Thursday, December 20, 2012

reasons for not opening some websites

cmd /k notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
cmd /k tracert
cmd /k ipconfig /displaydns
cmd /k ipconfig /flushdns
ping, traceroute, telnet. Those three should be able to tell you exactly where the problem lies.

try different DNS:

    Open DNS servers:  Preferred DNS server:, Alternate DNS server

    AT&T DNS servers: Preferred:, Alternate:

    Spectranet DNS servers: Preferred:, Alternate:

    Google DNS servers: Preferred:, Alternate:

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Outdoor Publicity:

    Bus Panels & Bus Shelters
    Public Utilities
    Over Road Signage
    Hoardings and kiosks
    Scooter Stepni Covers & Banners
    Walking Balloons
    Human Banner

Electronic Media:

    Television Coverage
    Radio Announcements
    Cable Ads
    Cinema Slides

Print Media:

    Consumer Magazines
    Trade Journals
    Newspapers Ads

Other Mediums:

    Invitations to leading govt. & Pvt. company figures. Special invites to leading Corporate, Media & Gift industry professionals.
    Direct Mailers, Invitations
    Brochures and Flyers

Business Plan

Main Works:

  1. Products & websites Promotion
  2. Tenders
  3. Online Project Bidding
  4. Web UI designing
  5. Graphic  & Print designing
  6. HTML conversion & solving browser issues
  7. Software Testing
  8. Webhosting, Domain & Email Configure & support ticket management
Minor works:

  1. Make Earnings through Adsense & Affiliates
  2. Find new open source software products
  3. Analyse, test & recommend implementing our own web server to cut webhosting expenses.
  4. Find a new application for our palmtec
  5. Online candidates, job fairs,  upcoming exhibitions & Dealers Search for our company
  6. Find business award programs, competitions online participate and follow ups
  7. Monthly backup preparation of all projects
Work Details:

Product Promotion: (Hardware & Software Products)

  1. Email Marketing and follow ups
  2. Online Ads posting in classifieds, yellowpages, forums and link directories
  3. Create online Merchant accounts to sale our products in online shopping websites like ebay,, etc
  4. Get business relationship with online service providers like
  5. Implement open source scripts like shopping cart, Affiliate module, Live Chat, Support Ticket booking, online dealer registration for product promotion and best customer service.
  6. Try adwords

  1. Online search for tenders on various government & private tender websites.
  2. Prepare tender review
  3. Vendor registration/Empanelment in government tender/e-procurement websites

Project Bidding:
1.    Online bidding for web and mobile apps development in websites like elance, odesk &, etc
2.    Pass more skill tests in bidding sites
3.    Create portfolio for demo
4.    User registration before demo for our various apps


1.    Earnings from adsense by placing ads in our various blogs and upcoming portals also.
2.    Ads in our free mobile apps

Own web server:
1.    To avoid websites slow, some permission delays, date issue, delay for solving issues in our all websites hosted from different service providers.
2.    Find opensource for cpanel, webmail and test
3.    Website for any industrial association
4.    Sell space for our clients
5.    Save hosting expenses above Rs.10,000 Yearly
6.    New concepts:,,,,,,


Starts from Rs.50,000

We have already

Leased line
We have already

We have already

Static  IP
We have already

1.    Paid Membership bidder in bidding websites
Paid Membership Benefits:
o    More bids for monthly
o    Highlighted bid on top
o    Make good credit from employers

Bid Sites
Free bids per month
Membership price
Skill Test Price
Rs. 245 / month (50 bids)
Rs. 250 per test
$10/month (30 bids)

$24.95/month(100 bids)
$5 per test

10. Dedicated Programmer (after project got by bidding)
11. User details collect (Register form) before provide a demo link of our projects in php
12. Affiliate module for banner ads for our products promotion

Online Shopping Sites
Membership price

Rs. 2650 / month


proxy software advantages and disadvantages

Use desktop free proxy software instead of web proxy which is now used

Proxy advantages:
  1. The only advantage of using proxy servers is to Store log history of  browsing used by all users
  2. Block unwanted websites
  3. hide your real IP address

Proxy disadvantages:
  1. Proxy servers can cache previously accessed information--touted to be one of their advantages because it lessens network traffic going out to the Internet. For ordinary users, however, caching means there is a chance that the information displayed on the website you're accessing is not the latest. This is because when you access a website, the proxy server first checks whether it already has data regarding the website and feeds you what it has.
  2. Some proxy servers are set up to be open, which means they acts as a middle man between the Internet and any individual computer. If a network has restrictions about which websites are not allowed, a computer inside the network that knows an open proxy can use it to bypass those restrictions. This compromises the network, because malicious software can attack the computer through the open proxy and get inside the network.
  3. Many knowledgeable hackers use proxies to perpetrate such activities as breaking into networks through open ports and concealing their IP address for criminal or cyber crimes.
  4. The main disadvantage of using a proxy server is the affect on your connection speed. During normal browsing, without a proxy server, traffic take a direct route between client and server. When you decide to use a proxy, you are essentially asking all traffic to take a detour, or longer route. (For browsing sites like wikipedia or this one, which are mainly text, you won't notice much difference however streaming video from youtube, for example, will be negatively impacted as a result of the proxy.)
  5. A reduction of performance occurs due to the additional processing requests required for application services.
  6. Proxy server owner can look many sensitive data like username and passwords.

Download Speed: 1,356 kbps (169.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 704 kbps (88.0 KB/sec transfer rate)

Free proxy softwares:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Face detection apps use

For check suitable spex for face
For face Mackup
For hair style selection
For real human verification
For face mood finding
Face swap for fun

top 10 adsense earners in tamilnadu

Name: Srinivas Tamada Location: Chennai, India but now is in USA Blog: Blog Niche: Ajax, PHP, Web Design. ...


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