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machine to machine M2M

Embedded connectivity enables you to accelerate time to market for a wide range of connected M2M applications such as:
Remote monitoring and control - remote monitoring of machines and devices (air conditioning systems, compressors, pumps, gas engines). Financial Services - ATM and other financial applications.Public safety and public transport systems.Vodafone Global M2M SIM card already inserted for quick and easy start-up.Health - Medical and industrial applications.Business Continuity - Primary and back-up wireless connections for near 100% up-timeConsumer Goods - Rapidly deployable wireless payment solutions.Digital Signage - Eliminate landlines and reach your customers in more locations.Small Office - affordable and reliable 2G and 3G connections for small and temporary offices.Security/Surveillance - connect IP surveillance cameras over mobile broadband.Energy and Utilities - monitor and control remote industrial equipment.Benefits: M2M communication hardware from w…


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Credit Card Numbers for test

Card TypeNumberMaster Card (16 Digits)5105105105105100Master Card (16 Digits)5555555555554444Visa (13 Digits)4222222222222Visa (16 Digits)4111111111111111Visa (16 Digits)4012888888881881American Express (15 Digits)378282246310005American Express (15 Digits)371449635398431Amex Corporate (15 Digits)378734493671000Dinners Club (14 Digits)38520000023237Dinners Club (14 Digits)30569309025904Discover (16 Digits)6011111111111117Discover (16 Digits)6011000990139424JCB (16 Digits)3530111333300000JCB (16 Digits)3566002020360505

Amex: 341111111111111
Credit Card Prefix Numbers Visa: 13 or 16 numbers starting with 4 Mastercard: 16 numbers starting with 5 Discover: 16 numbers starting with 6011 Amex: 15 numbers starting with 34 or 37