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Wanted PHP programmers with experienceDealers/resellers also wanted in all over the india to sale the spot billing/ticketing machine on commission basisWanted experienced PHP, DotNet and java programmers 
Desired Candidate Profile Education: DCT, BCA, MCA, BEExp: above 1 yearHands-on experience in PHP programming.Experience in Frameworks & opensource scriptsShould be experienced in debugging and reviewing code.candidate should have excellent oral and written communication skills.Candidate should have excellent acadmeic recordsKeywords:
PHP, JavaScript, HTML,DotNet, java, AJAX,MySQL ,JQuery,Codeignitor,PHP based framework,Zend, CakePHP, Web 2.0

Technical tips For IT staff

1.System folder maintenance
   |_ personal documents (CV, leave & accounts details)
   |_official documents (client chat, model specs, project report, work reports)
   |_Current projects
              |_Project name
                         |_client docs
                         |_Demo1, demo2 …
   |_completed projects
   |_Rejected projects
   |_codings(js/cssfree templates)
             |_system software
             |_Open source scripts
   |_Localhost backups
   |_site backups
   |_database backups

2.Project Folder maintenance
Project Name
   |_tmp 3.Follow coding standards 4.Put  a  comment line in php, css and js files is compulsory 5.Use link name as php file name 6.file name and table name without spaces and it should be corresponding and meaningful 7.all php/html files should have proper title not Untitled Document 8.Use royalty free pictures
Network Level
i) https- secured server certified by Verisign with User ID and password protection
ii) Mapping of IP addresses thro’ static Network Address Translation(NAT)
iii) Java/ActiveX content filtering
iv) Internet Protocol Security(IPSec), tunnel mode deployment to implement Virtual Private Network (VPN)
v) Security services for multimedia applications and protocols including Voice Over IP(VoIP)
vi) Load balancing and clustering of servers
vii) Network Time Protocol(NTP)
viii) Anti-Privacy Invasive Software
ix) Anti virus software

Hardware Level
i) Port level security with Cisco Private Internet Exchafirewall or Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance(ASA)or Cisco PIX end of sale with special operating system
ii) Having fire walls certified by Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators(ICSA), routers ,remote access and network segmentation
iii) Intruder Detection and Prevention System(IDPS) should be capable of stopping attacks on File Transfer Protocol (FTP…

webhosting scams

****Do not buy web hosting from square brothers and manas hosting they will not respond properly and their have not any own servers and also their servers are not well protected by anti virus. we loss 2 government clients by that virus and site will harm. they also get more bad reviews in some other sites also, please check before you buy from these companies**** we loss websites by these companies are,,, etc.

now a days more companies do some domain bookings who is forget to renew in some times, they are cheating as ask more money for that domains, due to this more small software companies are lost more customers and money. that companies are, NAMEEMPEROR,, Oversee Domain Management, etc

Buying Expired Domains

Buying expired domains in a domain name aftermarket has it's pros and cons. If you are searching for expired domain names thinking you are getting the cheapest domain names you should read this article. Keep reading for great information on buying expired domains.
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Expired domain names: When you shop for a domain name in the aftermarket, you will come upon names that are available for several reasons. One reason is that they were bought for the sole purpose of resale. Another is that the owner has used them for one purpose or another but no longer wants to retain the title to them. And a third is that they have expired. Read on for more about the last category, which has its own particular set of characteristics.

It May Not Be What You Think

You may read advice that tells you that expired domains bring their domain traff…

problems in browsing center/internet cafe

no additional softwares installation for photoshop etcvery old systems and very slowadministrator login not give so no option to install any softwaresome centers uploading charge separately askkeyboards are very dustno pendrive use - USB disabled or not workno option for cd drivein some centers use 1 server and multi monitors only no separate cpuinternet speed is also slow

fun photos

online scams

In 2006, SBI creditcard company cheat us Rs.1500 for font downlaoding but we are not purchase it. but no choice we pay it. It is also fraud.
In elance (freelancer website)i pay for 1month membership. but elance was taken monthly fee $9.95 (RS. 500x6=3000) continusly form apr 2009 to sep 2009 without i use that service. i cancel my elance account and paypal account all freelancers please donot support elance. No proof for fee taken in my profile. worst service poor customer support waste elance. credit card is mostly misused in websites, it will affect credit card facility.

****Do not buy web hosting from square brothers and manas hosting they will not respond properly and their have not any own servers and also their servers are not well protected by anti virus. we loss 2 government clients by that virus and site will harm. they also get more bad reviews in some other sites also, please check before you buy from these companies****

now a days more companies do some domain …


PHP encoder - ion cube
database abstraction library - ADOdb
MVC framwork - codeigniter
Generic access control list(permission system) - phpGACL

 auto serial number code:


Convert text or image in form fields:

(hidden field)

first letter capital:

.png" border="0"  width="24px" height="24px" />

$query = "SELECT COUNT(Userid) FROM login_tbl";
$result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
echo $users;

random number generate:
$random_number = rand(1,10); 
 print "
Your Lucky Number from 1 to 10 is $random_number.

Contact form in php <br /> < ? php // Contact subject $name = $_POST['name']; // Details $message = $_POST['message']; // Mail of sender $mail_from = $_POST['email']; // From $header="from: $name <$mail_from>"; // Enter your email address $to =',ro…

software errors

1. Improper input validation
2. Improper encoding or escaping of output
3. Failure to preserve SQL query structure (SQL injection)
4. Failure to preserve Web page structure (cross-site scripting)
5. Failure to preserve operating system command structure (OS command injection)
6. Cleartext transmission of sensitive information
7. Cross-site request forgery
8. Race condition
9. Error message information leak
10. Failure to constrain operations within the bounds of a memory buffer
11. External control of critical state data
12. External control of file name or path
13. Untrusted search path
14. Failure to control generation of code (code injection)
15. Download of code without integrity check
16. Improper resource shutdown or release
17. Improper initialization
18. Incorrect calculation
19. Porous defenses
20. Use of a broken or risky cryptographic algorithm
21. Hard-coded password
22. Insecure permission assignment for critical resource
23. Use of insufficiently r…

FENG OFFICE drawbacks

Reportstop highlightBillingmodule and milestones options are very best not in.projectbut No Forum optionNo Trouble Ticket ManagementNo User LogNo folder optionin documents (for project related documents store separately )projects(workspace) not in detailed

cheaters in india

drawbacks in webdesign business

In south tamilnadu most of the business peoples cannot interested in renewal of their website domain renewals and popularize of their websiteSome clients oftenly tell changes in their designs for more than they paid amount.most of the staffs/employees cannot finish their project they will interest in only company shifting for salary alone.Do not ask more EMD in government tender and don't prefer local companies give chances to new other companies, small companies also can do that work.DO not give software projects to single man, students and small company for low cost, because they will not give full service support for a long time & they will go jobs for a higher salary, moreover they do not able to follow quality standards also. give orders to a company at-least stand for last 3 years.Do not believe ads like 50% offer, free gifts, buy1 get 2 free, and work from home earn more millions We deals many of the customers who affected and unsatisfied peoples of …