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Palmtec Application areas

Palmtec for Field Collection in Banks & NBFCs
In India, Rural Co-operative banks and Gramin banks have vital role in the mass-banking. Most of them have a system of Daily Deposit Collection, for which bank agents go to doorto- door and collect money from shopkeepers, farmers and housewives on a daily basis. They give receipt against each collection and they are supposed to remit this amount at bank the very next day. However, due to various reasons, this remittance and related updation of data rarely happens. This ultimately leads to mistakes, misunderstandings and more over malpractices. Computerisation of the bank alone cannot solve this. They need a system that can give receipt on the spot, capture the data and later download to the banking software, without re-entering. More over, the balance in the account of each customer should be made up-to-date, and that should be printed in the next day's receipt. This is where, Palmtec plays an important role. The collection agents can download the details of the customers, before going to the field. Receipts can be generated against each collection, with date, time, serial no., amount paid, balance position, agent’s ID etc., from Palmtec. End of the day, agent can transfer this data to PC at the office. Simultaneously the balance position will get updated back to the Palmtec memory. So that, as he give receipt next day, the correct balance position will be shown. This will eliminate any chance for mistakes & malpractices. 

Palmtec for Loan Recovery for Banks & NBFCs 
This is very similar to the field collection. Instead of showing the balance position, it will show the amount due to pay as on date. Using this feature, now many Gramin and Cooperative banks have started "Micro-banking". That is, give small amount as loan to people and get it refunded on a daily basis. 

Palmtec for Field Collection of Insurance Companies
Now, unlike earlier, there are so many companies offering insurance packages, from both public & private sectors. Some of them have international tie-ups too. So it is becoming mandatory for them to have an effective way of payment collection, follow up of prospective etc. Palmtec can help them in this. Here the payment collection part is similar to that of Banks. Also we give a facility to them to keep track of their prospective (name, phone number, type, policy capacity etc) and keep updating the central system. This will not only help the agent, it will also help the insurance companies to bring-up new types of policies. Also they can use this data further, in case any agents quits or so. 

Palmtec for Spot Billing in Petrol Pumps 
This is a very successful application of Palmtec. Now, to get bill, the customer has to get out of the vehicle and go and stand in queue at the counter. This will not only waist the valuable time of the customer, but also the business of the pump. Because, this will make the pump congested with vehicles and new customers will go to other pumps. Using Palmtec, bills can be generated Amount-wise as well as Quantity-wise, on the spot. The boy can carry it on his shoulder, come to you and give bills, with or without vehicle number. Credit bills can be generated for regular customers. Variable credit limit can be set for different customers and Palmtec will warn if anyone exceeds the limit. rt payment can be accepted and receipt can be generated accordingly. If the inward also entered properly, you will get the up-to-date stock position of various items at any point of time. Palmtec can manage multiple operators and multiple shifts. It will generate shift-wise as well as dailywise reports on sales & collection. To save time and stationary, small tokens with minimum information can be printed, instead of detailed bill. 

Palmtec for Billing in Delivery Sales 
Palmtec will be very helpful in order booking, replenishing materials & payment collection operations. It can also be used when supply vehicle goes for the distribution. While carrying materials to the outlets in delivery sales vans, download the necessary data like Item Code, Item Name, Quantity, Route No., Vehicle No., Name of Driver/Salesman etc. Also, Names, ID Nos., Pending Payment & Credit Limit of dealers in that route could be downloaded. Salesman can deliver necessary items and give a bill on the spot. If the dealer pays immediately, a receipt can be generated and be given. If the dealer make part payment or issue Cheque / DD, receipt can be made accordingly. If a practice of giving credit to the dealers exists, the amount will be posted to his credit. Variable Credit Limit can be set to each dealer. End of the day (or periodically); salesman can transfer data to the PC/Laptop. Either he can come to the HO/Branch and do this by connecting the Palmtec to the PC there or laptop can be taken to the outlets and data can be downloaded. Or ideally, he can transfer the data through Modem & Telephone line from a remote place. For this PC is not required at the Palmtec side. Modem can be directly connected to Palmtec. If a n 80 Col. DMP is mounted in the van and powered using automobile battery, big invoice can be printed, instead of 24 Col. output. 

Palmtec for Payment Collection, in distribution network. 
Before going to the field, download necessary details to the Palmtec. When dealer makes a payment, a receipt can be generated and be given. If the dealer make part payment or issue Cheque/DD, receipt can be made accordingly. If a practice of giving credit to the dealers exists, the amount will be posted to his credit. Variable Credit Limit can be set to each dealer. 

Palmtec for Order Processing 
It has become very important for any sales organization to manage their inventory efficiently. Company’s profit is directly related to the way they manage their resources. However, in most of the organizations, such information are not reaching on time. So either there will be excess stock in some depots or there will be shortage of some items in some other depots. This will not only diminish the revenue, but reputation too. Palmtec could help in solving this problem. The franchisee/wholesale units can place order through Palmtec. The franchisee can enter the necessary items and quantity in Palmtec. The data can be sent to HO and/or Factory in a single key pressing. Palmtec will dial pre-set number automatically and send it to the destination instantaneously. The factory can make ready of the requested items and send to the franchisee. While sending the material, the factory can send information back to the franchisee, with dispatch details, so that they can keep the payment ready. In case any items are short, the same can be noted in the Palmtec. The order value will be posted against the franchisee's account. During payment collection, this data will be down  loaded into the memory of Palmtec being carried by collection boys. Similarly, the retail units also can use Palmtec for placing orders with wholesale units. 

Palmtec for Billing in Depots/ Regional warehouses 
Here the operation is almost similar to Delivery Sales Vans. Franchisees can collect materials from these wholesale outlets. Bills can be generated on the spot. Payment can be accepted, as mentioned in the case of delivery sales vans. 

Palmtec for Raw Material Collection 
If the companies have a system of collecting raw materials like, milk, spices, coffee beans, cocoa etc. from estates, Palmtec can be used to manage it more efficiently. They collect these items from regular vendors and settle the account only one or twice in a month. Download the data like Supplier name, ID, Cumulative Total, Payment Pending etc. to Palmtec before starting the collection. While receiving the material, just enter the Supplier ID, Item Code (say 01 for coffee) and Quality/Grade, Quantity etc. A receipt voucher can be generated on the spot and be given to the vendor. The amounts will be posted to the corresponding vendor's account. 

Palmtec for Ticketing in Govt. Transport Corporation Buses 
This is the most potential application of Palmtec. We have got orders for more than 3500 units so far. Our largest client in this sector is Kerala KSRTC. After evaluating 60 machines for 6 months at their Guruvayur depot, they placed order for 2000 units with us. Recently we got order from APSRTC for more than 1000 units. Palmtec can be used either as a hand-held ticketing machine or as a Dash-Board-Mounted machine, to be operated by the driver. It can be charged from the automobile battery. 

Palmtec for Ticketing in Private Buses 
Private bus owners are concerned about the accuracy of the account they get from their staff. Conductors also feel that lot of their time and effort are going into preparing after-ticketing accounts. In spite of sincere effort, most of the time, they loose money and reputation. Palmtec is the one-word solution for these problems. It can issue tickets at minimum key operations. Single tickets can be issued for group passengers. Conductor as well as the owner will get the required reports. More than 500 private buses are using Palmtec for issuing tickets. 

Palmtec for Spot Billing for Electricity Cos. / Water Supply Cos 
Present Electricity companies want to keep track of their revenues very strictly. Though state governments run most of them, timely revenue flow has become very critical to them. Managing lakhs or crores of data is impossible with manual system. Computerisation is the only solution. Palmtec can play a vital role in this. It can be used in the front-end. Just by entering the current meter reading, bill will be generated. Provision is given to collect Cash / Cheque / DD, at the field. Receipt can be given against these collections. The data can be exchanged with PC at the office. In case of any change in tariff, the same can be done in the PC and downloaded to Palmtec. This will speed up the process as well eliminate mistakes. 

Palmtec for Ticketing in Zoo / Museum / Parks. 
With minimum key depression, it can generate tickets for Adult, Child, Groups etc. In most of these cases, you can see that the ticket booth will be so small and isolated that, you cannot keep PC+Printer+UPS. If Palmtec is used, there is no need of cabling and Network OSs to run this counter. Data can be exchanged to the PC just by carrying it to the office at the end of the show. 

Palmtec for Property Tax Collection 
Step-1: Before going to the field, information like Property Number, Property Type (Residential / Commercial etc), Tax Amount, Cess, etc of a specified group of properties are downloaded to Palmtec memory from the application software installed in PC. Data is loaded in "Walking Order", so that it will be easier for the operator to select next customer in minimum time. Step-2: At every doorstep, all he has to do is just type Property Number. All relevant data will be displayed on the screen. Either pressing a key and issues the bill or optionally, collect amount, enter the details and issue bill-cum-receipt. Payment collected can be full or part. Mode of payment can be Cash or Cheque or DD. Provision is given to mark this information also. Minimum key pressing only is required for entering such fields.If he is going to the very next doorstep, he doesn’t even have to enter the property number. It will come automatically, since data is stored in Walking Order. Step-3: At the end of the day (or next day morning), take Palmtec to the office and upload the billing information back to the PC, using the utility provided by us. Either RS232 Cable or contact-less IR (Infra red) port can be used for downloading. The data will get posted in the relevant fields of the application package installed in the PC. There is no need of data entry and data verification. Software in the PC will generate all necessary reports too. The same data transfer can be used for updating any other information like change of tariff etc. The tariff change or creation of a new type of property or any such information can be done at the PC and be downloaded to all Palmtec units uniformly. This will speed up the process as well as eliminate any sort of mistakes. 

Palmtec for Courier Services 
Palmtec with Bar Code Reader is found very useful in courier companies. Most of the couriers have started bar coding the parcels. They have to scan thousands of bar codes within stipulated time and store in the PC. The option they have is to buy normal bar code readers and connect to PCs. Then they have to dedicate one PC for each bar code reader. Instead, they can buy Palmtec with bar code readers and manage with just one PC. Scanned codes will be stored in Palmtec memory and can be transferred to the PC later. This is economical as well as convenient. 

Palmtec for Issuing Parking Coupon 
Government bodies are giving contract to private agencies to collect Parking fee from public places. These agencies will appoint many boys in each location to collect the fee. We have a model of Palmtec, which can generate coupons for managing parking lots. While parking the vehicle, a coupon can be generated with date, time, coupon number, vehicle number etc. When the owner returns, the boy has to enter the coupon number. Palmtec will calculate the days/hours the vehicle has been parked and calculate the parking fee. The Charges can be fixed based on the type of Vehicle (two wheeler, four wheeler, and heavy vehicles). Single keys are provided to select vehicle type.

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