proxy software advantages and disadvantages

Use desktop free proxy software instead of web proxy which is now used

Proxy advantages:
  1. The only advantage of using proxy servers is to Store log history of  browsing used by all users
  2. Block unwanted websites
  3. hide your real IP address

Proxy disadvantages:
  1. Proxy servers can cache previously accessed information--touted to be one of their advantages because it lessens network traffic going out to the Internet. For ordinary users, however, caching means there is a chance that the information displayed on the website you're accessing is not the latest. This is because when you access a website, the proxy server first checks whether it already has data regarding the website and feeds you what it has.
  2. Some proxy servers are set up to be open, which means they acts as a middle man between the Internet and any individual computer. If a network has restrictions about which websites are not allowed, a computer inside the network that knows an open proxy can use it to bypass those restrictions. This compromises the network, because malicious software can attack the computer through the open proxy and get inside the network.
  3. Many knowledgeable hackers use proxies to perpetrate such activities as breaking into networks through open ports and concealing their IP address for criminal or cyber crimes.
  4. The main disadvantage of using a proxy server is the affect on your connection speed. During normal browsing, without a proxy server, traffic take a direct route between client and server. When you decide to use a proxy, you are essentially asking all traffic to take a detour, or longer route. (For browsing sites like wikipedia or this one, which are mainly text, you won't notice much difference however streaming video from youtube, for example, will be negatively impacted as a result of the proxy.)
  5. A reduction of performance occurs due to the additional processing requests required for application services.
  6. Proxy server owner can look many sensitive data like username and passwords.

Download Speed: 1,356 kbps (169.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 704 kbps (88.0 KB/sec transfer rate)

Free proxy softwares:


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