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Useful public websites for eServices* / web applications

Online Registrations, online verifications, Status checking, tools, calculators, ticket bookings, Exams, verification, Results and epayments. which is very useful for students, parents, aged peoples, business peoples, NGO, volunteer and browsing centers.
This is a best collection of useful websites for every indians. Please use these online services and tell to others also.forward this link to your friends.
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I. Education Related:
  1. Engineering model question papers
  2. English dictionary
  3. Diploma students attendence
  4. DOTE college login
  5. Online stamps Collections, exchanges & sales
  6. Online University education
  7. Centralized Degree course allotment in kerala
  8. eText books 
  9. Child education

II. Exam Results & Recruitment/Job Results Related:

Competition Exams:
  1. Railway exam - RRB results
  2. SSC results
  3. TNPSC results
  4. Tamilnadu TRBresults
  5. AIPMTCBSE - All inida premedical/dental entrance exam online apply
  6. FIIT JEE IIT exam online apply
  7. SET exam Kerala State Eligibility test for teaching

Course Exams:
  1. 10th SSLC Exam results
  2. +2 Exam results
  3. UG/PG Results
  4. Thiagarajar College, Madurai - UG/PG Results
  5. MKU eHall Ticket
  6. Diploma Results
  7. Online TOEFL exam
  8. diploma co-op results
  9. Chartered Accountants Examination Results
  10. JEE application status
  11. Apply online AIEEE exam
  12. Apply online GATE exam
  13. Apply online CSIR-UGC-NET exam
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III. Job Related:
  1. Passport Check your salary
  2. Passport application Apply
  3. Online employment renewal
  4. Online Exams & Certificates
  5. Online National Skills Registry (NSR)- Professionals information repository and identity security

IV. Public Related:
  1. Online Birth Certificate Caste Certificate
  2. Locate your polling station
  3. Land Patta Checking
  4. Train ticket booking
  5. Train ticket Availability
  6. Railway claims and refunds
  7. Tamilnadu e districts
  8. Online Booking For LLR and Driving Licence
  9. Pay all bills online
  10. Online gas booking
  11. Online Electricity bill payments
  12. Online Electricity bill Status - madurai
  13. LIC Online reg and payment
  14. FREE Register for daughter's Marriage
  15. Marriage Registration certificate
  16. Indian youth congress (IYC) member registration
  17. Search for Stolen Vehicles
  18. Customer Preference Portal of the TRAI
  19. Indian Languages Translation
  20. Various government Application forms
  21. Design & Color Your home or office
  22. Online Loan Application Status - corporation bank
  23. Online Call taxi booking

V. Business Related:
  1. efiling of Entrepreneur Memorandum (SSI Certificate)
  2. Commercial tax registration
  3. E-Declaration in trivandrum
  4. Online Tax Paying
  5. Online TAN apply
  6. Register TIN
  7. Court Case status
  8. Telephone Code Directory
  9. Online Building Plan Application Status
  10. PF claim Status
  11. Tenders
  12. Do not call (DNC)register
  13. PF claim
  14. Incometax efiling
  15. Copyright Registration
  16. Newspaper/Magazine Registration status
  17. Energy label register
  18. Online BSNL telephone and mobile phone bill payments
  19. Online BSNL Mobile recharge
  20. Online Bus ticket booking
  21. Online Air ticket booking
  22. Online share trading
  23. All companies shares details Online
  24. Online projects
  25. Online Banking - SBI
  26. Online Shopping
  27. Book web domain for your business
  28. Track your Foreign post
  29. Track your EMS post
  30. Website and Softwares for all business
  31. Find ISBN agency
  32. Find books and ISBN
  33. Online Registration for Employers at ESIC
  34. Online Check Company or LLP Name for Limited company registration
  35. Online DIN registration (Director Identification Number)
  36. SEZ online registration
  38. Calculate petrol prices for travel
  39. Calculate distance between 2 cities for travelling
  40. Coir business registrations

VI. Government Employees related online services 
  1. PAN card status
  2. Pension status
  3. tamilnadu government employees pay details online

VII. Online Verification
  1. find & verify ISIN code for securities stocks
  2. Online PAN verification
  3. Seagate computer Harddisk Computer harddisk warranty checking
  4. Get your Credit Information Report (CIR) from CIBIL
  5. Election voters list verification
  6. International Bank Account Number (IBAN) verification
  7. Bank IFSC code verification
  8. Find missed things and certificates
  9. Check your AADHAAR UID Card Status 
  10. Find missing persons
  11. Agri land Verification

VIII. Complaints Related:
  1. TNEB Online Consumer Complaints Filing (CCMS)
  2. Corruption Complaints
  3. government complaints booking
  4. Consumer Complaints

IX. NGO/Foundation/Trust Related:
  1. Online Petition Filing
  2. Find missing peoples
  3. child adoption online
  4. FCRA Online reg for NGO
  5. Apply online for NGO projects
  6. Online judgments
  7. Contact for free medical camp
  8. Register Stigma and Discrimination 
  9. Disabilities E-COMPLAINT STATUS
  10. Child Labour Reporting
X. Scholarship Related:
  1. Online Scholarship status
  2. Muslim Scholarship
  3. Apply education loan Online
XI. Online Shopping Related:
  1. Online Fireworks purchase
  2. Online taxi booking
  3. Online BIG TV recharge
  4. Amul products cyber store

XII. Entertainment Related:
  1. FREE Online games
  2. English e paper
  3. Tamil epaper
  4. online journals subscription
  5. Online FREE horoscope
  6. Make and find old friends Online FREE
  7. e Greetings
  8. Tamil film & Devotional songs

XIII. Health Related:
  1. pregnancy calculator
  2. Health Calculators & Assesments
  3. Find Surrogate Mothers, Sperm / Egg Donors And Intending Parents

XIV. Technical Engineering Tools:
  1. Find your tyre type
  2. Find location's latitude

XV. Foreign eservices:
  1. UAE- all e-services
  2. britishcouncil online education
  3. Singapore - all e-services
  4. Visa status - singapore
  5. US Employee verification
  6. UK online services

Here i give a lot of collection best life useful website links if you know other than this please mail me i will add to this page.
Thanks for your support. keep visiting and tell to your friends and relatives.

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