bill Check Points

Check Points
S No*Check Points
1LPC for the Transferees is required. SR 12 TR 16.
2Rate of joining time pay and allowances claimed are not correct. FR 107 (HRA / CCA should be preferred at the rate whichever is less)
3Increment certificate is required . Art.75 of TNFC Vol-I & SR.13 TR 16.
4Professional Tax is to be recovered from the salary bill for the month of August / January. G.O.No. 65 MAWS dt. 24.4.90, G.O.No. 249 MAWS dt. 28.12.98 & G.O.No. 11 MAWS dt. 12.1.99.
5IT statement (in respect of Self Drawing Officers) for February salary claim / arrears claim upto 31st March to be attached. SR 2 (l) TR 16.
6I.T., to be deducted SR 2 (l ) TR16.
7Express Pay orders from Government is required for the claims of the newly formed office. Note to instruction 1 – TR 17.
8HOD certificate has to be furnished for the claim of Temporary establishment beyond the expiry period of sanction upto three months. Note SR 7 TR 16.
9The particulars of G.O. No. and date in the bill in which the Temporary Establishment was sanctioned, the period upto which sanctioned and last continued has to be furnished in the bill SR 7 TR 16.
10Separate bills are required for permanent / Temporary establishment noting the authority. SR 7 TR 16.


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