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Concerned Officer:
The Director
Deptt. of Social Welfare
Secretariat Building
Chennai - 35
In Govt. job:
In Gr'C' and 'D' posts under the Govt., reservation are provided in direct recruitment for physically handicapped persons as indicated below:
Category of handicapped Percentage of reservation
(i) Visually handicapped 1%
(ii) Orthopaedically handicapped 1%
(iii) Hearing handicapped 1%
In Educational Institutions:
3% of the seats in educational institutions/ training centres/ professional courses (except in medicines) are reserved for disabled persons.
Age relaxation:
The upper age limit is relaxed by 10 years for handicapped persons for applying in Govt. jobs.
Disabled students studying in class IX onwards (including colleges and vocational / professional / technical courses) get scholarship. The rate of scholarship varies from Rs.84/- to Rs.240/- P.M. depending upon the course.
a. Disabled children aged 5 years and above get free boarding and lodging facility under special education programme. They also get free supply of 2 sets of uniform every year.
b. Speech and Hearing impaired children in the age group of 3 to 5 years get free Special Education, Speech Therapy and boarding and lodging facilities.
Maintenance Allowance:
Maintenance allowance @ Rs.100/- P.M is given to severely disabled physically handicapped and mentally retarded/handicapped persons having disability 75% and above.
Disability pension:
Disabled persons get Rs.30/- P.M. as disability pension.
Unemployment allowances:
Visually handicapped persons between the age group of 18 to 40 years (45 years in the case of SC/ST) get unemployment allowance at the following rate:
Graduate / Post Graduate - Rs.250/- P.M.
PUC / HSC pass - Rs.200/- P.M.
Others - Rs.150/- P.M.
Conveyance allowance:
A sum of Rs.75/- P.M. is paid to all handicapped persons working in State Govt. and organisations undertaken by the State Govt.
Bus concession:
Visually handicapped persons are allowed free travel in State owned transport corporation buses from any place to any place within the district in which they reside. Mentally Retarded/Mentally ill persons are provided free travel facility with one escort. The speech and hearing disabled and locomoter disabled persons are also given free travel concession to go to schools/colleges/ workspots etc.
Assistance for self-employment:
Unemployed disabled persons in the age group of 18 years and above and whose family income is below Rs.12,000/- P.M get loan for starting self-employment ventures. The Govt. gives subsidy on loan at the maximum of Rs.1,000/-.
Incentive for marrying disabled:
Normal persons marrying visually handicapped get marriage incentive as given below:
• A certificate of appreciation
• Rs.7,000/- in the form of National Saving Certificate
• Rs.3,000/- in cash towards marriage expenses
Assistance for purchase of aids and appliances:
Disabled persons are given various types of aids and appliances free of cost. The details are as follows:
a. Tricycles: Tricycles is given free of cost to locomotor disabled person whose both lower limbs are affected by polio/ accident/ any other reason. The beneficiary age should be more than 12 years and family income is less than Rs.30,000/- P.A.
b. Wheel Chair: Wheel chair is distributed free of cost to the paraplegic persons/other locomotor disabled whose family income should not exceed Rs.30,000/-.
c. Hearing aid: The hearing handicapped persons whose family income is below Rs.12,000/- P.A. are given hearing aid free of cost.
d. Goggles and folding sticks: Goggles and folding sticks are distributed free of cost to the needy visually handicapped persons.
Other concessions / facilities:
Identity card for the handicapped: Permanent identity card is issued by the Director for the Rehabilitation of the disabled in order to get the concession and benefits and to avoid the hardships of the handicapped persons.
i. Training to blind: Visually handicapped (male) who have studied up to 8th Std. and above can get training in the trades of fitter-cum-machine operator, book binder, winder, chalk making, handloom weaving are provided free boarding and lodging. 2 sets of dress are given free of cost to the disabled whose age is 18 years and above.
ii. Free Braille: Free distribution of Braille books / Braille appliances to all the blind children studying in Govt. and recognised private schools of visually handicapped.
iii. Exemption in exam fee: Blind students are exempted from payment of exam fee for (10 + 2) and the University exams. Blind persons applying for the posts advertised by Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) are exempted from payment of application fee if their income does not exceed Rs.300/- P.M.
iv. Scribe facility to blind: Visually handicapped students studying in IX std. and above get scribe assistance facility. Visually handicapped student dictates answers for the questions in public examinations. A sum of Rs.15/- per paper is paid to the scribe.
v. Training to adult blind: Visually handicapped destitute who is in the age group of 18 to 40 years (up to 45 years in case of SC/ST) get training in Handloom Weaving and Chalk making with free boarding and lodging facilities.
vi. 2% of the teachers post in the educational institution for V.H are reserved for V.H persons.
vii. Book allowance: Book allowance @ Rs.25/- to Rs.100/- P.A is given to those disabled students of Std.I to Std.VIII whose family income is less than Rs.12,000/- P.A.
viii. Assistance to set up book stalls: Disabled persons are given bank loan for setting up book stalls. The site is also alloted. The Govt. subsidy on loan is Rs.250/- to Rs.500/-.
ix. Special Apprenticeship programme: Under the programme, Visually Handicapped and Speech and Hearing impaired persons who have passed the training course at Govt. Industrial Centre for Blind, Poonamalee and Govt. I.T.I, Guindy respectively are given Special Apprenticeship training. Stipned @ Rs.400/- P.M is given for the period of one year. Permanent employment opportunity is given as and when the vacancy arises in respective institutions/workspots.
x. Training to Speech and Hearing impaired: Speech and Hearing impaired persons who have passed VIII Standard and are above 18 years of age get training in Govt. I.T.I, Guindy in the trade of Fitter. Stipend @ Rs.150/- P.M is given during training.
xi. 2% of the non-teaching posts in the educational institution for 'Speech and Hearing' are reserved for Speech & Hearing impaired persons.


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