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My Google dashboard

Links from your profile:36 +1's:47 7 active alerts Blogs39  Following279 blogs Number of bookshelves12 Buzz Posts199 public 18 feeds Friend Connect Sites I've joined281, Sites I administer32 33 groups joined 2 public google maps 67 picasaweb Albums Photos1897 Fans9 people


எத்தனையோ பழைய நினைவுகள்

man by privilege, OBC by birth, designer by calling, and winner by default

My SEO & SMM achivements

4 lakhs visitors for one of my blog lakh visitors for my blogs are now 2  I have owned 60 blogsand 64 orkut communities25 followers on blog 155 members on TNPSC community in orkut57 likes on my facebook page social media profiles as active social networking memberEarn Rs.20,000 in PPC and affiliate links through internet marketing in last 2years