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New Web Application Concepts

I.            Community Concept for palmtec: (indirect product promotion)

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Pure air lovers society by wind energy company
Childrens art contest by using jam
Golu contest
Hair advices
Driving & vehicle maintenance tips

Max insurance

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  • Best POS Award website
  • Embedded Community
  • Business
  • 7 Wonders of India Voting website as like as (sponsored/promoted by softland)

Facebook product /brands promotion peoples like:

International brands

Indian brands  11

II.          Online Background verification

  1. Online fake profiles verification
  2. Incumbent Verification
  3. Employee Verification
  4. Matrimony Verification
  5. bidder Verification
  6. Portfolio verification
  7. Visa agent Verification
  8. Technical verification
  9. e-friend Verification
  10. Asset Verification
  11. Client Verification
  12. Tenant Verification
  13. Political candidate Verification
  14. website Verification
  15. quality certification, license & brand Misuse Verification
  16. general & criminal verification
  17. Cyber crime verification
III. (reverse site)
                        This project is used to save our SMS, mobile photos and videos directly send to a website and stored in that user accounts which can be set as public and private. So that anybody can save a important SMS and videos in some safety purposes and very useful in crime cases even though they broke or missed mobile.

IV.          2nd
Same as eCommerce but only sales used things so that site is for specialized in second hand sales

V.           Online Lorry booking Website

In transport/Logistics domain regularly if a transport company can get a order for send good from Trivandrum to Delhi they search a contract for return transport because they not like their lorry is empty when return. Due to this they will stay after some days to get a transport booking from Delhi to Trivandrum, In this case if we have a site for booking a lorry it Is very useful to transport companies as well as public. So we can create this site in SaaS model by annual/monthly membership or PPP(pay per post) model to post or search for a transport order.

Industry statistics:
National Highways - 66,590 km
All roads - 3,300,000 km
Registered Lorries in Tamilnadu – 2,64,377

Any user can post his stolen things/vehicle details and any user can post related details to that stolen things.

VII. (
Now a days tv serials and live programs are becoming very popular and more advertisers concentrating area.
[Ex: &]

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