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Important tips for webhosting

  1. Enable registrar lock (Recommended). Unauthorized transfer will be prevented if lock is set.
  2. Cancel Your expired or unwanted Hosting Account
  3. Remove autorenewal & payment methods in your hosting account settings

Once the domain is deleted from the Registry, only then you can get it re-register. In the mean time, never search your domain with any registrar or domain reseller because many times when the see the search, they block that domain and then sell them at higher costs, so better not to tell the name to anyone or to any site. It is mostly safe to search the domain after 60 days of its expiry. As your domain was with GoDaddy, there is remote chance that you will get it back from them even after 90 days. They mostly block even deleted domains and whois will show you that domain is not available.
Please wait patiently without pocking . When they will see that no one is searching that domain, it might be unblocked by them ... I guess you have to wait minimum 100 days for safe recovery from company. They are terrible.

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