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My programmers.stackexchange site answers to bridge the gap between university and job requirementsstudy any programming language while studyingParticipate seminars and career development programmesWrite online certifications (view online certification website links here)work in part time or on holidaysjoin in a professional associationWhat is the difference between web designers and developers? Graphic Designer = visual design only
UX designer = analyse and wireframe design
Web designer = prototype design creation
UI designer = HTML design with css, javascript, ajax and cross browser compatibility
Programmer = program using php. .net, jsp
Developer = who invent new widgets, frameworks like that above programming in regular work

Can programmer certifications substitute for degree requirementsIn India, if someone knows Photoshop, even without a degree or diploma, the employer will select them. Then they will develop due to their experience in other …

Internet/Social Media Marketing

My SEM Portfolio on Oct 2012

No URL Followers/Likes/Friends 1 Followers: 184, Friends: 754, Tweets: 424 2 Reputation: 138, Badges: 12, Views: 53, Tags: 62 3 Friends: 338, 4 Friends: 711, Groups:49, Views: 66 5 Followers: 65, Groups:5 6

My Stackoverflow site answers

For web application developers, do it make sense to list CSS/HTML (or any markup) on your CV, resume or LinkedIn profile?
It is useful when you are in starting level and small employers, do not require if you are in senior position and tring in big and MNC companies, because in big companies there is separate web designer and HTML developers are available to do that works.

How to make sure the CSS work fine with all browsers without eye testing on each broswer?Make sure you declare a doc-type.Use reset css.Avoid using width and padding(left and right) on the same element where you can.clean the code in HTML and css.Don't use margin left and right when floating elements and use its parent overflow:hidden, display:inline and height: 1% if the parent does not already have a height.Don't give an element both margin-top or margin-bottom but only margin-top or
margin-bottom. Because margins of adjacent elements collapse into one another, making the positioning somewhat unpredi…

Browser Issues

IE6 does support full transparency in 8-bit PNGs, which can sometimes be an alternative to 24-bit PNGs.IE7 doesn't support all pseudo classes (like :focus) or pseudo elements (like :before and :after)IE7 does not support "inherit" as a value on any of these properties. IE8 has some bugs with max-width/height combined with overflow: auto/scroll.IE7 doesn't support min-width on input button/submit button/reset button.Text-shadow behavior can be somewhat emulated in older IE versions using the non-standard "dropshadow" or "glow" filters. IE8: IE8 is not able to combine :after with other hierarchical elements. For example .myClass:last-child:after will work in Firefox, Chrome or Safari, but not in IE8.Transparency for elements in IE8 and older can be achieved using the proprietary "filter" property and does not work well with PNG images using alpha transparency.Data URL Support in Internet Explorer 8 is limited to images and linked resour…