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.Net apps setup

  1. Check server by ping command
  2. check connection with sql yog for db server
  3. start IIS and stop xamp or wamp
  4. check asp version, framework versions
  5. check what is my IP address if any changes of static ip
  6. check port no
  7. check ip in ip messenger also
  8. install crystal report, framework, report viewer
  9. also stop other services in services.msc
  10. clear cookies
  11. check error log
  12. check store procedure
  13. restart system
  1. VS2005
  2. open your project in solution explorer
  3. go to menu click rebuild solution
  4. create date wise named folder
  5. publish website in that folder
  6. install IIS
  7. copy and paste that folder in www root and explore default.aspx file

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