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w3c standards

Accessibility: WCAG2 at a Glance


    Provide text alternatives for non-text content.    Provide captions and alternatives for audio and video content.    Make content adaptable; and make it available to assistive technologies.    Use sufficient contrast to make things easy to see and hear.

    Make all functionality keyboard accessible.    Give users enough time to read and use content.    Do not use content that causes seizures.    Help users navigate and find content.

    Make text readable and understandable.    Make content appear and operate in predictable ways.    Help users avoid and correct mistakes.

    Maximize compatibility with current and future technologies.


Mobile Web Best Practices:

Design for One Web:
Content designed with diverse devices in mind reduces cost, increases flexibility, and reaches the needs of more people.

    Ensure that content provided by accessing a URI yields a thematically coherent exper…

Useful websites for HTML Developer

tablet Grip and interaction

Four most common grips: While there are many ways to hold a tablet, these four grips are most commonly used.
GripGrip and interactionDesign considerationsOne hand holding, one hand interacting with light to medium interactionRight or bottom edges offer quick interaction.Lower right corner might be occluded by hand and wrist.Limited reaching makes touching more accurate.Reading, browsing, email, and light typing.Two hands holding, thumbs interacting with light to medium interactionLower left and right corners offer quick interaction.Anchored thumbs increase touching accuracy.Anything in the middle of the screen is difficult to reach.Touching middle of screen requires changing posture.Reading, browsing, light typing, gaming.Device rests on table or legs, two hands interacting with light to heavy interactionBottom of the screen offers quick interaction.Lower corners might be occluded by hands and wrists.Reduced need for reaching makes touching more accurate.Reading, browsing, email, heavy…

Questions HR

 Candidates Questions Accepting when Job Offer:

When do you need an answer by?Can I receive a copy of the offer and the benefits package?If I have questions about the benefits package, who should I speak with?When is the start date?Is the salary negotiable?What are the core hours?Who will I be reporting to?Can you confirm that I will have the opportunity to telecommute or work on a flextime schedule as we discussed in the interview?Will the company help me with my moving expenses?Can I have all this in writing?

Employer/Manager Questions When staff relieving:Why are you jumping for just Rs....?Tell me reasons for relieving job?