Have you ever been asked to leave a position?

    If you have not, say no. If you have, be honest, brief and avoid saying negative things about the people or organization involved.

    18. Explain how you would be an asset to this organization

    You should be anxious for this question. It gives you a chance to highlight your best points as they relate to the position being discussed. Give a little advance thought to this relationship.

    19. Why should we hire you?

    Point out how your assets meet what the organization needs. Do not mention any other candidates to make a comparison.

    20. Tell me about a suggestion you have made

    Have a good one ready. Be sure and use a suggestion that was accepted and was then considered successful. One related to the type of work applied for is a real plus.

    21. What irritates you about co-workers?

    This is a trap question. Think real hard but fail to come up with anything that irritates you. A short statement that you seem to get along with folks is great.

    22. What is your greatest strength?

    Numerous answers are good, just stay positive. A few good examples: Your ability to prioritize, Your problem-solving skills, Your ability to work under pressure, Your ability to focus on projects, Your professional expertise, Your leadership skills, Your positive attitude .

    23. Tell me about your dream job.

    Stay away from a specific job. You cannot win. If you say the job you are contending for is it, you strain credibility. If you say another job is it, you plant the suspicion that you will be dissatisfied with this position if hired. The best is to stay genetic and say something like: A job where I love the work, like the people, can contribute and can't wait to get to work.

    24. Why do you think you would do well at this job?

    Give several reasons and include skills, experience and interest.

    25. What are you looking for in a job?

    See answer # 23

    26. What kind of person would you refuse to work with?

    Do not be trivial. It would take disloyalty to the organization, violence or lawbreaking to get you to object. Minor objections will label you as a whiner.

    27. What is more important to you: the money or the work?

    Money is always important, but the work is the most important. There is no better answer.

    28. What would your previous supervisor say your strongest point is?

    There are numerous good possibilities: Loyalty, Energy, Positive attitude, Leadership, Team player, Expertise, Initiative, Patience, Hard work, Creativity, Problem solver

    29. Tell me about a problem you had with a supervisor

    Biggest trap of all. This is a test to see if you will speak ill of your boss. If you fall for it and tell about a problem with a former boss, you may well below the interview right there. Stay positive and develop a poor memory about any trouble with a supervisor.

    30. What has disappointed you about a job?

    Don't get trivial or negative. Safe areas are few but can include: Not enough of a challenge. You were laid off in a reduction Company did not win a contract, which would have given you more responsibility.

    31. Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.

    You may say that you thrive under certain types of pressure. Give an example that relates to the type of position applied for.

    32. Do your skills match this job or another job more closely?

    Probably this one. Do not give fuel to the suspicion that you may want another job more than this one.

    33. What motivates you to do your best on the job?

    This is a personal trait that only you can say, but good examples are: Challenge, Achievement, Recognition

    34. Are you willing to work overtime? Nights? Weekends?

    This is up to you. Be totally honest.

    35. How would you know you were successful on this job?

    Several ways are good measures: You set high standards for yourself and meet them. Your outcomes are a success.Your boss tell you that you are successful

    36. Would you be willing to relocate if required?

    You should be clear on this with your family prior to the interview if you think there is a chance it may come up. Do not say yes just to get the job if the real answer is no. This can create a lot of problems later on in your career. Be honest at this point and save yourself future grief.

    37. Are you willing to put the interests of the organization ahead of your own?

    This is a straight loyalty and dedication question. Do not worry about the deep ethical and philosophical implications. Just say yes.

    38. Describe your management style.

    Try to avoid labels. Some of the more common labels, like progressive, salesman or consensus, can have several meanings or descriptions depending on which management expert you listen to. The situational style is safe, because it says you will manage according to the situation, instead of one size fits all.

    39. What have you learned from mistakes on the job?

    Here you have to come up with something or you strain credibility. Make it small, well intentioned mistake with a positive lesson learned. An example would be working too far ahead of colleagues on a project and thus throwing coordination off.

    40. Do you have any blind spots?

    Trick question. If you know about blind spots, they are no longer blind spots. Do not reveal any personal areas of concern here. Let them do their own discovery on your bad points. Do not hand it to them.

    41. If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for?

    Be careful to mention traits that are needed and that you have.

    42. Do you think you are overqualified for this position?

    Regardless of your qualifications, state that you are very well qualified for the position.

    43. How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?

    First, if you have experience that the interviewer does not know about, bring that up: Then, point out (if true) that you are a hard working quick learner.

    44. What qualities do you look for in a boss?

    Be generic and positive. Safe qualities are knowledgeable, a sense of humor, fair, loyal to subordinates and holder of high standards. All bosses think they have these traits.

    45. Tell me about a time when you helped resolve a dispute between others.

    Pick a specific incident. Concentrate on your problem solving technique and not the dispute you settled.

    46. What position do you prefer on a team working on a project?

    Be honest. If you are comfortable in different roles, point that out.

    47. Describe your work ethic.

    Emphasize benefits to the organization. Things like, determination to get the job done and work hard but enjoy your work are good.

    48. What has been your biggest professional disappointment?

    Be sure that you refer to something that was beyond your control. Show acceptance and no negative feelings.

    49. Tell me about the most fun you have had on the job.

    Talk about having fun by accomplishing something for the organization.

    50. Do you have any questions for me?

    Always have some questions prepared. Questions prepared where you will be an asset to the organization are good. How soon will I be able to be productive? and What type of projects will I be able to assist on? are examples.

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