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software latest versions

1.    Word to pdf convertor                            – Cutepdf
2.    Video to frame images convertor             – freestudio from dvdvideosoft
3.    Full webpage screenshot                         Screengrab,  Winsnap
4.    All IE versions software                          – Utliu IE collections
5.    Logo design software                             – AAA logo
6.    Css3 menu creator                                - css3menu
7.    Temp & cookies files deletion software      – ccleaner
8.    Remote system access                           – teamweaver
9.    LAN messenger                                     – Ipmessenger
10. Design testing tool                                 - Firebug
11. Screen video recorder                            - camstudio
12. Windows password remover                    - RRT
13. SEO software                                        - webceo
14.  All in 1 messenger                                - nimbus

Web software latest versions:
1.       IIS                           -              7.0
2.       .net framework                -              4
3.       WAMP                  -              2.2
4.       Xamp                    -              1.7
5.       Phpmyadmin     -              3.5
6.       PHP                        -              5.4
7.       Mysql                    -              5.5
8.       HTML                    -              5
9.       CSS                         -              3

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