SEO for blogs

  1. Title, description
  2. google + & badge
  3. popular posts
  4. related blogs
  5. 3 adsense ads only
  6. category wise labels
  7. more tags per post
  8. all blogs post in all blogs interlinking
  9. add keywords post in all blogs
  10. Recent Posts from our network blogs
  11. SEO-friendly pagination
  12. Add Previous and Next Posts
  13. Add Sharing Buttons
  14. add contact form in all blogs
  15. Interact on Other Blogs' Comments
  16. Use Your Email Connections (and Signature) to Promote Your Blog
  17. Don't Want to Write for SEO;Write Great Stories!
  18. Avoid long blogrolls on the sidebar, because site-wide outbound links can reduce rankings.
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