my design experience interview

  • My best web design/ favorite portfolio piece = AS design, demonie
  • Costly design = native gatherings
  • experience in portals =,
  • multiple mockups provided for a single clients =  charter boats, native gatherings
  • multiple domain names for single company  = shree hari travels, SP travels
  • flash animations =,
  • design not yet done for = personal websites for professionals
  • which website have more visitors =
  • which blog have more visitors =
  • which website you designed have more webpages =
  • Design created more for which category = industries
  • regularly used websites,,,,,,,
  • websites you most liked in design=

  1. many of the companies posted in job sites are popularity only not for actual recruitment.
  2. some companies does not check candidate CTC before call for interview.
  3. companies in two tier cities does not give best CTC
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