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Hospital Information Management System - HIMS

:: HIMS Software Modules

I. Patients
|_____In Patient
|_____Out Patient

II. Staff
|_____Admin staff
|_____Visiting consultants

III. Labs
|_____Medical Records
|_____Blood Bank
|_____Eye Bank

IV. Ward/Operation Theatre

V. Pharmacy/Optical/Stores
|_____Stock Transfer

VI. Accounts
|_____Delivery Chelan (DC)
|_____Bank Transactions
|_____Salary & PF

VII. MIS Reports & Statistics

VIII. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

A) Facilities Management
|_____Ambulance Service
|_____Kitchen & Dietary
|_____Asset Management

B) HR Management (Human Resource Management)

C) CMS Management (Content Management System)

D) CR Management
|_____Visitors Management
|_____Complaints/ Feedback
|_____Live Chat
|_____Survey/Poll management
|_____Bulk SMS/Email alerts

E) Tender Management

F) Events Management
|_____Online Registration & e-Payment

G) Courses Management
|_____Knowledge Base
|_____Online Exams

H) Service Management
|_____Equipment Maintenance System (EMS)
|_____Housekeeping & Laundry

IX. Admin Control Panel

Reports Available:

• Admission Report
• Discharge Report
• Check List
• Stock Report
• Delivery Report
• Sales Report
• Price List
• Salary Report
• Attendance Report
• OT/OD Report
• Loan/Advance Report
• Insurance Report
• Maintenance Report
• Ward Report
• Audit Report
• Lab Test Report
• Canceled Bill Report
• Surgery Report
• Supplier Report
• Summary Report
• Expiry Report
• Death Report
• Branch Report
• Events Report
• Purchase Report
• Shift Report
• Staff Report
• SMS Report
• Marketing Report
• Expenses Report
• Tax Report
• Birth Report
• Fitness Report
• Donors Report
• Cheque Report
• Bank Report
• Error Report
• Profit Report
• E-payment Report
• PF/ESI Report
• Visitors Report
• Complaints Report
• Transport Report
• Asset Report
• Database Report
• Monthly Report
• Yearly Report

HIMS Advance features:

• Online appointment token booking
• Online bill payments
• Online complaint registration
• Events Calendar
• Full admin control
• Platform(OS) Independent
• Multi User, Multi branch, Multiple Store Accounting & operation (LAN & WAN)
• Operated from any branches
• Multi file types support for data Migration (import & export)
• Multi-language Support
• Multi currency Support
• Automatically dispatch scheduled reports
• Separate logins for admin & users
• Unlimited data base space
• Daily/weekly/monthly generated reports & emails
• User friendly operations
• Less Maintenance
• Image/Medical report security with watermark
• No duplication of works in different departments
• No paper, complete EMR record online
• Provides reports with more filters
• Flexible billing cycles.
• Analyses firm growth
• Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility.
• Supports emerging regulatory guidelines, QC & standards
• Interface facility with the Smart Card, Bio-Metrics, Bar Code, RFID, PDA & various Laboratory Equipments for Data Capturing.
• IDC code integrated

HIMS Security features:
• No bill or document cannot be deleted.
• All are password protected
• Logs maintained
• Automatic Data Backup
• Certified by W3C, STQC, Squaretrade, Truste, SSL

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