drawbacks of legins

    1. They’re poor contenders for embellishment. 

    1. The tight pants apparently restrict the amount of air flow to the vagina, resulting in a sort of "Green House Gas" effect. That increased heat dries womens natural moisture.

      Lots of pairs are secretly see-through.

      You will look awkwardly pantsless if you wear them in “nude.”

      Unless you are super slim they can add pounds to every area they touch and are completely unforgiving if you have any lumps and bumps!

      * Women with a short stature and a low slung bottom will do little to flatter their figure if they wear leggings in any shape or form!

      * Large calves and chunky ankles will be exaggerated by leggings.

      * They were originally designed as a comfortable alternative for exercising and this is the only place they should ever be worn!

      lead to reproductive damage and other unintended health and hygiene consequences 






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