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Car buying tips Checks

Area Check Points

 Vehicle Age  Not More Than 10 years old
 Mileage  Not more than 1,00,000 KMS driven
 Integrity  Free from all legal issues
 Structural Damage  No original welding should be damaged.

Area Check Points

 Engine  Check for Starting , Performance & idle
 Cooling System
 Check for Radiator Fan motor
 Check for coolant leakage from Hoses
 Check for water pump belt wear, Over  Heating/  Bearing Noise
 Ignition System  Check for Spark Plug Cable & Misfiring
 Steering Assembly
 Check for Noise in Turning
 Pump/ All rods end Arms (Loses, Damage,  Wear)
 Fuel System  Injector, Regulator, C/Rail & fuel Pump
 Battery  Genuine, Gravity, Electrolyte
 Wiring  Harness Condition
 Air Condition  Condenser/ Evaporator Condition
Area Check Points

 Instrument Panel  Check for proper working of Meter Gauges  including warning Lights
 Below Carpet  Rust & perforation
 Dash Board  Stained
 Upholstery, carpet & Seats  Check for Stained/Worn/Torn
 Wiper Motor & Linkages  Working in all speed
 Jack & Toll Kit  Working
Area Check Points

 Exhaust System  Catalytic Converter Condition (Red/Hot) ,  Corrosion of Muffler
Check for Oil Contamination
Cut on Drive Shaft Boot
Check for Leakage of Shockers & Struts.
Check for Loose suspension arms
Check for Play in tie-Rod Ends
 Under Body  Rust of Cross Member, Damage, Crack &  Leakage
Area Check Points

Consistency in Paint Color
Gloss, Chipping, Scratched, Orange Peel
Repaint( Over spray)
No of panels for Repairing / Repainting
 Body upper
Dents , damage & crack
Front & Rear Bumper ( Deformed /Broken)
To check all the Welded Spot condition
Presence of original sealant in all panels
for indication of accident
 Suspension  Tyre Rims Including spare wheel
Area Check Points

 Engine  Performance, Pick up, Hunting & Abnormal  Noise
 Clutch  Jerk / Dragging / Slippage /Hard / Clutch  Cable
 Transaxle  Noise - Straight Steering / Turning
 Brakes  Brake efficiency, Pulling, Side Dragging
 Suspension  Noise
 Wheel Bearing  Noise

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