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advantages of chennai

One international and one domestic airport.One all-weather seaport and one more shaping up just 25 kms away.100% reliable and efficient telecom networkGuaranteed Adequate power supply by State Electricity Board.Three Electrical and Electronic Estates.Well connected Air Road and Rail network that includes MRTS, providing more connectivity from and to the city.Around 240 engineering colleges, 19 universities, and the world renowned Indian institute of technologySchools which have produced the Ramanujams and Abdul Kalams, apart from special schools like American School and the Japanese school. Cosmopolitan life - style - the private beach houses and numerous beach resorts along the coast of the bay of Bengal, including a…

ways to find a job

build advanced CV and develop you skillsDevelop your portfolio Create networking where ever you gofind companies in social network and applyapply in free and paid job sitessend cv to you all friends and relatives in your fieldwatch newspaper regularlycontact consultancy