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SQL queries

01) join query:
select     products.productId, products.ProductName, products.IsApproved, products.ProductCode, products.ProductImage, products.ProductDescription, products.ProductCost,
        categorymaster.CategoryId, categorymaster.CategoryName

      FROM     products  INNER JOIN categorymaster  ON products.productId = categorymaster.CategoryId  where CategoryId='$id' and products.IsApproved='1' order by ProductId LIMIT $offset, $rowsPerPage";

02) count no of days in a month:
SELECT day(last_day('2011-02-1'));

today date:

days between two date:
SELECT DATEDIFF('2006-07-10','2006-06-01');

.net project depolyment steps

VS2005open your project in solution explorergo to menu click rebuild solutioncreate datewise named folderpublish website in that folderinstall IIScopy and paste that folder in wwwroot and explore default.aspx file

themes module positions

localhost working on android emulator

Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off -> scroll down to Telnet Client.

command promot
telnet localhost "5554" = (EmulatorPortNumber)

telnet -> help-> redir add udp:1337:12345

CSS limitations

no option for zigzag bordersno option for border opacity, border image, text border, opacity for background, radius for outline, text break no option for double height text and double width text in font stylefirst letter capital and underline in a word as like as in VB application softwares Selectors are unable to ascend One block declaration cannot explicitly inherit from another Vertical control limitations Inconsistent browser support Lack of column declaration and variables Absence of expressions Lack of orthogonality Unexpected margin collapsing Float containment Lack of multiple backgrounds per element Inability of children to override some properties set on a parent