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Questions HR

 Candidates Questions Accepting when Job Offer:

  1. When do you need an answer by?
  2. Can I receive a copy of the offer and the benefits package?
  3. If I have questions about the benefits package, who should I speak with?
  4. When is the start date?
  5. Is the salary negotiable?
  6. What are the core hours?
  7. Who will I be reporting to?
  8. Can you confirm that I will have the opportunity to telecommute or work on a flextime schedule as we discussed in the interview?
  9. Will the company help me with my moving expenses?
  10. Can I have all this in writing?

    Employer/Manager Questions When staff relieving:
  11. Why are you jumping for just Rs....?
  12. Tell me reasons for relieving job?

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