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III. By StyleProfessional3DartworkVista style Shap…

Worldwide trends in mobile consumption

124 billion websites today10,000,000 mobile websites estimated Access to Mobile web from more than 5,000 different mobile devices4.6 billion Mobile phone subscription326 million Smartphones sold As per Google, 1 in 3 searches through Smartphones are for local businesses 3 times as many people use messaging on mobile phones than from all PCs combined 20% of all mobile phone sold are smartphones29% population access internet through mobile phones53% access internet through computers and mobile phones Increased use of 3G networks for data services that account for 20.5% of total mobile service revenuesAbout 80% of all mobile consumer applications downloaded are mobile games and mobile gaming revenue is expected to surpass $5.6 billion-19% increase compared to the previous year.
அலை ஓய்வதில்லை , நதி நிற்பதில்லை , பூமி நிற்பதில்லை

ராமனிடம் பீடிகாதவை !
கூனியை கேலி செய்தது
வாலியை மறைந்து கொன்றது
சீதையை தீக்குளிக்க செய்தது

அவளது வுதடுகள் சொல்லாத ஒரு நன்றியை அவளது கண்கள் ஆயிரம் கோடி முறை சொன்னது !
உன்மௌனம் எப்படி இருந்தாலும் எனக்கு மௌனம் சம்மதம்

எண்ணங்கள் செதைந்துபோக, செயல்கள் நின்று போக, மனம் உன்னோடு போக, உயிர் பின்னோடு போக, என்னை மறந்து நின்றேன்னடி !

இப்படி கவிதை எழுத எவளையோ காதலிக்கிறேன்  ...

Closed services

my design experience interview

My best web design/ favorite portfolio piece = AS design, demonieCostly design = native gatheringsexperience in portals =, arasiyalkalam.commultiple mockups provided for a single clients =  charter boats, native gatheringsmultiple domain names for single company  = shree hari travels, SP travels flash animations =, arasappalams.comdesign not yet done for = personal websites for professionalswhich website have more visitors = arasiyalkalam.comwhich blog have more visitors = tv-actors.blogspot.comwhich website you designed have more webpages = Design created more for which category = industriesregularly used websites,,,,,,, dinamalar.comwebsites you most liked in design=

many of the companies posted in job sites are popularity only not for actual recruitment.some companies does not check candidate CTC before call…


as per site worth is Valuation $9,189.4 Valuation Rs 53,096.04 Valuation $4,087.28 Valuation $2,700.76 Valuation Rs 32,287.41 Valuation Rs 18,005.67 Valuation $3,840.76 Valuation $3,362.24 Valuation $5,557.44 Valuation $2,892.2


Y.Othakadai = Stainless steel cookware companies are more
M.G.Nagar, Annanagar, KKnagar = costly area & most IT companies located areas
Anuppanadi = industrial area, more labours available, low cost of living
sivaganagai = no business opportunity area
Sellur = labor area & slum
TVS nagar = no powercuts
Krishnapuram colony = sourastra peoples are more
Townhall road = electronics bazaar area

ways to avoid being late at work

Lets look up some steps that can help you avoid being late on the job.
1. Always be aware of your schedule for the next day, try to work out an arrangement around the clock So you wouldn’t be in a rush and wouldn’t miss out on valuable things.
2. Avoiding late night parties or going to bed late on working nights would do you good. Besides a good booze will make you snooze.
3. Plan out your lunch menu the previous night, try to take it from home so you can also be in time for  your  lunch intervals.
4. Pack your work requirements the previous night to avoid the early morning rush. It also helps you think better when you are not under time pressure.
5. Set an alarm,do not set a snooze option you’ll land up loosing track of time once you fall back to sleep. A few  minutes is not going to make a big difference.
6. Try to minimize  household activities,other duties and responsibilities in the mornings by doing as many the previous night itself. Keep your clothes pressed and ready,…
Technology Consulting Analyst = IT Strategy & Infrastructure
Rational Clear Quest Designer Professional = Quality and CMM Level Processes and Practices

astrology report for me

Personal Detail::

Name     sivakumar M    
Date Of Birth     22/2/1979    
Time Of Birth     11:0:0    
Time Zone     -5.5    
City     madurai    
Country     INDIA    
Latitude     009.54.N    
Longitude     078.06.E    
Lahiri Ayanamsa     23:33:55    

Vimsottari Dasa Sun 6 Year

  SUN      21/04/2002-09/08/2002   
  MON      09/08/2002-08/02/2003   
  MAR      08/02/2003-16/06/2003   
  RAH      16/06/2003-09/05/2004   
  JUP      09/05/2004-26/02/2005   
  SAT      26/02/2005-08/02/2006   
  MER      08/02/2006-15/12/2006   
  KET      15/12/2006-22/04/2007   
  VEN      22/04/2007-21/04/2008   

Lagan Chart


Sun    Good Placement, Weak Dispositer   
Moon    Good Placement   
Mars    Good Placement, Strength 40%, Weak By Strength, Combust, Weak Dispositer   
Mercury    Combust, Functional Malefic Afflicted by Rahu, Ketu, Afflicting to Saturn, Aspected by Saturn, Weak Dispositer Afflicting to House No 5, 11   
Jupiter    Good P…

mynamed sites


"So tough, it's beautiful." - Armstrong Rhinofloor, 1980's "I'm Going to Disney World!" - The Walt Disney Company after and during the Super Bowl "Let your fingers do the walking." - Yellow Pages, 1964, Geers Gross "I'm lovin' it" - McDonald's "The Network" - NBC, late 1960s "The First Kid's Network" - Nickelodeon "Breakfast of Champions" - Wheaties, 1935, Blackett-Sample-Gummert (later "The Breakfast of Champions" into the 1990s) "Bet you can't eat three" - Shredded Wheat "Where Do You Want To Go Today?" - Microsoft, 1990s "Intel Inside" - Intel "What’s an Intel chip doing inside a Mac? A lot more than it ever did inside a PC."-Apple Computers "Can't Get Enough of That Golden Crisp" "Getting There Is Half The Fun" - Cunard Line "Leave the driving to us" - Greyhound Lines "What can brown do for you?" - UPS …