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government servant monthly extra income and expenses

Yearly Emoluments
         Month     -  Extra Income                                              -                 Extra Expenses
  1. Jan       - Pongal Bonus                                                        - Friends/Office Parties
  2. Feb      - EL Surrender                                                        -   IT
  3. Mar     - office TA  & Salary bill prepare                      - Auditor fee
  4. Apr      - DA Arrear I                                                          -  Associations fees
  5. May     - Valuation camp TA+DA & Election duty Remunaration   - Donations & Extra
  6. Jun       - Yearly Increment & TC/Admission                   - 
  7. July      -  Supplement exam camp TA                                    - JD visit tour expense
  8. Aug     - Certificate verification (CV) remuneration                 - Professional Tax
  9. Sep     - DA Arrear II                                                           - Association meeting fee
  10. Oct     -  Chennai Tour TA &  Suppl exam camp TA             - Court case fee
  11. Nov    - Diwali advance & Affiliate earnings                   - 
  12. Dec     - Election/TNPSC/TRB Duty Remunerations             - Tour with friends/family

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