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Do's and Don'ts - Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB),

Let's Start from Home

Let’s Start from HomePrevention and Control of Vehicular Pollution Prevention and Control of Water Pollution Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution Energy Conservation

Prevention and Control
of Vehicular Pollution

Use mug instead of running tap while brushing teeth. While taking bath, don't use shower run for long.
While watering plants, instead of running hose, use water cane. Don't allow water overflow from the over head tank.
Use a toilet flush which consumes less water. Don’t buy loud crackers during Deepawali
Carry cloth,jute or paper bag to the market. For washing floor,Don't use running hose use mop and bucket.
Use dustbin for garbage disposal. Don't junk things break rather think to fix them.
Plant a garden. Even in urban settings, you can grow herbs and flowers in pots. Avoid unnecessary use of lights and fans.
Wear extra-layer of clothes at home instead of turning up the heater. Don't louder the volume …

50 things to know before migrating Oracle to MySQL

1. Subqueries are poorly optimized.
2. Complex queries are a weak point.
3. The query executioner (aka query optimizer / planner) is less sophisticated.
4. Performance tuning and metrics capabilities are limited.
5. There is limited ability to audit.
6. Security is unsophisticated, even crude. There are no groups or roles, no ability to deny a privilege (you can only grant privileges). A user who logs in with the same username and password from different network addresses may be treated as a completely separate user. There is no built-in encryption comparable to Oracle.
7. Authentication is built-in. There is no LDAP, Active Directory, or other external authentication capability.
8. Clustering is not what you think it is.
9. Stored procedures and triggers are limited.
10. Vertical scalability is poor. No longer true; with Percona XtraDB or MySQL 5.5 (unreleased) you get excellent scalability
11. There is zero MPP support.
12. SMP is supported, but MySQL doesn’t sca…

Error Code and Message

Error No. Error Code Error Message or Condition Notes
--- None Password fails when entered on the command line
2000 CR_UNKNOWN_ERROR Unknown MySQL error
2001 CR_SOCKET_CREATE_ERROR Can't create UNIX socket (#)
2002 CR_CONNECTION_ERROR Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket 'str' (#)
2003 CR_CONN_HOST_ERROR Can't connect to MySQL server on 'str' (#)
2004 CR_IPSOCK_ERROR Can't create TCP/IP socket (#)
2005 CR_UNKNOWN_HOST Unknown MySQL server host 'str' (#)
2006 CR_SERVER_GONE_ERROR MySQL server has gone away
2007 CR_VERSION_ERROR Protocol mismatch; server version = #, client version = #
2008 CR_OUT_OF_MEMORY MySQL client ran out of memory
2009 CR_WRONG_HOST_INFO Wrong host info…

TNPSC dumps CD

TNPSC Exam Study Materials in Two CD’s
CD’s Content
6th to 12th all Subject Books (85 books Tamil)
10,000 Questions and Answers (Tamil)
Important 1000 Q & A (Tamil)
Tamil Nadu 1000 Q & A (Tamil)
Current Affairs 2009, 2010(Tamil)
UPSC Current Affairs 09-2010 (English)
TNPSC-Question Papers Models (Tamil)
10th to 12th all Subject Models Question’s (Tamil)
Up to 2009 GK’s(Tamil)
Geographical Sobriquets (Tamil)
Ancient India (Tamil)
History Year chat
Human Parts of Body
Indian Constitution
Quotation and Quoted By
Award 2009-2010
Maps-India, Tamil Nadu
National Current Affairs 2009-2010
General Knowledge Questions- 2009-2010
Current information-2009-2010.
(Rs.10, 000 Value Books include in two cd’s)
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Hospital Information Management System - HIMS

:: HIMS Software Modules

I. Patients
|_____In Patient
|_____Out Patient

II. Staff
|_____Admin staff
|_____Visiting consultants

III. Labs
|_____Medical Records
|_____Blood Bank
|_____Eye Bank

IV. Ward/Operation Theatre

V. Pharmacy/Optical/Stores
|_____Stock Transfer

VI. Accounts
|_____Delivery Chelan (DC)
|_____Bank Transactions
|_____Salary & PF

VII. MIS Reports & Statistics

VIII. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

A) Facilities Management
|_____Ambulance Service
|_____Kitchen & Dietary
|_____Asset Management

B) HR Management (Human Resource Management)