Sunday, October 21, 2012

My programmers.stackexchange site answers

How to bridge the gap between university and job requirements

  1. study any programming language while studying
  2. Participate seminars and career development programmes
  3. Write online certifications (view online certification website links here)
  4. work in part time or on holidays
  5. join in a professional association

What is the difference between web designers and developers?

Graphic Designer = visual design only
UX designer = analyse and wireframe design
Web designer = prototype design creation
UI designer = HTML design with css, javascript, ajax and cross browser compatibility
Programmer = program using php. .net, jsp
Developer = who invent new widgets, frameworks like that above programming in regular work

Can programmer certifications substitute for degree requirements

In India, if someone knows Photoshop, even without a degree or diploma, the employer will select them. Then they will develop due to their experience in other big companies. Degree certificates are required only for promotion and in higher rankings only.

Include CSS/HTML on a resume

It is useful when you are in starting level and small employers, do not require if you are in senior position and tring in big and MNC companies, because in big companies there is separate web designer and HTML developers are available to do that works.

Keep improving or switch to Web design too?

Now a days web designers come from different careers and different educational qualifications, if a diploma or arts degree student can easily became a graphic designer or web designer so do not choose this if you are engineering degree. and also salary is low for web designer compare to developers

Problems hiring someone on elance or similar sites

  • most of the staffs/employees cannot finish their project they will interest in only company shifting for salary alone.
  • Do not prefer local companies give chances to new other companies, small companies also can do that work.
  • DO not give software projects to single man, students and small company for low cost, because they will not give full service support for a long time & they will go jobs for a higher salary, moreover they do not able to follow quality standards also. give orders to a company at-least stand for last 3 years.


Monday, October 08, 2012

Internet/Social Media Marketing

My SEM Portfolio on Oct 2012

Followers: 184, Friends: 754, Tweets: 424
Reputation:  138, Badges: 12, Views: 53, Tags: 62
Friends: 338,
Friends: 711, Groups: 49, Views: 66
Followers: 65, Groups: 5
Followers: 24, Views: 6Lakhs
Members:  155,  Communities:  9
Friends:  441,  Communities:  992, Visits: 7447
Friends: 140
Friends: 82, Points:  268, Followers: 77

Friday, October 05, 2012

My Stackoverflow site answers

For web application developers, do it make sense to list CSS/HTML (or any markup) on your CV, resume or LinkedIn profile?
It is useful when you are in starting level and small employers, do not require if you are in senior position and tring in big and MNC companies, because in big companies there is separate web designer and HTML developers are available to do that works.

How to make sure the CSS work fine with all browsers without eye testing on each broswer?

  1. Make sure you declare a doc-type.
  2. Use reset css.
  3. Avoid using width and padding(left and right) on the same element where you can.
  4. clean the code in HTML and css.
  5. Don't use margin left and right when floating elements and use its parent overflow:hidden, display:inline and height: 1% if the parent does not already have a height.
  6. Don't give an element both margin-top or margin-bottom but only margin-top or
    margin-bottom. Because margins of adjacent elements collapse into one another, making the positioning somewhat unpredictable for novices.
  7. Don't rely on z-index unless your scripting needs it.
< !--[if lt IE 9]>

< ![endif]-->
< script type="text/javascript" src="js/html5shiv.js" >

< script type="text/javascript" src="js/html5.js" >
you can download shiv.js form this browser compact
browser compatibility testing tools:

HTML colspan in CSS

if you use div and span it will occupy more code size when the datagrid-table row are more in volume. This below code is checked in all browsers


























#gridheading {
    background: #ccc;
    border-bottom: 1px dotted #BBBBBB;
    font-size: 12px;
    line-height: 30px;
    text-transform: capitalize;
.data {
    border-bottom: 1px dotted #BBBBBB;
    display: block;
    font-weight: normal;
    line-height: 20px;
    text-align: left;
    word-wrap: break-word;
 h4 {
    border-right: thin dotted #000000;
    display: table-cell;
    margin-right: 100px;
    text-align: center;
    width: 100px;
    word-wrap: break-word;
.data .big {
    margin-right: 150px;
    width: 200px;

Difference between float and align property in CSS

align is a property to align a single element for table , text, span etc
float is a property to align block level elements like sidebar, div etc

Disable Image Link Hover underline

:focus {outline:0;}

a:hover {text-decoration:none; outline:0;}

img, img:hover {border:0; outline:0;}

How to expand 'select' option width after the user wants to select an option

you can try and solve using css only. by adding class to select
select{ width:80px;text-overflow:'...';-ms-text-overflow:ellipsis;position:absolute; z-index:+1;}
select:focus{ width:100%;}
for more reference List Box Style in a particular item (option) HTML
Multi Select List Box

How to use a url which returns a csv in HTML? in other words how to display the data from that csv file in my webpage?

< object data="quotes.txt"></object >
you can use object tag to embedded any file or webpage to display into any webpage.
And also have look by using framework

table header in IE8 with quirks mode on

 add white-space: pre; in class then it will in single line at IE

Controlling Spacing Between Table Cells

table.test td {
    background-color: lime;
    padding: 12px;
    border:2px solid #fff;border-collapse:separate;

Avoid focus on link in html-table

  • first of all do not alter check box into input textbox.
  • to avoid dotted square of text link after click, add outline:none; in css
  • add class to avoid hitting the link(a href) when tabbing through data to set it. .check{ cursor:text;}

Browser Issues

  • IE6 does support full transparency in 8-bit PNGs, which can sometimes be an alternative to 24-bit PNGs.
  • IE7 doesn't support all pseudo classes (like :focus) or pseudo elements (like :before and :after)
  • IE7 does not support "inherit" as a value on any of these properties. IE8 has some bugs with max-width/height combined with overflow: auto/scroll.
  • IE7 doesn't support min-width on input button/submit button/reset button.
  • Text-shadow behavior can be somewhat emulated in older IE versions using the non-standard "dropshadow" or "glow" filters.
  • IE8 is not able to combine :after with other hierarchical elements. For example .myClass:last-child:after will work in Firefox, Chrome or Safari, but not in IE8.
  • Transparency for elements in IE8 and older can be achieved using the proprietary "filter" property and does not work well with PNG images using alpha transparency.
  • Data URL Support in Internet Explorer 8 is limited to images and linked resources like CSS files, not HTML files. Max URI length in IE8 is 32KB. In IE9 JavaScript files are supported too and the maximum size limit set to 4GB.
  • The scale transform can be emulated in IE < 9 using Microsoft's "zoom" extension, others are (not easily) possible using the MS Matrix filter
  • @font-face is Partial support before IE9 refers to only supporting EOT fonts.
  • Cross-document messaging is Partial support in IE refers to only working in frames/iframes (not other tabs/windows).
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing is Supported somewhat in IE8 and IE9 using the XDomainRequest object
  • IE9 does not correctly render multiple backgrounds for TableRows. Attempting to do a left-cap, right cap, and repeated fill on a row results in the left cap and fill being correct, but the right cap will display at the end of the first column, then again part way through the rest of the table.
  • IE9 appears to have some issues in correctly determining longitude/latitude.
  • IE9 and Safari provided the user has the WebM codecs installed.
  • ie9 box-shadow has incorrect (smaller) radius, that can be easily checked, even 2px 2px 8px has left and top shadows invisible
  • IE9 doesn't support style="width:100px;" for SVG images using

Firefox :
  • Firefox currently doesn't allow :before and :after on checkbox and radio fields.
  • Firefox (13 and older) don’t handle the combination of `box-sizing` and `min-height`/`max-height` properly.
  • Firefox (9 and previous?) is buggy with min-width media queries not being recognized, but the rules inside those being parsed and used.
  • Firefox (up to current 14.0) has incorrect (bigger) radius. Can be checked with 4px 4px 4px, it has left and top shadows visible in FF (should be invisible, like in WebKit). Overall, the browsers render shadows quite differently, and the support is buggy.
  • SVG-as-image is fuzzy/pixelated when zoomed or printed in Firefox
  • ff only supported ::before and ::after pseudo-elements
  • Firefox 14 and under do not have DataView yet.
  • Reportedly, CORS in EventSource is currently only supported in Firefox 10+ and Opera 12+.
  • Firefox 6, the property column-span (or -moz-column-span) does not yet work.
  • Safari for iOS 4.1 and below only supports SVG fonts.
  • Safari 3.2 refers to buggy behavior with certain SVG images.
  • Safari 3.1 has a caching bug. If the class of an element changes it won't for getElementsByClassName.
  • Does not work in Safari 4.x for the "background-position" property.
  • while Safari does support Typed Arrays, they are actually much, much slower than normal arrays.
  • Opera <= 9.6 doesn't find elements by there second class. means it doesn't find if you search for the class "b".
  • Opera 11.10 and 11.50 also refers to only having support for linear gradients
  • Opera (versions unknown) fails at transitioning the background-position property.
  • Opera 12.10+ currently only supports the resize property for textarea elements.
  • Opera Mini supports the canvas element, but is unable to play animations or run other more complex applications.
  • Opera Mini refers to not supporting background sizing or background attachments.
  • Opera Mini ignores the blur-radius set, so no blur effect is visible.

  • In Chrome, DataTransfer.addElement is not implemented.
  • CSS3 word-break is support  "break-all" value, but not the "keep-all" value.
  • In both Firefox 9 and Chrome 16, xhr.timeout and xhr.ontimeout don't appear to be supported.
  • Chrome and Safari do not support feConvolveMatrix and their lighting implementation is incomplete.
  • Chrome and Android 4.0 Browser support "-webkit-hyphens: none", but not the "auto" property.

Android browser:
  • The Android browser does not support clipping on HTML5 canvas.
  • Android 2.1 doesn't appear to honor background-size, only -webkit-background-size, which requires both width and height to be specified.
  • Scaling transforms in Android 2.3 fails to scale element background images.
  • 'animation-fill-mode' property is not supported in Android browser below 2.3.
  • history.pushState() is buggy in Android 2.2 and 2.3 in that it doesn't cause window.location to update with the new URL.

  • css media query is Incomplete support by older webkit browsers refers to only acknowledging different media rules on page reload
  • new semantic elements (section, article, aside, hgroup, header, footer, nav,)is Partial support refers to missing the default styling. This is easily taken care of by using display:block for all new elements (except time and mark, these should be display:inline anyway).
  • other then firefox browsers refers to not supporting getComputedStyle on pseudo-elements.

  • Audio played from the element in iOS always plays in a full screen player.
  • Safari on iOS (including 5) can not apply box-shadow to input elements.
  • Animation in SVG is not supported in iOS safari when the SVG is displayed in an img tag.
  • File uploading is not possible on iOS Safari before iOS 6.
  • iOS Safari, Android 4 and Chrome for Android show number input, but do not use "step", "min" or "max" attributes or show increment/decrement buttons.

text-overflow is only works when visibility:hidden also added

Hue, Saturation and Lightness (hsl)

gradient types:
linear or radial

firewall nonblockable sites

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