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Closed IT/Software companies & Institutes

Links for domain renewal.
here is a list of 40 closed, not worked, name changed or ownership changed IT & ITES companies and institutes list are given. beware of starting a new company, do not select the below related names. otherwise excuse. mail me to remove...

Count increasing . . .

  1. 19hourit , Madurai
  2. aryeninfosys, coimbatore
  3. aliensinfotech (
  4. Binary node, Bangalore
  5. Bitscot, Madurai
  6. Bright Ads, Madurai
  7. Bharath Infotech, coimbatore
  8. Beam Consultancy services
  9. Delcosys, Madurai
  10., coimbatore
  11. Eyeson technologies, Madurai
  12. i2informatics, Madurai
  13. Kreativ Pixels, Madurai
  14. monika soft, Madurai
  15. naga designs, Madurai
  16. ngsolutions, Madurai
  17. NHIT, kk.nagar , madurai
  18. NIHT, old santhai, madurai
  19. standard info technologies, Madurai
  20., chennai
  21. sk infotechnologies, Madurai
  22. sasiya info solutions
  23. Taidysoft, Madurai
  24. udayinfo, sivagangai
  25. Virtual infoway, Madurai
  26. vithaga tech, Chennai
  27. vsquare services, Madurai
  28. vijay info, Madurai
  29. Vigo Technology Services, Madurai
  30. wannabwebbie, Coimbatore
  31. Zeal Tech, Supriyan Nagar, chennai (
  1. calibra tek solutions, Andhra Pradesh
  2. Aryansinfoway, Hyderabad
  3. sumantra info solutions, Andhra Pradesh
  5. pristine software solutions, Andhra Pradesh
  6. Satyam, Hyderabad
  7. worlditsoft, Andhra Pradesh
  1., Kerala
  2. nikiinfo, Kerala
  3. Kerala
  4. aventure infotek, calicut - Kerala
  1., Mumbai

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