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Things to do before die

  1. See the one of the world 7 wonders  of Taj Mahal in our country

    All peoples love Tajmahal for LOVE or Due to LOVE.
  2. Sunset with the camels on the sand dunes of Rajasthan and Rameswaram
  3. Atleast monthly once you will walk in a hill/mountain place
  4.  dancing in the monsoon rains
  5. Get an oil massage in Kerala
  6. Take a sun bath at gao, Darjeeling Train Journey,
  7. Visit at least one temple, one palace, one museum, one park, one beach, one airport and one foreign country
  8. Do at least any one of Sky Diving or Cliff Diving or long drive
  9. Watch the sun set at minimum 3 different places like a beach, mountain and a grassy field
  10. Participate in a movie or sport or fancy dress competition or Republic Day Parade
  11. Spend a full day with a baby, one girl friend/lover, old age home and in one island
  12. Donate your blood, dress, food and money at least one time in life or a year
  13. Start your own Blog, website or picture sharing
  14.  Teach one day at your school or teach poor orphans or any people who did not have a proper education
  15. Stand a one night at two places like different cities (city border)
  16. If you royal do a Gold Facial, dinner at taj, Yak Safari  and spend 1lakh for one day
  17. Try to find your grandfathers father's old  relatives and old friends 

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