Website Features

Any quality standard website must have these features:

  1.     HTML5, CSS3 and jquery technologies used
  2.     Done as PHP project with header, footer, leftside separate include files for easy further modifications
  3.     Separate Forms added for Enquiry form,Project Requirement form & job apply form
  4.     W3C validation - some code corrections pending to W3C validation pass
  5.     Cross browser/resolution support (mozilla, chrome, IE) 
  6.     Comments added & source formatted in Code for reference
  7.     Tabbed panels used in content pages to avoid more vertical scrolling
  1.     Favorite icon
  2.     Google map for location finding
  3.     View pdf in browser to show product brochures
  4.     Print view css for printing page without images, gradients
  5.     Auto thumbnail image creation 
-->  III.For Fast loading:
  1.     Page buffer flush for speedup
  2.     CSS and js files minification
  3.     Add java-scripts in footer only (main js preloaders only in header)
  4.     Images fully reduced only used in header slider
  5.     Icons are done by font instead of  images 
  6.     CSS3 shapes used in inner pages instead of images
 IV.Onpage SEO:
  1. dynamic different Meta tags, title added in all different pages
  2. Open graph and twitter card meta tags added for Social media traffic
  3. Auto sitemap generation form menu
  4. ROR & XML Sitemaps
  1. Auto-hide address bar in mobile browsers
  2. meta tags for mobile browsers 
  3. Media query for Mobile site 
  4. QR code for company address, link store in mobile
  1. Font size changer
  2. For attribute & acronym tags used in forms for Screen reader accessibility
  3. Placeholder, autofocus and tooltip  for user information
  4. Keyboard shortcuts in Navigation menu
  5. autofocus for form first input filed when page loads
  6. dynamic Breadcrumbs added
VII.Security Added:
  1. Captcha
  2. autocomplete="off" in email and mobile number fields to copy others duplicate email/mobile
  3. autoshow email domains after typing @ in email input field
  4. code encrypt
  5. Images protected by adding auto watermark in images and right click/copy disabled
  6. Copyscape and DMCA content protected
  7. clear localStorage in HTML5 to avoid injection vulnerabilities
VIII.Page tools Added:
  1. Page bookmark    
  2. Social Shares
  3. Language translator
  4. own Visitors count 
  5. auto skype call enabled
  6. Live Chat
  7. Contact form
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