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medicals dropdown

01. Medicines list 02. Hospitals/Labs name list 03. Medical college List
04. medical equipment manufacturer 05. medical courses 06. health related NGO
07. Medicines manufacturer 08. medical equipment list 09. Insurance companies List

10. Lab Test Names 11. Height 12. body type

13. Screening 14. Medical Tests 15. Conditions/Diseases

16. Weight 17. Excersie 18. Smoke & Drink

19. Foreign Insurance comapnies 20. medical Services 21. Specialits

22. Medical Departments 23. Blood group 24. Genetic DNA code

25. Visitor type 26. medical.drug.route 27. medicament_formation category
28. Visit type 29. Teeth Shade   30.
31. Tooth Shape   32. Cap Type   33. Filing Type  

34. Teeth Complaints   35. Habits   36. Speciality

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