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How to bridge the gap between university and job requirements

  1. study any programming language while studying
  2. Participate seminars and career development programmes
  3. Write online certifications (view online certification website links here)
  4. work in part time or on holidays
  5. join in a professional association

What is the difference between web designers and developers?

Graphic Designer = visual design only
UX designer = analyse and wireframe design
Web designer = prototype design creation
UI designer = HTML design with css, javascript, ajax and cross browser compatibility
Programmer = program using php. .net, jsp
Developer = who invent new widgets, frameworks like that above programming in regular work

Can programmer certifications substitute for degree requirements

In India, if someone knows Photoshop, even without a degree or diploma, the employer will select them. Then they will develop due to their experience in other big companies. Degree certificates are required only for promotion and in higher rankings only.

Include CSS/HTML on a resume

It is useful when you are in starting level and small employers, do not require if you are in senior position and tring in big and MNC companies, because in big companies there is separate web designer and HTML developers are available to do that works.

Keep improving or switch to Web design too?

Now a days web designers come from different careers and different educational qualifications, if a diploma or arts degree student can easily became a graphic designer or web designer so do not choose this if you are engineering degree. and also salary is low for web designer compare to developers

Problems hiring someone on elance or similar sites

  • most of the staffs/employees cannot finish their project they will interest in only company shifting for salary alone.
  • Do not prefer local companies give chances to new other companies, small companies also can do that work.
  • DO not give software projects to single man, students and small company for low cost, because they will not give full service support for a long time & they will go jobs for a higher salary, moreover they do not able to follow quality standards also. give orders to a company at-least stand for last 3 years.


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