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My works

I. Web Designing
  1. web site/mockup design
  2. android UI design
  3. open source UI design modifications
  4. product logo design
  5. newsletter design
  6. Websites (5) & Emails Maintenance
  7. HTML conversion and UI Support
  8. browser issue solving
  9. webhosting Maintenance, tickets check  & plan search
  10. alternative opensource search & setup trial
II. Graphics Designing
  1. android bootup animation design
  2. Products labels & CD stickers designs
  3. Flex banners & Advertisement designs
  4. Visiting card design & modifications
  5. Background UI design for VB projects
  6. All products brochures designing
  7. All projects PPT preparation
  8. icons & buttons create for android projects
  9. photos croping & resize for designing
  10. mp4 videos download & convertion
  11. avi videos download & convertion
  12. location videos create with sound for android GPS
  13. webtemplates, RF images, icons & fonts search & collect
  14. All projects all UI screenshots prepare
  15. Projects demo video preparation
  16. project slides (15) design for food & products
  17. smartcard sticker design & Architecture 
  18. Diagram designing
III. Online Marketing
  1. New keywords domains search for SEO
  2. tenders search & mail
  3. Alibaba RFQ post
  4. Add all products in b2b webistes
  5. Blogs & social media profile updations & maintenance
  6. b2b webistes keyword positions search
  7. company sites keyword positions search
  8. Category wise links collection for SEO
  9. Links building
  10. Webbanners, short ppt & videos (15)creation for SEO
  11. Make Earnings through Adsense & Affiliates
  12. Find business award programs, competitions online participate and follow ups
  13. Online bidding & Pass more skill tests in bidding sites
IV. Other Works
  1. All info (4)mail ID's check, reply and forwarding
  2. content developing for our company sites
  3. Projects testing
  4. Quarterly Office newsletter preparation Support
  5. Monthly projects backup collect & DVD prepare
  6. Reports documentation works
  7. Daily status collect & send
  8. webMail client setup, DB creations etc.,
  9. coordinate demos for marketing team 

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