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Qualities of a Good Teacher

Techniques or Methodologies to be followed by a Good Teacher: Wear a smile on your face. Be firm but nice to you students. Meet deadlines to avoid unnecessary stress. There may be students who are just beyond control. Slip into their shoes and handle them with patience not with wrath. Do not abuse or hit students when they misbehave. It’s difficult to do so but it’s very important for you to be looked up to. Do not talk much/extra. Maintain your gravity. Your appearance as a teacher matters. Wear decent dresses; avoid wearing too many bangles, rings, nail polish, long ear-rings, strong perfume, flashy sandals that make noise when you walk. These are distractions for students when you teach. Know your subject well. Students of this era are computer friendly. They will squeeze out your knowledge in seconds. Be confident. It’s not possible to know everything. If you feel you do not know the answer to a question thrown at you, admit it and say that you’ll get back to them with the answer the next day. Do not falter. Make your students believe in themselves. Show them that you trust their abilities. Most importantly, love them. Teaching is a noble profession. Let it remain so. Every teacher likes to be remembered and honored by his/her students. It doesn’t happen overnight.

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