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Technical tips For IT staff

1.       System folder maintenance
   |_ personal documents (CV, leave & accounts details)
   |_official documents (client chat, model specs, project report, work reports)
   |_Current projects
              |_Project name
                         |_client docs
                         |_Demo1, demo2 …
   |_completed projects
   |_Rejected projects
   |_codings(js/cssfree templates)
             |_system software
             |_Open source scripts
   |_Localhost backups
   |_site backups
   |_database backups

2.       Project Folder maintenance
Project Name
3.       Follow coding standards
4.       Put  a  comment line in php, css and js files is compulsory
5.       Use link name as php file name
6.       file name and table name without spaces and it should be corresponding and meaningful
7.       all php/html files should have proper title not Untitled Document
8.       Use royalty free pictures for designs
9.       Test with  w3c validator for codes
10.   Daily backup the localhost projects
11.   Send daily work report to your in-charge
12.   Join and follow all company social networks for our company site SEO
13.   Please inform system password and project admin password changes
14.   Update and run antivirus regularly
15.   Update latest technologies knowledge and share with all
16.   Save as favorites for important websites
General Tips:
1.       Please Switch OFF fans, lights and PC when not in use. Save electricity
2.       Mostly avoid mobile phones usage and SMS
3.       Do not use personal email and chat IDs in office unless necessary

Useful website:
Code study                                         -    
Web template models                   -    
Royalty free pictures                      -    
Java scripts                                         -    
Tutorials                                               -    

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