Monday, April 23, 2012


Google Public DNS is a freely provided DNS (Domain Name System) service announced on 3 December 2009,[1] as part of Google's self-proclaimed effort to make the web faster.[2][3]According to Google, as of 2012 Google Public DNS is the largest public DNS service in the world, handling more than 70 billion requests on an average day.[4]
Google Public DNS provides the following recursive nameserver addresses for public use,[5] mapped to the nearest operational server location by anycast routing:[6]
IPv4 addresses
IPv6 addresses[7]
  • 2001:4860:4860::8888
  • 2001:4860:4860::8844

India state slogans

Kerala - God's own country
Gujarat - The Vibrant Gujarat

Saturday, April 21, 2012

CSS errors & solutions

CSS avoid unwanted empty space shows in IE: _margin-top:1px; /* for IE 6 */ *margin-top:1px; /* for IE 7 */ data grid field length increase grid width increase

IE Drawbacks

IE problems 
1. Page elements are narrower in Internet Explorer
2. Disappearing/flickering background images
3. Unstyled version of web page
4. Fixed width web page not sitting in centre of window
5. No Hover States
6. No Alpha Transparent PNG Support
7. IFrame Transparent Background
8. Button’s padding is ignored
9. The Double Margin on Floated Elements Bug 10. Tiled backgrounds
 11. Inheritance within tables
12. Centering a Layout
13. Inability to Have Elements with Small Heights
14. Space Between List Items
15. Css not supported tags child selector (div>heading), hover on Non-Anchor Elements(div:hover), Descendant Selector After :hover Pseudo-Class(a:hover span), General Sibling Selectors(h1~p), Adjacent Sibling Selectors(h1+p), Attribute Selectors(a[href]), first-child Pseudo-Class(div li:first-child), before and :after Pseudo-Elements(#box:before), Transparent Border Color, Border Spacing on Table Cells, Rendering of Empty Cells in Tables, Vertical Position of a Table Caption, Clipping Regions(clip: rect()),Orphaned and Widowed Text in Printed Pages, Page Breaks Inside Boxes, Outline Properties, Incrementing of Counter Values, Quote Characters for Generated Content. and Chained classes (div.panel.grid) are not supported in IE6.
16. IE JavaScript Memory Leaks

1. Avoid percentage dimensions
2. Use !important or advanced selectors for IE-specific code
3. Use only tags for clickable and hovered elements 
4. Fixing the repeated characters bug
5. Use display:inline for floated elements (Staircase Effect)
6. Set position: relative (Auto Overflow and Relatively Positioned Items/Negative margins)
7. place a DOCTYPE at the top of every HTML page and a strict version is recommended

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Qualities of a Good Teacher

Techniques or Methodologies to be followed by a Good Teacher: Wear a smile on your face. Be firm but nice to you students. Meet deadlines to avoid unnecessary stress. There may be students who are just beyond control. Slip into their shoes and handle them with patience not with wrath. Do not abuse or hit students when they misbehave. It’s difficult to do so but it’s very important for you to be looked up to. Do not talk much/extra. Maintain your gravity. Your appearance as a teacher matters. Wear decent dresses; avoid wearing too many bangles, rings, nail polish, long ear-rings, strong perfume, flashy sandals that make noise when you walk. These are distractions for students when you teach. Know your subject well. Students of this era are computer friendly. They will squeeze out your knowledge in seconds. Be confident. It’s not possible to know everything. If you feel you do not know the answer to a question thrown at you, admit it and say that you’ll get back to them with the answer the next day. Do not falter. Make your students believe in themselves. Show them that you trust their abilities. Most importantly, love them. Teaching is a noble profession. Let it remain so. Every teacher likes to be remembered and honored by his/her students. It doesn’t happen overnight.
Issued by social interest of Bharath Foundation, Madurai Follow traffic rules Do not pollute river and sea Keep your city clean Help homeless Donate blood and save others life. Do not smoke in public places Use paper bags not plastic bags Save electricity and water

Friday, April 06, 2012

house rent checklist

  1. roof top is available for wetting grocaries and dress
  2. bedroom privacy no near homes
  3. in starting mini reception must, no straight hall entrance
  4. bedroom and kitchen is should be big
  5. no near eb station, rail track and industries

Thursday, April 05, 2012

useful photos

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

useful things to do in internet

  1. SEO
  2. find new tenders
  3. find new open source scripts
  4. learning php
  5. project bidding
  6. share trading
  7. send mail to b2b clients
  8. online certification study and attend

best model project posting for bidding websites


Admin Modules:
1.       User  Management [lorry owners, public, drivers] (user can also be a affiliate)
2.       User Privilege
3.        Affiliate  Management
4.       Approval Management
5.       Newsletter/email  Management
6.       Contact Management
7.       Featured listings
8.       SMS Template Management
9.       Send Unicode bulk SMS/MMS Management
10.   Category Management  [for public labeled Images/Video of users]
11.   Device/Connection management
12.   All Indian Languages Translation
13.    Ads Management  [links & banner ads]
14.   Subscriptions [Free, Paid (monthly, yearly) ]
15.   Payment gateway [Paypal, ccavenue]
16.   Settings
17.   Reports Management
18.    Search [Sort able listings, Advanced Search]
19.   Dashboard [full statistics, alert messages]

Front End:
1.       Registration [via facebook, twitter, gmail, yahoo also using captcha]
2.       User profile [with location map, login IP, last login]
3.       Inbox [sms/mms]
4.       Membership Payment  history
5.       Search  [load, lorry, driver]
6.       Search listings [Report abuse, like, social share, send to mobile/email, save]
7.       Liked/subscribed/ saved loads or lorry
8.       User verification marks [address, phone, email verified]
9.       My saved Profiles
10.   Send to Mobile [send contact details to ur mobile]
11.   Settings  [Get new listings to your mobile and email]
12.   Image upload  (face detection & crop options)
13.   My Affiliate Earnings
14.   My reviews
15.   Marketing  [Invite contacts, refer to friend, Social shares, RSS, Chat, Advertise with us]
16.   Tools  [ Route Map, Distance calculator, currency convertor]
17.   Free talk time winners/Top users

In footer: [Alphabetical  wise ..]
Lorry office :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T  U V W X Y Z
Loads :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T  U V W X Y Z
Drivers :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T  U V W X Y Z
Cities :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T  U V W X Y Z

Model sites:

Terms & Conditions:

01. Do not bid if you do not have live portfolio, achieve the standard with quality and reviews by others. Additional verification will be required later.
02. You are 100% Knowledgeable and 100% Familiarity.
03. Bidders will need to sign standard non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for further project detail.
04. 100% commitment, good communication, and delivery on time is highly appreciated.
05. We will need to keep regular (at least every second day) communication by email/ phone and be able to monitor the progress done to make sure we cover everything we need.
06. No advance payments only escrow with preview of work.
07. We are looking for serious professionals. If you are looking for learning, please, refrain from bidding.
08. Do not bid the same company in many names.
11. We must have the right to apply my copyrights on it and resell it with my own copyrights.
12. site must be web3.0, W3C compliant, Search Engine Optimized code, all code must be commented and AJAX.
13. Please write -fully readed- as heading so I know you have read all of the post.
14. We have full permission to select coder and cancel.
15. Please bid within my budget only, if you think my budget is not enough, please do not bid and waste your/my time also.

top 10 adsense earners in tamilnadu

Name: Srinivas Tamada Location: Chennai, India but now is in USA Blog: Blog Niche: Ajax, PHP, Web Design. ...


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