Friday, August 13, 2010

Do's and Don'ts - Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB),

Let's Start from Home

Let’s Start from HomePrevention and Control of Vehicular Pollution Prevention and Control of Water Pollution Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution Energy Conservation

Prevention and Control
of Vehicular Pollution

Use mug instead of running tap while brushing teeth. While taking bath, don't use shower run for long.
While watering plants, instead of running hose, use water cane. Don't allow water overflow from the over head tank.
Use a toilet flush which consumes less water. Don’t buy loud crackers during Deepawali
Carry cloth,jute or paper bag to the market. For washing floor,Don't use running hose use mop and bucket.
Use dustbin for garbage disposal. Don't junk things break rather think to fix them.
Plant a garden. Even in urban settings, you can grow herbs and flowers in pots. Avoid unnecessary use of lights and fans.
Wear extra-layer of clothes at home instead of turning up the heater. Don't louder the volume of your TV, radio and music system.
While shaving, use mug instead running hose. Never leave food residue in your plate uneaten.
If you have a choice, pick paper bags over plastic bags at the grocer and elsewhere if you do take plastic bags, wash and reuse them. Don't over packaged’ goods and foods. Containers and packaging make up about a quarter of the waste stream
Prevention and Control of Vehicular Pollution

Do you really need to drive a car everywhere? Walk to work, or ride a bicycle Don't use extensively your private vehicles,try to use public transportation whenever possible.
Carpool. Two - or four - can ride as cheaply as one. Avoid congested road and rush hours.
Get a valid pollution under control certificate from authorized testing centre. Don’t idle away energy. Beyond one minute, it is more fuel - efficient to restart your car
Clean up your act. Keep automobiles fuel filters clean and save the fuel. Don't forget to Keep your vehicle tuned up. When a vehicle is running well, it uses nine per cent less fuel and thus emits fewer toxic and noxious fumes.
Clean the air filter and oil filter regularly. Don't try to replicate mechanical works and experiment with your car.
Clean the carbon deposit from silencer. Don't forget to replace your old battery with new battery when it required.
Maintain recommended tyre pressure . Don't use clutch pedal as footrest.

Prevention and Control
of Vehicular Pollution
Prevention and Control of Water Pollution

Reuse of water whenever possible, Kitchen water can be used for watering the plants Don't keep on the tap running while having, bath, brushing teeth, or washing dishes it wastes about 2 liters of water every minute.
Plan your kitchen activity to avoid wastage of fuel and water. Don’t hose down your lawn or corridor to clean it. Sweep it off.
Fix leaks promptly. A dripping joint can waste more than 76 liters of water a day. Don’t wash the clothes and kitchen utensils in the water bodies
Take showers instead of baths. Showers use less water - if you limit them to five minutes. Install low-flow shower-heads. Don’t litter. When camping, keep the areas clean.
Plastic materials can be a murder weapons for wildlife, minimise their use. Blown from land and roadsides, they often end up in the water, where they can entangle and kill birds and fishes. Avoid throwing flowers, sweets, puja materials into a river. It will degrade the quality of water. The river wont be happy with this.
Use sprinkler for irrigation. Avoid throughing dead bodies in a river. This will ultimately landing in the mouth of dogs, vultures & other animals.Do you like it to happen with your bodies.
Use scientific method of application fertilizers. Never dump anything into the water bodies.
Run your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer only when you have full loads. When possible, use an outdoor clothesline instead of a clothes dryer. Avoid use of weedicides

Prevention and Control
of Water Pollution
Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution

Always maintain your motor vehicle and its exhaust silencer in proper condition Avoid using horns except at emergencies.
Ensure that your Diesel Generator Set is provided with acoustic enclosure which gives a reduction of a minimum 25 dBA (as per the provisions of the Govt. of India notification GSR 371(E), dated May 17,2002. Avoid use of multi toned/air horns in your vehicle.
Ask for copy of valid type approval certificate from the dealer while purchasing portable petrol/kerosene generator sets (as per Govt. of India notification viz. GSR 742(E), dated September 25, 2000, which prescribes noise standards for petrol/kerosene generator sets). Do not install Diesel Generator Sets without prior approval of the competent authority, if required by local laws
Keep the volume of the loudspeaker or sound amplification system low so as not to annoy your neighbors . Avoid use of loudspeaker in the open.
Ensure that the sound from your music system is played at volume which does not disturb your neighbor. Do not use loudspeaker or any sound amplification system between 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M., except in closed premises.
Play fire-crackers only outdoors in large open areas and community level. Do not make your neighbor a captive listener to your music system.
Purchase only those fire-crackers that comply the noise standards as provided by the Govt. of India regulation GSR 682(E),dated October 5, 1999. Do not play fire-crackers between 10:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M.

Prevention and Control
of Noise Pollution
Energy Conservation

Clean the condenser coils on the back or bottom of your refrigerator once a year. · Adjust your refrigerator to a less-cold setting. Don't keep on the lights if you will be out of the room for 15 minutes or more.
Make maximum use of natural light. Don't use electricity during day time Think about it - do you really need to turn on a light during the day.
If you use a radiator heat, put a reflector sheet behind the radiator. It keeps the heat from being absorbed by the wall. Don't prefer incandescent light and replace energy efficient , compact fluorescent light tubes even if it cost more.

Monday, August 09, 2010

50 things to know before migrating Oracle to MySQL

1. Subqueries are poorly optimized.
2. Complex queries are a weak point.
3. The query executioner (aka query optimizer / planner) is less sophisticated.
4. Performance tuning and metrics capabilities are limited.
5. There is limited ability to audit.
6. Security is unsophisticated, even crude. There are no groups or roles, no ability to deny a privilege (you can only grant privileges). A user who logs in with the same username and password from different network addresses may be treated as a completely separate user. There is no built-in encryption comparable to Oracle.
7. Authentication is built-in. There is no LDAP, Active Directory, or other external authentication capability.
8. Clustering is not what you think it is.
9. Stored procedures and triggers are limited.
10. Vertical scalability is poor. No longer true; with Percona XtraDB or MySQL 5.5 (unreleased) you get excellent scalability
11. There is zero MPP support.
12. SMP is supported, but MySQL doesn’t scale well to more than 4 or 8 cores/CPUs. No longer true; with Percona XtraDB or MySQL 5.5 (unreleased) you get excellent scalability
13. There is no fractional-second storage type for times, dates, or intervals.
14. The language used to write stored procedures, triggers, scheduled events, and stored functions is very limited.
15. There is no roll-back recovery. There is only roll-forward recovery.
16. There is no support for snapshots.
17. There is no support for database links. There is something called the Federated storage engine that acts as a relay by passing queries along to a table on a remote server, but it is crude and buggy.
18. Data integrity checking is very weak, and even basic integrity constraints cannot always be enforced.
19. There are very few optimizer hints to tune query execution plans.
20. There is only one type of join plan: nested-loop. There are no sort-merge joins or hash joins.
21. Most queries can use only a single index per table; some multi-index query plans exist in certain cases, but the cost is usually underestimated by the query optimizer, and they are often slower than a table scan.
22. There are no bitmap indexes. Each storage engine supports different types of indexes. Most engines support B-Tree indexes.
23. There are fewer and less sophisticated tools for administration.
24. There is no IDE and debugger that approaches the level of sophistication you may be accustomed to. You’ll probably be writing your stored procedures in a text editor and debugging them by adding statements that insert rows into a table called debug_log.
25. Each table can have a different storage backend (“storage engine”).
26. Each storage engine can have widely varying behavior, features, and properties.
27. Foreign keys are not supported in most storage engines.
28. The default storage engine is non-transactional and corrupts easily.
29. Oracle owns InnoDB, the most advanced and popular storage engine.
30. Certain types of execution plans are only supported in some storage engines. Certain types of COUNT() queries execute instantly in some storage engines and slowly in others.
31. Execution plans are not cached globally, only per-connection.
32. Full-text search is limited and only available for non-transactional storage backends. Ditto for GIS/spatial types and queries.
33. There are no resource controls. A completely unprivileged user can effortlessly run the server out of memory and crash it, or use up all CPU resources.
34. There are no integrated or add-on business intelligence, OLAP cube, etc packages.
35. There is nothing analogous to Grid Control.
36. There is nothing even remotely like RAC. If you are asking “How do I build RAC with MySQL,” you are asking the wrong question.
37. There are no user-defined types or domains.
38. The number of joins per query is limited to 61.
39. MySQL supports a smaller subset of SQL syntax. There are no recursive queries, common table expressions, or windowing functions. There are a few extensions to SQL that are somewhat analogous to MERGE and similar features, but are very simplistic in comparison.
40. There are no functional columns (e.g. a column whose value is calculated as an expression).
41. You cannot create an index on an expression, you can only index columns.
42. There are no materialized views.
43. The statistics vary between storage engines and regardless of the storage engine, are limited to simple cardinality and rows-in-a-range. In other words, statistics on data distribution are limited. There is not much control over updating of statistics.
44. There is no built-in promotion or failover mechanism.
45. Replication is asynchronous and has many limitations and edge cases. For example, it is single-threaded, so a powerful slave can find it hard to replicate fast enough to keep up with a less powerful master.
46. Cluster is not what you think it is. Maybe I already said that, but it bears repeating.
47. The data dictionary (INFORMATION_SCHEMA) is limited and very slow (it can easily crash a busy server).
48. There is no online ALTER TABLE.
49. There are no sequences.
50. DDL such as ALTER TABLE or CREATE TABLE is non-transactional. It commits open transactions and cannot be rolled back or crash-recovered. Schema is stored in the filesystem independently of the storage engine.

Error Code and Message

Error No. Error Code Error Message or Condition Notes
--- None Password fails when entered on the command line
2000 CR_UNKNOWN_ERROR Unknown MySQL error
2001 CR_SOCKET_CREATE_ERROR Can't create UNIX socket (#)
2002 CR_CONNECTION_ERROR Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket 'str' (#)
2003 CR_CONN_HOST_ERROR Can't connect to MySQL server on 'str' (#)
2004 CR_IPSOCK_ERROR Can't create TCP/IP socket (#)
2005 CR_UNKNOWN_HOST Unknown MySQL server host 'str' (#)
2006 CR_SERVER_GONE_ERROR MySQL server has gone away
2007 CR_VERSION_ERROR Protocol mismatch; server version = #, client version = #
2008 CR_OUT_OF_MEMORY MySQL client ran out of memory
2009 CR_WRONG_HOST_INFO Wrong host info
2010 CR_LOCALHOST_CONNECTION Localhost via UNIX socket
2012 CR_SERVER_HANDSHAKE_ERR Error in server handshake
2013 CR_SERVER_LOST Lost connection to MySQL server during query
2014 CR_COMMANDS_OUT_OF_SYNC Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now
2015 CR_NAMEDPIPE_CONNECTION Named pipe: str
2016 CR_NAMEDPIPEWAIT_ERROR Can't wait for named pipe to host: str pipe: str (%lu)
2017 CR_NAMEDPIPEOPEN_ERROR Can't open named pipe to host: str pipe: str (%lu)
2018 CR_NAMEDPIPESETSTATE_ERROR Can't set state of named pipe to host: str pipe: str (%lu)
2019 CR_CANT_READ_CHARSET Can't initialize character set str (path: str)
2020 CR_NET_PACKET_TOO_LARGE Got packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes
2021 CR_EMBEDDED_CONNECTION Embedded server
2024 CR_PROBE_SLAVE_CONNECT Error connecting to slave:
2025 CR_PROBE_MASTER_CONNECT Error connecting to master:
2026 CR_SSL_CONNECTION_ERROR SSL connection error
2027 CR_MALFORMED_PACKET Malformed packet
2028 CR_WRONG_LICENSE This client library is licensed only for use with MySQL servers having 'str' license
2029 CR_NULL_POINTER Invalid use of null pointer
2030 CR_NO_PREPARE_STMT Statement not prepared
2031 CR_PARAMS_NOT_BOUND No data supplied for parameters in prepared statement
2032 CR_DATA_TRUNCATED Data truncated
2033 CR_NO_PARAMETERS_EXISTS No parameters exist in the statement
2034 CR_INVALID_PARAMETER_NO Invalid parameter number
2035 CR_INVALID_BUFFER_USE Can't send long data for non-string/non-binary data types (parameter: #)
2036 CR_UNSUPPORTED_PARAM_TYPE Using unsupported buffer type: # (parameter: #)
2037 CR_SHARED_MEMORY_CONNECTION Shared memory: str
2038 CR_SHARED_MEMORY_CONNECT_REQUEST Can't open shared memory; client could not create request event (%lu)
2039 CR_SHARED_MEMORY_CONNECT_ANSWER_ Can't open shared memory; no answer event received from server (%lu)
2040 CR_SHARED_MEMORY_CONNECT_FILE_MA Can't open shared memory; server could not allocate file mapping (%lu)
2041 CR_SHARED_MEMORY_CONNECT_MAP_ERR Can't open shared memory; server could not get pointer to file mapping (%lu)
2042 CR_SHARED_MEMORY_FILE_MAP_ERROR Can't open shared memory; client could not allocate file mapping (%lu)
2043 CR_SHARED_MEMORY_MAP_ERROR Can't open shared memory; client could not get pointer to file mapping (%lu)
2044 CR_SHARED_MEMORY_EVENT_ERROR Can't open shared memory; client could not create str event (%lu)
2045 CR_SHARED_MEMORY_CONNECT_ABANDON Can't open shared memory; no answer from server (%lu)
2046 CR_SHARED_MEMORY_CONNECT_SET_ERR Can't open shared memory; cannot send request event to server (%lu)
2047 CR_CONN_UNKNOW_PROTOCOL Wrong or unknown protocol
2048 CR_INVALID_CONN_HANDLE Invalid connection handle
2049 CR_SECURE_AUTH Connection using old (pre-4.1.1) authentication protocol refused (client option 'secure_auth' enabled)
2050 CR_FETCH_CANCELED Row retrieval was canceled by mysql_stmt_close() call
2051 CR_NO_DATA Attempt to read column without prior row fetch
2052 CR_NO_STMT_METADATA Prepared statement contains no metadata
2053 CR_NO_RESULT_SET Attempt to read a row while there is no result set associated with the statement
2054 CR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED This feature is not implemented yet
2055 CR_SERVER_LOST_EXTENDED Lost connection to MySQL server at 'str', system #
2056 CR_STMT_CLOSED Statement closed indirectly because of a preceeding str() call
2057 CR_NEW_STMT_METADATA The number of columns in the result set differs from the number of bound buffers. You must reset the statement, rebind the result set columns, and execute the statement again
2058 CR_ALREADY_CONNECTED This handle is already connected. Use a separate handle for each connection.

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Hospital Information Management System - HIMS

:: HIMS Software Modules

I. Patients
|_____In Patient
|_____Out Patient

II. Staff
|_____Admin staff
|_____Visiting consultants

III. Labs
|_____Medical Records
|_____Blood Bank
|_____Eye Bank

IV. Ward/Operation Theatre

V. Pharmacy/Optical/Stores
|_____Stock Transfer

VI. Accounts
|_____Delivery Chelan (DC)
|_____Bank Transactions
|_____Salary & PF

VII. MIS Reports & Statistics

VIII. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

A) Facilities Management
|_____Ambulance Service
|_____Kitchen & Dietary
|_____Asset Management

B) HR Management (Human Resource Management)

C) CMS Management (Content Management System)

D) CR Management
|_____Visitors Management
|_____Complaints/ Feedback
|_____Live Chat
|_____Survey/Poll management
|_____Bulk SMS/Email alerts

E) Tender Management

F) Events Management
|_____Online Registration & e-Payment

G) Courses Management
|_____Knowledge Base
|_____Online Exams

H) Service Management
|_____Equipment Maintenance System (EMS)
|_____Housekeeping & Laundry

IX. Admin Control Panel

Reports Available:

• Admission Report
• Discharge Report
• Check List
• Stock Report
• Delivery Report
• Sales Report
• Price List
• Salary Report
• Attendance Report
• OT/OD Report
• Loan/Advance Report
• Insurance Report
• Maintenance Report
• Ward Report
• Audit Report
• Lab Test Report
• Canceled Bill Report
• Surgery Report
• Supplier Report
• Summary Report
• Expiry Report
• Death Report
• Branch Report
• Events Report
• Purchase Report
• Shift Report
• Staff Report
• SMS Report
• Marketing Report
• Expenses Report
• Tax Report
• Birth Report
• Fitness Report
• Donors Report
• Cheque Report
• Bank Report
• Error Report
• Profit Report
• E-payment Report
• PF/ESI Report
• Visitors Report
• Complaints Report
• Transport Report
• Asset Report
• Database Report
• Monthly Report
• Yearly Report

HIMS Advance features:

• Online appointment token booking
• Online bill payments
• Online complaint registration
• Events Calendar
• Full admin control
• Platform(OS) Independent
• Multi User, Multi branch, Multiple Store Accounting & operation (LAN & WAN)
• Operated from any branches
• Multi file types support for data Migration (import & export)
• Multi-language Support
• Multi currency Support
• Automatically dispatch scheduled reports
• Separate logins for admin & users
• Unlimited data base space
• Daily/weekly/monthly generated reports & emails
• User friendly operations
• Less Maintenance
• Image/Medical report security with watermark
• No duplication of works in different departments
• No paper, complete EMR record online
• Provides reports with more filters
• Flexible billing cycles.
• Analyses firm growth
• Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility.
• Supports emerging regulatory guidelines, QC & standards
• Interface facility with the Smart Card, Bio-Metrics, Bar Code, RFID, PDA & various Laboratory Equipments for Data Capturing.
• IDC code integrated

HIMS Security features:
• No bill or document cannot be deleted.
• All are password protected
• Logs maintained
• Automatic Data Backup
• Certified by W3C, STQC, Squaretrade, Truste, SSL

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