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astrology report for me

Personal Detail::

Name     sivakumar M    
Date Of Birth     22/2/1979    
Time Of Birth     11:0:0    
Time Zone     -5.5    
City     madurai    
Country     INDIA    
Latitude     009.54.N    
Longitude     078.06.E    
Lahiri Ayanamsa     23:33:55    

Vimsottari Dasa Sun 6 Year

  SUN      21/04/2002-09/08/2002   
  MON      09/08/2002-08/02/2003   
  MAR      08/02/2003-16/06/2003   
  RAH      16/06/2003-09/05/2004   
  JUP      09/05/2004-26/02/2005   
  SAT      26/02/2005-08/02/2006   
  MER      08/02/2006-15/12/2006   
  KET      15/12/2006-22/04/2007   
  VEN      22/04/2007-21/04/2008   

Lagan Chart


Sun    Good Placement, Weak Dispositer   
Moon    Good Placement   
Mars    Good Placement, Strength 40%, Weak By Strength, Combust, Weak Dispositer   
Mercury    Combust, Functional Malefic Afflicted by Rahu, Ketu, Afflicting to Saturn, Aspected by Saturn, Weak Dispositer Afflicting to House No 5, 11   
Jupiter    Good Placement, Exalted   
Venus    Good Placement, Strength 91%, Weak By Strength, Afflicted by Rahu   
Saturn    Good Placement, Afflicted by Mercury, Aspecting to Mercury   
Rahu    Functional Malefic, Afflicting to House No 5, 9, 11, 1, Afflicting to Planet Mercury, Venus   
Ketu    Functional Malefic, Afflicting to House No 11, 3, 5, 7, Afflicting to Planet Mercury   

The free Birth Chart and General Prediction are provided by MyWebAstrologer.com

This is a general description of your ascendant according to the Vedic astrology and do not confuse yourself with your zodiac Sun/Moon sign as they are always different from this rising sign of Ascendant and description, which is given below.

According to Vedic astrology, your ascendant is Aries. It is the first sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Mars. People born under this sign, are of middle stature and possess a lean and muscular body. They are neither stout nor thick. Their complexion is generally rough and they have a fairly long neck and face. In addition to this they may have bushy eyebrows and sharp sight.

Arians generally excel in the jobs related to the fields i.e. police or army, surgeons chemists, officers of law, real estate, mechanics, engineers (particularly electrical engineering) wrestlers etc.

Mars is the planet of passion and aggressiveness. Therefore people born under this sign are generally active, ambitious, bold and impulsive. If there are bad influences by malefic planets on the ascendant or Mars, they might become rash and aggressive in their approach.However,the benefic influences on ascendant or Mars make them confident, courageous and highly ambitious. In addition to this they are highly active, intelligent, sports oriented and possess administrative and leadership qualities by birth.

People born with Aries as their ascendant desire to be the head of all affairs and they prefer to act according to their own judgement. As Aries is the positive sign of Mars it blesses the native with determination and force of character. They act with self-confidence and possess exceptional executive abilities coupled with uncompromising spirit. It is the moveable sign; therefore quite often they are capable of making changes. In addition to this they want their ideas to be implemented as soon as possible. It is important to mention that the bad influences on the ascendant or the lord of the ascendant make the native quarrelsome and obstinate. In addition to these they might become jealous and passionate.

Despite all these, they are generally over optimistic and do not hesitate to start fresh ventures before they have finished the one in hand. They are good lovers and possess a charm within them that attracts people of the opposite sex. They are concerned with their emotions and maintain good relations with their partner/s and spouse. These qualities depend upon the placement and strength of the benefic planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and influence of malefic planets Rahu, Ketu and Mercury. The problems of Aries people are generally short lived as whenever transit malefic Mercury forms a close conjunction and aspect on benefic planets, the conjunction separates in a day or two, since Mercury is a fast moving planet.

Whenever Mars (lord of ascendant) is strong & well placed in the chart it blesses the person with longevity and authority to take quick decisions, interest in sports, good health & recognition in the society. However, if it is weak in strength/afflicted by malefic planets then it gives, short temperness, indulgence in litigation, bad reputation, obstructions in physical & mental growth, short/medium life span, accidents and health problems like immune deficiency, erratic blood circulation, weak digestion etc.

Moon is a benefic planet for Arians. If it is well placed & strong in strength, it blesses with abundant properties, assets, excellence in educational accomplishments, domestic peace, complete guidance & support from mother, keen interest in finance & cooking and strong sense of aroma. However if it is weak in strength/afflicted by malefic planets in the chart, then there may be loss of domestic peace & residence, delay in marriage, disturbances in acquiring education, problem to mother, dispute in assets, lack of analysing power, respiratory problems, low/high BP, back pain, irregular menstruation, ovarian disorders, excess of phlegm, disturbed sleep etc.

Sun is another benefic planet for Arians. If it is strong in strength it is helpful in achieving heights of academic & professional education that helps him/her in attaining good position in society. In addition to this it is the lord of the house for governing children, inclinations, emotions and intellect. The native might enjoy the privilege of having good offspring. He/She might get gains through speculation. However, if Sun is weak in strength/afflicted by malefic planets, it indicates problem to/ from father, husband, children, obstructions in educational accomplishments, losses through emotions & speculation. They might suffer from high or low blood pressure, heart trouble, frequent stomach disorders, weak eyesight and delay in having children etc. There are emotional setbacks in life from children too.

Mercury, when strong & well placed in the birth chart, and is not afflicting any area in the chart, blesses with financial stability, excellent analytical & communicative capabilities, confidence & good health. If Mercury is weak in strength/afflicted by malefic planets, it causes financial setbacks, lack of analytical & communicative capabilities, intestinal/ skin problems, respiratory problems, cervical pain, nervousness, weak resistance power along with chances of loss in case of disputes, litigation or competitive activities.

Venus is also an auspicious planet for Arians. If it is strong by strength it blesses the person with fine tastes, good etiquette, supportive and pleasurable spouse, awareness of the globe, knowledge of foreign languages, recognition through partners and interest in media, art & sculpture. However its weakness/afflicted by malefic planets, causes difference of opinion with partner and spouse, weak health & difficulties in enjoying long-lasting partnerships, lack of awareness. Medically the person might experience weakness of reproductive organs, diabetes, problem in kidneys, renal diseases, problems in eyes, skin etc.

Jupiter is one of the most benefic planets in the birth chart of Arians. If it is strong by strength it blesses the native with adequate paternal bliss, favourable fortune, honesty and spirituality. In addition to this the person is blessed with divine grace and possess innovative nature. The weak strength of Jupiter/afflicted by malefic planets, causes indecisiveness, shrewdness, immorality, and struggles in life, problems to father & lack of fortune. Medically they can suffer from liver disorder, jaundice and dark circles under eyes.

A strong Saturn, is favourable for earning income of a high order, support & good relationship with friends & elder brother, fulfilment of desires, longevity etc. However its weak strength/afflicted by malefic planets, might cause dissatisfaction from income, difficulties in fulfilling desire, and losses through employees, differences with elder siblings & friends etc. In addition to this its weak strength causes arthritis, painful diseases especially in the lower portion of legs, glandular problems etc.

Rahu is a malefic planet and is not lord of any particular house. Whenever Rahu is placed in good house and not afflicting any area of the chart, promotes good results of that house wherever it is placed. However, if it is located near the midpoint/afflicting any house, it deteriorates the significance of all houses, aspected by malefic Rahu. Simultaneously it gives obstructions, denial, manipulation, decisiveness, greed etc. However, it gives favourable results only when it is in the sign of its exaltation/strong well placed planet and not near the most effective point of the birth chart.

Ketu, another malefic planet is also not the lord of any house. Whenever Ketu is placed in good house not afflicting any area of the chart, promotes good results of that house where it is placed. If Ketu is near the midpoint/afflicting any house, it deteriorates the significance of all the houses, aspected by it. Simultaneously it gives miseries, denial etc. Apart from this whenever malefic Ketu is in the sign of its exaltation and not near the mid point then it also gives good results.

Unfavourable Colours- Dark brown, steel grey and green.

Unfavourable Gems- Gomedh (hessonite), cat's eye (lahsonia) and emerald.

These predictions are based on your Vedic Ascendant which is mentioned as above. Please do not confuse itself with your Sun Sign or Western Ascendant. These predictions are general in nature according to the ascendant. Precise and accurate predictions can be only done through your birth chart as every birth chart is unique and its intrepretation needs vast experience of the Astrologer. -- Internationally Renowned Astrologer Mr. Narinder Juneja.

However if you want to know more particulars of your self or anybody i.e future life, solutions and Astral remedies etc.,you can refer our site www.MyWebAstrologer.com or email us at njuneja@mywebastrologer.com / pbk1@vsnl.com

Vimsottari Dasa
KET    00/00/0000-00/00/0000   
VEN    00/00/0000-00/00/0000   
SUN    00/00/0000-00/00/0000   
MON    00/00/0000-00/00/0000   
MAR    00/00/0000-00/00/0000   
RAH    22/02/1979-09/04/1979   
JUP    09/04/1979-15/03/1980   
SAT    15/03/1980-24/04/1981   
MER    24/04/1981-21/04/1982   
VEN    21/04/1982-21/08/1985   
SUN    21/08/1985-21/08/1986   
MON    21/08/1986-21/04/1988   
MAR    21/04/1988-21/06/1989   
RAH    21/06/1989-21/06/1992   
JUP    21/06/1992-20/02/1995   
SAT    20/02/1995-21/04/1998   
MER    21/04/1998-19/02/2001   
KET    19/02/2001-21/04/2002   
SUN    21/04/2002-09/08/2002   
MON    09/08/2002-08/02/2003   
MAR    08/02/2003-16/06/2003   
RAH    16/06/2003-09/05/2004   
JUP    09/05/2004-26/02/2005   
SAT    26/02/2005-08/02/2006   
MER    08/02/2006-15/12/2006   
KET    15/12/2006-22/04/2007   
VEN    22/04/2007-21/04/2008   
MON    21/04/2008-20/02/2009   
MAR    20/02/2009-21/09/2009   
RAH    21/09/2009-23/03/2011   
JUP    23/03/2011-22/07/2012   
SAT    22/07/2012-20/02/2014   
MER    20/02/2014-22/07/2015   
KET    22/07/2015-20/02/2016   
VEN    20/02/2016-21/10/2017   
SUN    21/10/2017-21/04/2018   
MAR    21/04/2018-18/09/2018   
RAH    18/09/2018-06/10/2019   
JUP    06/10/2019-11/09/2020   
SAT    11/09/2020-21/10/2021   
MER    21/10/2021-18/10/2022   
KET    18/10/2022-16/03/2023   
VEN    16/03/2023-15/05/2024   
SUN    15/05/2024-20/09/2024   
MON    20/09/2024-21/04/2025   
RAH    21/04/2025-03/01/2028   
JUP    03/01/2028-28/05/2030   
SAT    28/05/2030-03/04/2033   
MER    03/04/2033-21/10/2035   
KET    21/10/2035-08/11/2036   
VEN    08/11/2036-08/11/2039   
SUN    08/11/2039-02/10/2040   
MON    02/10/2040-03/04/2042   
MAR    03/04/2042-21/04/2043   
JUP    21/04/2043-09/06/2045   
SAT    09/06/2045-21/12/2047   
MER    21/12/2047-28/03/2050   
KET    28/03/2050-04/03/2051   
VEN    04/03/2051-02/11/2053   
SUN    02/11/2053-21/08/2054   
MON    21/08/2054-21/12/2055   
MAR    21/12/2055-26/11/2056   
RAH    26/11/2056-21/04/2059   
SAT    21/04/2059-24/04/2062   
MER    24/04/2062-01/01/2065   
KET    01/01/2065-10/02/2066   
VEN    10/02/2066-12/04/2069   
SUN    12/04/2069-25/03/2070   
MON    25/03/2070-24/10/2071   
MAR    24/10/2071-02/12/2072   
RAH    02/12/2072-09/10/2075   
JUP    09/10/2075-21/04/2078   
MER    21/04/2078-17/09/2080   
KET    17/09/2080-14/09/2081   
VEN    14/09/2081-15/07/2084   
SUN    15/07/2084-22/05/2085   
MON    22/05/2085-21/10/2086   
MAR    21/10/2086-18/10/2087   
RAH    18/10/2087-06/05/2090   
JUP    06/05/2090-11/08/2092   
SAT    11/08/2092-21/04/2095   

Harmonize yourNAME::

Your Destiny Number is: 7
Your Birthday number is: 4

The Destiny Numbers which harmonize with your Birthday numbers are 1,3,5.
Your Destiny Number is INHARMONIOUS with your Birthday Number.

Vedic Birth Chart Analysis
Free Personalised Report for Msk Siva

Birth Details
Date Of Birth: 22/02/1979
Time Of Birth: 11:00:00
Place Of Birth: Madurai, India
Your Detailed Vedic Birth Chart with Interpretation report includes a series of divisional charts which pertain to different aspects of your life, and a comprehensive interpretation of the birth chart with sections on:

Resources - Education, Family, Property and Wealth

Self Expression

Your Home, Luxuries and Emotional Approach

Creativity, Romance and Children

Service and Obstacles to Routine Life e.g. Sickness, Enmity, Debts

Approach to Relationship

Sudden Developments

Ease of Results, Unfolding of Destiny, Approach to Religion and Foreign Connections

Professional Life and Social Prestige

Income, Fame and Friends

Losses and Detachments

Birth Chart        Navamsha

Planetary DetailsPlanets    Sign    Degree    Sign Lord    Nakshatra    Nak. Pada    Nak. Lord    Sub. Lord
Asc    Aries    24 07 54    Mars    Bharani    4    Venus    Mercury
Sun    Aquarius    09 26 03    Saturn    Satabhisaj    1    Rahu    Jupiter
Moon    Sagittarius    07 18 52    Jupiter    Mula    3    Ketu    Rahu
Mars    Aquarius    02 00 33    Saturn    Dhanistha    3    Mars    Ketu
Mercury    Aquarius    20 05 13    Saturn    P.bhadrapada    1    Jupiter    Jupiter
Jupiter    Cancer    07 01 14    Moon    Pushya    2    Saturn    Mercury
Venus    Sagittarius    25 26 59    Jupiter    Purvasadha    4    Venus    Mercury
Saturn    Leo    17 34 36    Sun    P.phalguni    2    Venus    Mars
Rahu    Leo    23 59 12    Sun    P.phalguni    4    Venus    Saturn
Ketu    Aquarius    23 59 12    Saturn    P.bhadrapada    2    Jupiter    Mercury

Vimshottari DashaMaha-Antar    Start Date-End Date
Ke-Ra    22/02/1979 - 09/04/1979
Ke-Ju    09/04/1979 - 15/03/1980
Ke-Sa    15/03/1980 - 24/04/1981
Ke-Me    24/04/1981 - 21/04/1982
Ve-Ve    21/04/1982 - 21/08/1985
Ve-Su    21/08/1985 - 21/08/1986
Ve-Mo    21/08/1986 - 21/04/1988
Ve-Ma    21/04/1988 - 21/06/1989
Ve-Ra    21/06/1989 - 20/06/1992
Ve-Ju    20/06/1992 - 19/02/1995
Ve-Sa    19/02/1995 - 21/04/1998
Ve-Me    21/04/1998 - 19/02/2001
Ve-Ke    19/02/2001 - 21/04/2002
Su-Su    21/04/2002 - 09/08/2002
Su-Mo    09/08/2002 - 07/02/2003
Su-Ma    07/02/2003 - 15/06/2003
Su-Ra    15/06/2003 - 09/05/2004
Su-Ju    09/05/2004 - 25/02/2005
Su-Sa    25/02/2005 - 07/02/2006
Su-Me    07/02/2006 - 15/12/2006
Maha-Antar    Start Date-End Date
Su-Ke    15/12/2006 - 22/04/2007
Su-Ve    22/04/2007 - 21/04/2008
Mo-Mo    21/04/2008 - 19/02/2009
Mo-Ma    19/02/2009 - 20/09/2009
Mo-Ra    20/09/2009 - 22/03/2011
Mo-Ju    22/03/2011 - 21/07/2012
Mo-Sa    21/07/2012 - 19/02/2014
Mo-Me    19/02/2014 - 22/07/2015
Mo-Ke    22/07/2015 - 20/02/2016
Mo-Ve    20/02/2016 - 20/10/2017
Mo-Su    20/10/2017 - 21/04/2018
Ma-Ma    21/04/2018 - 17/09/2018
Ma-Ra    17/09/2018 - 06/10/2019
Ma-Ju    06/10/2019 - 11/09/2020
Ma-Sa    11/09/2020 - 21/10/2021
Ma-Me    21/10/2021 - 18/10/2022
Ma-Ke    18/10/2022 - 16/03/2023
Ma-Ve    16/03/2023 - 15/05/2024
Ma-Su    15/05/2024 - 20/09/2024
Ma-Mo    20/09/2024 - 21/04/2025

Attitude to Life and Persona
You are aggressive, combative, adventurous, independent, rash, impulsive, ambitious,
frank and outspoken. You have the tendency to dominate and find it difficult to work
under anyone. You derive immense joy in doing thing spontaneously; hence the idea of
long term planning does not gel with you. Your fierce spirit enjoys the battle of wits.
 You have the marvelous ability to rise to occasion in the times of emergencies, but do
 not have the endurance to cope with long-term hardships. There is a fragrance in your
attitude and others are attracted to your child like innocence, even though it can be
quite discomforting for them at times.You tend to forget very quickly, what others have
 done to you, both good and bad. You do not like to be tied down by circumstances, hence
 your rebellious spirit keep exploring new horizons.You are spontaneous in thinking and
quick in action. Even the slightest of hindrances to your scheme of things can make you
lose your temper. You keep looking for fresh opportunities all the time; hence life can
 become series of new start-ups, none of which reaches its maturity. Though you like to
begin many things, but continuing with them becomes a struggle for you, hence you leave
the task half way and move on to the next.You can also become quite zealous to others,
if they are in possession of your object of desire. You are quite demanding and constantly
 crave for other’s attention. If you don’t get that, you act instinctively to grab it.
You love to be praised and flattered although you start to feel uncomfortable when
surrounded by sycophants, as you have the knack of separating the genuine from the false.
Though you are very dominating, you have the respect for the person having ultimate power
 and vision, and you are happy to accept his command over you. You tend to consume so much
 energy in your fiery action, that you have a deep need for relaxation, like a child has
after his intense play. You get excited very soon and may start to scream in joy, if a
pleasant surprise springs up.

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