Nonsense government good plans and schemes

Government not followed good plans and schemes

  1. Plant a Tree
    Government says this but not follow. indian and state governments destroy millions of trees for national highway 4 track roads implementation. nowadays trees are live only in old government office campus only. (Ex: Byepass and Ring roads)
  2. Use Toilet 
    Public peoples are must use toilet only not open space, but in all government offices there is not have a well maintained toilets. to check please visit nearest Collector office or CEO office / government schools
  3. Drink Purified Water
  4. PF is must for companies who have more than 25 employees.
    But there is no PF for part time teachers and consolidated clerk staff in all government departments
  5. Save Lakes
    Many more water resources like lakes are destroyed and realestated by Tamilnadu Housing Board (Ex: Anuppanadi TNHB)
  6. Others
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