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parallax scrolling websites

multi direction move [KB ctrl] [ scrolling but separate pages] [one page fading site] []OK!/ultranoir/[]OK OK  OK [shapes ]!/app/wallpapers

Ways to Improve Accountability with GPS

Speeding - In addition to being unsafe, speeding also reduces gas mileage. Set up automatic alerts or review reports from any date range to identify drivers that go over the speed limit that you set.Idling - Leaving the engine running when the vehicle is not moving may seem like a minor issue, but excessive idling can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Idling reports let you know which drivers are not being as thoughtful as they should be.Hard acceleration - Accelerating too fast can be unsafe for your driver and the other vehicles around them. Break this bad driver habit by setting up an alert that lets you know when it happens.Hard braking - Similar to hard acceleration, hard braking is not a safe driver activity. It also causes unnecessary wear on brakes and other vehicle components.Seat belt usage - If the vehicle is moving, the driver should be wearing a seat belt. The reasons for this are self explanatory, but that doesn’t mean that every driver does it. Enforce this impor…

Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

open office drawbacks

open office drawbacks:

date not comes for ctrl + colon keysrow border cannot givenot able to merge cellsremove hyperlink not availableAlt + enter not work to line break in a cell [instead of this ctrl + enter is work]

social media marketing, SEM portfolio

 MY SEM portfolio on Mar 2013
I. Facebook:, Followers=20 Linkedin:, Skills=34, Groups=35 Google:Blogs:, Page-rank=2, Visitors=83327, Feed readers=38,071, followers=6 Orkut:, communities=994, G+ 215, communities=14Other social sites:,  Answers=58, Badges=12, Accounts=29, Views=195, Likes=23, Favorites=6, Comments=12,271,   Following=760,…