Points to be done in SEO:

  1. Setup FAQ, forum, whitepaper, sitemap & links in our website (Open source script available -  phpMyFAQ & phpbb)
  2. Add website evaluation form or how to find our website question?
  3. Affiliate Marketing (Open source script available -  eLitius)
  4. eNewsletter Subscription (Open source script available - phplist)
  5. Links Building
  6. Bulk email marketing for B2B & B2C (Open source script available -  Sendblaster )
  7. Bulk SMS marketing (Open source script available – frontlinesms)
  8. Separate websites and blogs for each hardware & software products like  and (Secure for brand domain name also)
  9. Develop and popularize Specialized community portal and put our ads in that portal
  10. Live chat & Customer support ticketing system for best customer service and by this way our website have a corporate Image (Open source script available – Live Helper Chat  & osTicket )
  11. Maintain a official blog and social profiles
  12. Language Translations
  13. Paid ads (PPC) in adwords, adcenter, linkedin, facebook ads

Points in detail:

Links Building                                                                                                           Example Site

  1. Link submission in all major Search Engines                                   
  2. Link submission in Links Directories                                     
  3. Deep Link submission in Links Directories                             
  4. Submit profile/product in Article Websites                    
  5. Submit profile/product in Press release (PR) Websites            
  6. Add products in local, regional & international Classifieds 
  7. Add products in online Shopping websites                     
  8. Add products in Price comparison (product feed) websites      
  9. Add offers in Discount & Deal / Coupon & rebate Websites     
  10. Add products/profile in Forums                                                     
  11. Add products brochure/PPT in Document sharing websites       
  12. Add company address in Yellow pages                                 
  13. Add company address in Google Maps                                   
  14. Add demo projects in free Software download websites         
  15. Add review with links in Reviews & Ratings websites               
  16. Post freelance marketing wanted in all free Job websites          
  17. Create your portfolio in free Portfolio websites                            
  18.  All these submissions are done by country wise websites

02.Social Media Marketing:

  1. Link submission in Social Bookmarking Websites                   
  2. Create business profile & regular updates in Social Networking Sites
  3. Create Product page & community in All Social Networking Sites
  4. Upload products/office photos and Tag in Photo sharing websites
  5. Add products demo videos in Video sharing websites              
  6. Add blog & comments with links in Blogs & websites                
  7. Create & Share widgets and RSS feeds to promote social profiles
  8. Increase social page likes, shares, comments, members and views

03.Indirect Promotions:

  1. Ask/Answer a question of your product/service in Q&A websites
  2. Ask your product related public Survey/Poll in Polls websites       
  3. Add products release/launch event in Event Register websites 
  4. Solve complaints regarding your company/product in complaint sites
  5. Join as advertiser in Affiliate/PPC websites                         
  6. Create and share product wallpapers in wallpaper websites    

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

  1. Alerts when new reviews appear on review sites
  2. Address  of complaints/negative posts
  3. Creation of positive customer reviews across internet.
  4. Removal and burial of any negative or anti-company (individual) information.
  5. Push down negative content so it doesn’t appear in search engine results.

 Paid ads Details:

Paid ad Link                                                                          Payment Details                                                   US$299.00 per year                                                     min $10 per day                                                             min $10 per day
google adwords                                                        min Rs1 per day                                                                                 $5

Sell your product link:                                                           
Store subscription fee Rs.499 + Listing fee Rs. 40.00 per month
Selling fees are subject to a 12% Service Tax and 3% Cess
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