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H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Bangalore (India), May 25: HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was the key note speaker at the centenary celebrations of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.
“Are you feeling at home?” asked Sri Sri right at the onset. He then shared: “Our ancient scriptures have always said that true learning happens in a relaxed environment where an exchange of ideas takes place through enquiry and questioning.”
A Q&A session followed in the relaxed atmosphere of the auditorium. Excerpts:

Q. Is life governed by free-will or destiny?
Sri Sri: Life is a combination of both. There are some things which are beyond your control. That is your destiny. Then there are things where you have a choice. That is free-will. If it’s raining outside, it’s your destiny as you have no control over the weather. However, to be wet or remain dry is your free-will.
Past is your destiny, future is your free-will. And be happy in the present. A foolish person looks at the past as free-will with regret, future as destiny a…

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Internet Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing has become familiar Between Online Users and Online Marketers. It helps to develop our business through Internet to market their product globaly.

Important tips of internet marketing :
1. Optimize your website's content
2. Create a content development strategy for your website
3. Invest in a paid search (pay-per-click) campaign
4. Publicize your website through article marketing
5. Develop a social media marketing strategy
6. Create a Company Blog
7. Experiment with video marketing
8. Engage your audiences with web widget marketing
9. Discover the benefits of mobile marketing
10. Create an effective email marketing strategy

5 Steps for Building Self-Confidence:

1. Concentrate on your strengths rather than on your weaknesses :
Confidence comes from within. You have to concentrate on the positive things about yourself.You have to concentrate on the positive things about yourself.
2. Remind yourself of past successes:
Confidence builds on past success.If you are trying to develop confidence in a new aspect, past success can still be useful in strengthening our confidence.
3.Take risks :
Try doing things that you’ve never tried before. It’s always a little bit of a challenge in doing new things and just the act of accepting these challenges, some little and some big, whether we are successful or not, frequently improves our self-confidence.
4.Use self-talk:
Use self-talk as an opportunity to contradict destructive beliefs. Then, remind yourself to "stop" and replace more realistic assumptions
5.Visualize your future success :
Confidence will increase when we visualize ourselves succeeding.Our minds cannot distinguish the difference between some…

Age of Search Engines

1993 Aliweb Launch
1994 WebCrawler Launch
1994 Lycos Launch
1995 AltaVista Launch (part of DEC)
1995 Excite Launch
1996 Inktomi Founded
1996 Ask Jeeves Founded
1997 Northern Light Launch
1998 Google Launch
1999 AlltheWeb Launch
2000 Teoma Founded
2004 Yahoo! Search Final launch (first original results)
2004 MSN Search Beta launch
2005 MSN Search Final launch
2006 Quaero Founded
2006 Launch
2006 Windows Live Search Launch
2006 Quintura Launch
2006 Beta launch
2009 bing (by microsoft)

Tips for designing a professional and high quality web site

Neat and Easy Navigation: Navigation of links on your site plays a big role in determining the stickiness of your site (how long your visitor stays and explores your site). Ask yourself this, What do visitors do as soon as they open your site? They would probably read the content of the present page and then look around to find any other page that interests them.
Clean Layout Design: A clean layout that uses a lot of white space enhances a site's looks. Try to keep the focus on your content. Use fonts that will be available on all computers to prevent your site looking messed up.
Optimum Load Time: Make sure your load time is low. For this you must: Minimize Graphics, Flash and scripts: They hugely increase your file size. Optimize your HTML & script code: Make sure that your site doesn't have any unwanted tags or unused scripts.Use Server Side Include (SSI) files where ever possible. SSI files once called from the web server reside in its cache …


cinema actress photos

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Chinese Actress:

* Angel Dong Jie 董洁 (1)
* Bai Ling 白灵 (1)
* Betty Huang Yi 黃奕 (1)
* Betty Sun Li 孙俪 (1)
* Chen Hao 陈好 (1)
* Chen Zi Han 陈紫函 (1)
* Crystal Liu Yi Fei 刘亦菲 (1)
* Eva Huang Sheng yi 黄圣依 (1)
* Fan Bingbing 范冰冰 (1)
* Gao Yuan Yuan 高圆圆 (1)
* Gong Li 巩俐 (1)
* He Mei Tian 何美钿 (1)
* Jacqueline Li Xiao Lu 李小璐 (1)
* Kitty Zhang Yu Qi 张雨绮 (1)
* Li Bing Bing 李冰冰 (1)
* Liu Tao 刘涛 (1)
* Rebecca Tang wei 汤唯 (1)
* Rulu Jiang Xin 蒋欣 (1)
* Vicki Zhao Wei 赵薇 (1)
* Wong Faye 王菲 (1)
* Xu Jing Lei 徐静蕾 (1)
* Zhang Jing Chu 张静初 (1)
* Zhang Ziyi 章子怡 (1)
* Zhou Xun 周迅 (1)

101 things to do in kerala

1. Wake upto the world’s best breakfast
Kerala’s spread of morning dishes – vellayappam, Uppuma, iddli, puttu, masala dosa,appams etc. have been rated the best breakfast in the world by Travel & Leisure magazine. A must-try is the crisp lacy appam served with meat/vegetable stew.

2. Walk-through paddy fields
Here’s different walking experience. Venture in to the very heart of the paddy fields, on narrow dykes. Don’t lose yourself completely in the dazzling green around you, as you’ll have to watch out for the slushy water passages that run through your mud path.

3. Tip toe across a coconut trunk bridge
In the interiors of Kerala, you’ll come across plenty of small water bodies with these extremely narrow Bridges. Watch the native folk cross them with case, but think twice before you do. It isn't your cup of tea, don’t worry. Further down the water’s edge you’ll find a more friendly bridge.

4. Sip tender coconut
Refresh yourself with a sip of cool tender coconut- nature’s rejuv…


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Dating Tips

1. Do something that you'd enjoy -- with or without your dream date. If there's a movie that you've been dying to see, a new restaurant that you're curious to try, or a museum exhibit that you want to check out, a date is a great excuse to get yourself there. "If you do something you've always wanted to do anyway, then you can't lose. And it will make you a better date because you're having fun," says Harris.

2. Engage your body, as well as your mind. If the thought of coming up with several hours of conversation with a new man gives you hives, suggest a sporty activity like bowling, pool, or even just going for a walk. If you're shooting darts or playing a video game, you won't feel the pressure to keep up a nonstop conversation. Plus, you'll have some natural opportunities to flirt -- with good-natured competition and gentle teasing, for example. But, says Harris, "Don't pick anything that puts you on the spot or challe…

Loan Tips

01. Avoid unsecured loans if possible
02. Be clear about leasing
03. Be honest in loan applications
04. Can't get a standard loan? There are alternatives
05. Check your statements for errors
06. Consider smaller lenders too
07. Do you have to take out a personal loan at all
08. Do you qualify for a 'relationship discount'?
09. Don't just take the dealer finance
10. Don't make multiple applications
11. Don't rely solely on comparison rates
12. Have the right information when applying
13. Have you considered a credit card?
14. Honesty counts
15. Keep accurate records
16. Know what interest rate applies
17. Look beyond the banks
18. Try lenders with whom you are a regular customer
19. Understand what's on offer

Tips content from

Weightloss Tips

1. Your weight affects you in many ways other than your appearance:

* Your overall quality of life;
* self-esteem;
* health risks;
* depression;
* and physical abilities are also influenced.

Think of all the positive changes you can experience by losing weight.

2. You will need to see your doctor for a physical if you haven't had one recently and you really should get her approval before starting a weight loss regime.

3. You should ask yourself these questions as you begin:

* Why do you want to lose weight?
* Are you truly committed? Do you have a support system set up?
* Can you accept mistakes without giving up altogether?

4. To lose weight effectively, you will have to permanently change four aspects of your life:

1.) what you eat
2.) how you eat
3.) your behavior and
4.) your activity level.

5. You shouldn't set your sights too high (... like losing 30 pounds in a month. Those signs advertising weight loss pills are not true!).

Small …


Review these typical interview questions and think about how you would answer them. Read the questions listed; you will also find some strategy suggestions with it.

1. Tell me about yourself:

The most often asked question in interviews. You need to have a short statement prepared in your mind. Be careful that it does not sound rehearsed. Limit it to work-related items unless instructed otherwise. Talk about things you have done and jobs you have held that relate to the position you are interviewing for. Start with the item farthest back and work up to the present.

2. Why did you leave your last job?

Stay positive regardless of the circumstances. Never refer to a major problem with management and never speak ill of supervisors, co-workers or the organization. If you do, you will be the one looking bad. Keep smiling and talk about leaving for a positive reason such as an opportunity, a chance to do something special or other forward-looking reasons.

3. What experience do you have in thi…