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SMS benefits

Send updates to all Dealers, Vendors, Retailers & Employees
Launch SMS based lucky draws
Organize Opinion Polls or voting among customers or employees pan India and get instant results.
Information-On-Demand via SMS for customers, employees, vendors, retailers, distributers, etc
Launch Contest, Game or Quiz around a Product or Event to build publicity and customer interaction.
SMS Based Market survey
Advertise seasonal discounts
Weekly or monthly performance report to parents.
Attendance, Examination/Test results to be sent to parents/students
Allow your customers to fetch their payment history via SMS
Motivational messages to sales force
Automated Daily/Weekly/Monthly alerts regarding account status
Enquire Account Balance via SMS
Automated reminders for EMI payment or Bill Payments
Enquire currency exchange rates, ATM or Branch locator & EMI Calculator on SMS
Communicate upcoming IPO Updates to registered clients.
Sending Intra-Day Buying & Selling to tips to clients instantly
Generating leads via mobile channel by promoting short code details on various media channels (Print, TV, Radio, Hoardings, etc.)
Facilitate customers to get specific Package/Tour details (Places, Specialties, Days, Availability, Food etc.) via pull SMS
Checking Consignment status via SMS
Checking flight availability and schedules on SMS
Create mobile identity of your company via keyword on shortcode

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