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css selectors

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Rejected state from indian government

"NO" for Tamilnadu:

No kaveri water - No allotment of electricity from central governmentNo central government free education school (all districts)GAIL rejects Tamil Nadu's gas pipeline proposalKhurshid rejects T.N. resolution on EelamTamil Nadu Fishermen Attacked by Lankan navy Low fund allotmentfor smart cities project in tamilnadu 6 cities only selected but in kerala like small states 7 cities are selected

marketing ideas

Setup an affiliate program Conduct a surveyRun a joint promotion with our related productsTurn our vehicle into a mobile billboardUse a QR Code to Increase our Social AudienceHost an after-hours gathering for our employees and their friends/relatives.Sponsor a local sports team or social service Provide free t-shirts with our logo to our staff to wear.Send your customers a regular newsletter through the post, to remind them that you exist and encourage repeat business and referrals.Ask a group of regular customers to be a part of an exclusive advisory panel. Hold a writing or design challenge for a local school or community group and incorporate the winning entry into one of your products or marketing campaigns. Distribute specialty products such as pens, mouse pads, or mugs with your store's logo.Create an business award competition and publicize it like "Best Dealer Award", Be…

Acting choices

Indoor games/entertainment for offices or family/friends parties
 Act as your favorite herogate walkact as lifting heavy weightact as your bossinterview your bossswim without wateract as a mental personsale a product without speak