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marketing ideas

  • Setup an affiliate program Conduct a survey
  • Run a joint promotion with our related products
  • Turn our vehicle into a mobile billboard
  • Use a QR Code to Increase our Social Audience
  • Host an after-hours gathering for our employees and their friends/relatives.
  • Sponsor a local sports team or social service Provide free t-shirts with our logo to our staff to wear.
  • Send your customers a regular newsletter through the post, to remind them that you exist and encourage repeat business and referrals.
  • Ask a group of regular customers to be a part of an exclusive advisory panel
  • Hold a writing or design challenge for a local school or community group and incorporate the winning entry into one of your products or marketing campaigns. 
  • Distribute specialty products such as pens, mouse pads, or mugs with your store's logo.
  • Create an business award competition and publicize it like "Best Dealer Award", Best Product of the Year, "Best Marketing Person" etc
  • Create a loyalty program to reward existing customers.

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