Monday, December 27, 2010

Drawbacks of Own business

  1. You will work more hours than you have ever worked before, there is no paid time off, no vacation, no health have to pay for all of that yourself.
  2. some of your judgments may be wrong
  3. Your family’s willingness to support your dream may not be compatible with being your own boss.
  4. Electricity problems
  5. Internet problems
  6. risk associated with business failure
  7. Working from home usually means working alone
  8. There will not be any socializing at this job.
  9. You can sacrifice your family, loss of more small joys.
  10. You need to be very self-motivated.
  11. Health care may become unaffordable.
  12. You can conduct your own research to gather enough knowledge about proper startup
  13. Start-up businesses are typically more costly and risky since there is no proven formula.
  14. In order to obtain capital to fund the business, a lengthy detailed business plan must be put together.
  15. All of the details of starting the business, including licenses, marketing, naming the business, finding product sources, etc. are the responsibility of the own
  16. customers may leave when a new operator takes over the business
  17. staff may not remain with the new owner and critical staff need to be comfortable with the new owner
  18. the equipment may be inefficient or obsolete requiring costs to make it effective
  19. the business premises may be inappropriate or the lease terms may be non commercial
  20. the business may be overpriced
  21. material contracts may be lost with change in ownership
  22. new competitors may emerge making the business marginal
  23. major clients may, for any number of reasons, cease using the business,
  24. longer working hours are generally associated with business ownership relative to employment
  25. income can vary far more so than under an employment scenario
  26. you have legal risk and exposures that you would not have had as an employee

Friday, December 24, 2010

Advantages of digital publishing

  • Saving the environment
  •  Storing and searching made simple
  •  Increasing the outreach
  •  Print-taking made simpler
  •  Saving energy, space, time and expenses
  •  Advantages for the Advertisers
  •  Interaction simplified
  •  Registration and Licensing
  •  Better ways of reading
  •  Selling off archival copies
  •  Better ways of sharing
  •  Revenue
Reasons for decline in the growth of cyber cafés

* Regulatory issues
* Need to keep a track of the people surfing from the café premises
* Decreasing revenues from the Internet business
* Real estate prices are growing
* Rising electricity and staff costs
* Declining customer base
* Decrease in PC and laptop prices
* now a days in all offices and homes also have a computer and internet also

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wanted Part time workers, freelancers & Partners


Current Vacants:
01.Internet Marketing Executive (Parttime) - 1 No
02.Webdeveloper Trainees - 2 No's
03.Business Associates/Commission agents/Affiliates for area wise required all over the India.


Beam Consultancy Services Internship Program is an endeavor to provide you with an opportunity to be a part of Live & Challenging business projects. We attract talent from the best global academic institutions, from management, technical and liberal arts backgrounds.

We invite You to be a part of the BCS family for a month and experience:
- A structured and robust training schedule
- On the job training to enhance your technical expertise and people management skills
- An opportunity to develop a wholistic perspective of BCS

We are gearing up for interesting and exciting times to come and are looking for bright and young talent to walk this thrilling road with us !
We wish you a joyous internship and a fulfilling career ahead…

For Bharath foundation:
Internship Program

The selected Interns would get the opportunity to work in different areas of issues related to Children, Health and Human Rights, including participation in the review of Programmes of the ongoing projects in the Bharath Foundation.
Interns will also get an opportunity to have interaction with legal luminaries, Senior Doctors, Social Workers, Senior Journalists of Various News Channels and New Papers as well as other reputed NGOs situated in Delhi. They will be required to study and scrutinize key result area of the Bharath Foundation work, present findings to the NGO, compile and analyze statistical data on children and health related issues etc.
Interns will be required to prepare their reports on the topic of study assigned to them during the internship. Interns will also represent NGO in various programs and debates conducted by other organizations and news channels, apart from field visits and project work during internship.
The selected Interns will have to make their own arrangements regarding accommodation and transport.
Stipend : NIL
Duration of Internship : 4 to 6 weeks

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

SEO website designs

Closed IT/Software companies & Institutes

Links for domain renewal.
here is a list of 40 closed, not worked, name changed or ownership changed IT & ITES companies and institutes list are given. beware of starting a new company, do not select the below related names. otherwise excuse. mail me to remove...

Count increasing . . .

  1. 19hourit , Madurai
  2. aryeninfosys, coimbatore
  3. aliensinfotech (
  4. Binary node, Bangalore
  5. Bitscot, Madurai
  6. Bright Ads, Madurai
  7. Bharath Infotech, coimbatore
  8. Beam Consultancy services
  9. Delcosys, Madurai
  10., coimbatore
  11. Eyeson technologies, Madurai
  12. i2informatics, Madurai
  13. Kreativ Pixels, Madurai
  14. monika soft, Madurai
  15. naga designs, Madurai
  16. ngsolutions, Madurai
  17. NHIT, kk.nagar , madurai
  18. NIHT, old santhai, madurai
  19. standard info technologies, Madurai
  20., chennai
  21. sk infotechnologies, Madurai
  22. sasiya info solutions
  23. Taidysoft, Madurai
  24. udayinfo, sivagangai
  25. Virtual infoway, Madurai
  26. vithaga tech, Chennai
  27. vsquare services, Madurai
  28. vijay info, Madurai
  29. Vigo Technology Services, Madurai
  30. wannabwebbie, Coimbatore
  31. Zeal Tech, Supriyan Nagar, chennai (
  1. calibra tek solutions, Andhra Pradesh
  2. Aryansinfoway, Hyderabad
  3. sumantra info solutions, Andhra Pradesh
  5. pristine software solutions, Andhra Pradesh
  6. Satyam, Hyderabad
  7. worlditsoft, Andhra Pradesh
  1., Kerala
  2. nikiinfo, Kerala
  3. Kerala
  4. aventure infotek, calicut - Kerala
  1., Mumbai

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